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Stop Feeling.
Even with a knife piercing my lungs
even if my ribs are crushed
even if I got hit by a car
even if I was punched until I saw stars
I couldn't feel it.
Because our atoms cant connect
no matter how close you get
never any contact
So stop feeling.
:iconskele-duck-grimm:Skele-Duck-Grimm 0 0
I had so many chances yet I was scared to "let you go"
You'd left me so long ago, but I just wanna let you know.
I know I'll see you again, perhaps in an angel's glow
I cant deny it, so you can hear me speak I hope...
I wont cry
You always told me to smile
And I wont break inside
It was the wrong time..
You always told me you liked bright lights..
G o o d b ye !
And I'll see you later.
:iconskele-duck-grimm:Skele-Duck-Grimm 0 0
Too Much Time but so little memory
Time on my hands
Blood on my hands
Rings on my hands
No wedding bands
Got scented air deep inside my lungs
I can speak many tongues
I like all forms of of fun
shootin' range with a new gun
I'm maturing slower than fine wine
Only experiences in foreign countries to call mine
In places Asian, Jamaican, pacific lands
Time on my hands
Blood on my hands
No wedding bands
Had my feet in crystal sand
In my chair, palm trees, big leaf fan
I don't understand how money changes hands
I'm maturing slower than fine wine
only experiences in lavish places to call mine
with too much
Time on my hands
Blood on my hands
Rings on my hands
No wedding bands
:iconskele-duck-grimm:Skele-Duck-Grimm 1 0
Call Me By ( )
Watch as their head turns
at those familiar letters
Might sound similar  
But phonetics aren't the same
That's what's in a name.
:iconskele-duck-grimm:Skele-Duck-Grimm 0 0
Mature content
The one for me... So be good, pretty. (Scared :iconskele-duck-grimm:Skele-Duck-Grimm 0 0
Falling apart at these seams of mine
stuffing falls but I'm feeling fine
I cant sew, just bad by design
weak threads unravel and unwind
Slowly sinking to the ground
because I cant hold them in now
my horrible needle work was
the only thing blocking them out
Hand shake too much to find my kit
but It'll pass in a little bit
punching bag but cant take hits
maybe a thrift store's my best fit
not abused
by myself maybe
coordination of a baby
mentality too
If I cry enough somebody'll come through
evidence of broken dreams
at the of my lungs,
save for my cries
spea-king with a dysfunctional tongue 
eyes with
hateful gleam
feeling like this run's done
Hatred for who?
Unknown to this day
you'll fall apart too
maybe in a different way

