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Power Mare AJ

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This came out pretty badass for something that wasn't supposed to be complete :T
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DCA-Art-15Hobbyist General Artist
so beautiful! you should be very proud of yourself! ^^ <3
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EICHH-EMMMProfessional Digital Artist
Fantastic work 
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Really nice art!

You make Applejack look so sexy and powerful at the same time. Makes me want to hug and cuddle with her, even if I end up in the hospital with several broken bones and busted balls.
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JAAMTheArtistHobbyist Filmographer
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DeepizzaguyStudent Writer
Power Girl's relative? I like the the costume and the look in her eye.
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Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love 
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OmniAntaresHobbyist Artist
i think im in love with your boobs
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Okay that's a pretty cool picture.

Shame that the boobs are pervertedly revealed just for the sake of tit show, but the whole picture is damn awesome.
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You've never heard of Power Girl I take it?  Her "cleavage window" has been a part of her design for decades and she has used to her advantage on occasion.
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I must have been thinking of Supergirl for some reason. I mean, they're sort of the same thing aren't they? Super strength and all that. I did learn about Power Girl recently though, but didn't make the connection right away when I saw the picture.
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Technically they are the same thing actually.  Power Girl is a version of Supergirl from another universe that got sucked into the main universe, and had to stay because of the Crisis destroying her old one.  She ended up being a superhero in her own right (no huge ties to Superman I mean) and owned her own tech company.
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Jesus, in the end it's always another f**king universe, isn't it DC Comics? XD

Well, so long as the storyline is interesting I've no quarrel. And that picture is really damn good. If I could draw closer to that kind of level of talent, maybe i'd feel more confident about asking for money for my poster works. Then again, we all have our own ways of style in art, and I'm happy and grateful enough just to be able to draw anything more than stick figures.
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"Alternate Universe" Is a trope at this point because DC and Marvel do it so much it's become the equivalent of TV's trope "It was all just a dream".

Except it's used to explain huge continuity holes.
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Eeyup.  Then when all the universes turn into a big clusterf*** they can throw another Crisis and have them be merged or destroyed. 
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Go ahead, mess with a country girl.
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Atariboy2600Hobbyist Digital Artist
Earth Pony FTW!
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Leeyow30Student Digital Artist
Sweeeeet. :happybounce: 
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Very nice here.
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PaladiumEarthHobbyist Filmographer
even though the main focus is the bosom, i like all the little details of this picture better.
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Power Jack. Splendid art.
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I R glAd that she never figured what to fill the hole with.
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