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Top 100 Fonts of All Time

This is an infographic poster that I made for my multimedia class. It was supposed to go in an interactive PDF assignment that dealt with font, but I didn't have time to refine it past a draft stage.
Even though the brief is finished and I have already submitted it with the inclusion of the first version, I wanted to finish this poster to how I had originally envisioned it, for my own benefit, but I hope you all like it.
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Wow! Nice work! :) Informative and well designed! :)

haha I'm proud of havin' some o' those :D hehege
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This is so cool! Very pretty and informative.

*steals for digital design class*
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Thank you.
Please don't steal from me - I worked really hard on this for a long time.
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Steal was probably the wrong term. I meant that I was going to use it for finding fonts in class. Not turn it in as my own. Sorry. xD
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Thank you for clarifying :hug:
All of these fonts are commercial fonts and each cost quite a bit of money, but if your school has macs and uses the adobe suits, then you should be able to find some of them.
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