this sucks
:iconskele-duck-grimm:Skele-Duck-Grimm 0 0
Hard-Wired 4 failure (With a bomb Computer Tech
You're the only thing that keeps me from overheating
The breeze that's preserving my core
You stepped up when nobody else'd do it
forehead burns but your absence would burn  more
Don't splash me with water, yeah that'd overdo it
All I need is a working fan
No matter how hard I try my mind won't stop humming
Programs wont carry out the simplest commands
CPU would be fried but you're my cooling unit
Cant shut down my system, endlessly checking files
You salvaged my heart-drive when no-one was up to it
The longevity breathed into this device's ephemeral life.  
Cause sometimes I feel like circuits and cut 
:iconskele-duck-grimm:Skele-Duck-Grimm 0 0
Icy day and Blissfully Chilled Countenance
The girl fussed with ivory hair
in that cool icy grass
a longing gaze into the chilly open air
alone, with an peculiar sort of class
She sat there
of her kin the last.
Many had come and passed
but she had been used to that.
People will come and go
nobody'd ever stay
Something she'd grown to know
so she sits by her lonesome for all of her days.
Even though nobody'd really care
Even though she's the last of her kind
She'll maintain that regal air
because she lost her family
but she'll keep her mind
That girl with white braids interwoven with frost-kissed flowers
let the air whistling through her antlers flow through her brain
she's got no need for those fancy powers
because she takes comfort in knowing nothin' will ever truly change
:iconskele-duck-grimm:Skele-Duck-Grimm 0 0
No! I get the last cookie 'cuz I helped bake them!
Golden honey
soft and chewy
face of  bunny
melt in your mouth
make you hum out loud
hope they don't run out
sometimes eat without a sound
When you pull 'em out the oven
pray the tray wont hit the ground
cause these cookies were made with loving
when the kids weren't around
Be careful with when you're takin'
your entrusted with the oven now
that fuzzy feelin' while they're bakin'
a useful hobby you'd found
:iconskele-duck-grimm:Skele-Duck-Grimm 0 0
Poisoned Apple So shiny just one bite wont hurt me
My mouth still waters,
Poisoned apple.
Even though I know its awful,
like a cow led willing to slaughter.
And mistakes like past generations
succumb to this sensation.
I am eve and I am hoping
I can take this fruit as a token.
I just want a bite of that red delicious.
Even though I know it's not nutritious.
even though my lungs burn, smelling it from here
I'd grab it without hesitation, no fear
Don't take my foolishness for bravery
this forbidden fruit I'm craving
I shouldn't but I will
a crisp crunch made to kill
:iconskele-duck-grimm:Skele-Duck-Grimm 0 0
Grazed and Amused
It kind of hurt
but it wasn't bleeding or anything
I was only on the ground for a minute
and then he just comes running
he stared at my knee and started panicking
'If this happened why'd you stay quiet?'
the look on his face was really priceless..
Straight-faced I told him it was O.K
almost magically from that over-sized hoodie came a band-aid
'my sister forces my to bring a few with me everyday..
because apparently, she thinks I'm super clumsy
which I'm not!'
He carefully put it over the scratch, 
that favorite blue hoodie on even though it was hot
when all the blood was gone, and the 'wound' safely sanitized
he randomly pulled out some sunglasses and put them on my eyes
'They suit you! But please don't go hurting yourself again'
at the right time, he was a good friend
I guess.
:iconskele-duck-grimm:Skele-Duck-Grimm 1 0
Freezing warmth to my frost-glazed fingertips
Fingertips almost as blue as your eyes
Staring up at the stilled pale sky
The snowflakes flow, falling faster faster..
Cold colors, but you're glowing angelic alabaster
:iconskele-duck-grimm:Skele-Duck-Grimm 0 0
Drip Drip
That sticky dairy-treat
sliding down my fingers
The spoon is cold
but its covered in sugary liquid
The tears of my slowly melting ice-cream
It flings itself from me as I serve it,
off the spoon trying to escape this fate
Even it not by my hand
it would have happened either way.
:iconskele-duck-grimm:Skele-Duck-Grimm 1 0
In the quickly fading half-light
feel a hand wrapped around my side
Now it's my own so it doesn't feel right
A painful recollection of our abrupt goodbye
Sitting thinking as the stars rise
It was just like that final night
Told me 'don't say it like we're leaving
wont we meet another evening?'
So instead I let the aching chills flow
act as if we'd never let go
try to part with that bitter sorrow
But I'll come back to it tomorrow
:iconskele-duck-grimm:Skele-Duck-Grimm 0 0
A Vanilla Scented Evening by Skele-Duck-Grimm A Vanilla Scented Evening :iconskele-duck-grimm:Skele-Duck-Grimm 1 2


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Automatically love this bc its brownie but your coloring on this piece makes it super cool and dramatic, and sets this indescribably ma...

This art is a wonderful unified piece with colors in what I'd call a 'negative' spectrum. The dreamy hazy picture could be some kind of...

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Even with a knife piercing my lungs
even if my ribs are crushed
even if I got hit by a car
even if I was punched until I saw stars

I couldn't feel it.
Because our atoms cant connect
no matter how close you get
never any contact

So stop feeling.
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