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Weighted Cubes Papercraft

By Skele-kitty
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I love this game so much, it's such a pity that it makes me motion sick, so I can only play it about 5 minutes at a time and then I have to lay down for about half an hour recovering, lol! THAT'S how much I love this game!!!

I made these both over a period of 3 days, on and off. I actually created an inner cardboard box to overlay the template onto, just for durability, because they are quite large - standing at about 14cm tall.

Admittedly, these are rush jobs - I could have spent much longer on them - so the finish is not as neat as I would normally build.

The Weighted Companion Cube (WCC) template has been around for a while, in fact, I custom made a lidded container out of this template [link] over a year ago, but it got euthanized accidentally.

The Weighted Storage Cube (WSC) I created myself, by Photoshoping the original WCC template, because strangely enough, I couldn't find a decent version of a WSC out in the WWW at all.

If you've ever played the game, you'd know that you don't actually meet the WCC until close to the end of the game. So, rationally speaking, it very strange that so many people are so attached to the WCC and not the trusty WSC.

But then, if you've never played the game, you just wouldn't understand.

You can get the templates for both here:
Weighted Companion Cube: [link]
Weighted Storage Cube: [link]

Oh, I meant to say that I get a lot of questions about the little pink/blue strips re: how to attach them. This really is the eternal question, because for the life of me, I cannot figure out how the original designer intended them to be attached, even now!

The way I overcame this issue is sort of a cheat: I cut the tabs and the top/bottoms off and glued them ONTO the face, over the four joins. It's not perfect or ideal, but it works.
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Hey there! My friend commissioned me to do a felt model of this, and I found this model here! I wanted to asked if I can use this and adapt it for felt craft, because I'll be making profit from the felt model and felt (pun unintended) the need to ask the creator of this model before I use it. 
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That issue about the pink and blue lines are resolved in my YouTube tutorial... check it out and please tell me what you think. Though my finished product there was not as clean.…
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Awesome build! Im a big fan of your work
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Thank you, sweetie!
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o.o they look so...perfect!! I made one exactly like that but it doesn't look nearly as good :S
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Im sorry. I LOVE PORTAL and just you do the cubes?!
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Yeah, the cubes are pretty awesome!
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Hahaha! Yeah, how can you not just want to huuuuuuug them!
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i dunno but MGHHHHHHHHH *hug* :D
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WOW O__O This is are papercrafts??!!!This is so AWESOME)))They look like real)))
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hahaha! yeah, real papercraft ;)
Thank you :hug:
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ur welcome ^__^:tighthug:
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you dont suppose you could make a port 2 version of these as well do you?
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Perhaps, I haven't thought about it because there are a bunch of Portal 2 papercraft cubes already out there (goggle is your friend) but I don't think that they are quite this big. If you don't find anything to your liking, come back here and tell me and I'll see what I can do to adjust this template.
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I just looked and there are some good ones but I kinda want my portal 2 companion cube to be in scale with the one I already made (which is yours)
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Just be aware, this is not my original template so I don't have the 3D for it, and anything that I'll do will be entirely in illustrator and photoshop, but I'll give it a go :)
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Thank you so much! :D
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you wouldn't happen to have the directions on how the pieces go together would you?
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The template never came with instructions, but it's pretty simple:
- build a 12cm cube (for structure)
- put the 4 base pieces of a single face together and attach to cube, then repeat 5x
- figure out what to do with the pink strips and attach them - I never did know!
- construct the button section then attach to the face
- construct the edge sections and attach them cube
- construct the corner pieces and attach
- sit back and bask in your genius!
I hope that helps. The only other piece of advice I can offer is to use good tacky craft glue and good paper (minimum 120gsm). Have fun!
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