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Final Friendship

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Well this took a while to finish.
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MegaMcHughXHobbyist Photographer

Very cool

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Can I please use this for a cover of my fan fiction? I promise to give you full credit, and a link here back to your work on deviantart art. 
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SkecchiartHobbyist Digital Artist
Sure, go on ahead.
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Gojihunter31Professional Filmographer
French Knight: 'Allo, daffy Equestrian kaniggets and Madamoiselle Sparkle Twilight Princess, who is afraid of a duck, you know! So, we French fellows out-wit you a second time! How you Equestrians say, I one more time-a unclog my nose in your direction, sons of a window-dresser! So, you think you could out-clever us French folk with your silly knees-bent running about advancing behavior! I wave my private parts at your aunties, you heaving lot of second-hand electric donkey bottom biters. I burst my pimples at you and call your daughter an unrequested silly thing. You tiny-brained wipers of other people's bottoms!
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I've been looking for a good Knight Mare composition
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I am intrigued and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
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CynuxProfessional Digital Artist
This looks really well done awesome job :D
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AJ: Paladin
Pie: Bard/Jester
Rarara: Enchantress
Shy: Healer/Priest/Druid
RD: Knight/Halberdeir
Purple Smart: Mage/Battlemage
Spike: Pet?
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Spike I think would be a familiar to Twilight
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BrushelleStudent Filmographer
trully an amazing work of art, can't wait to see more!
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L-MASTERHobbyist Artist
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Naturally Pinkie would be a bard.

They all fit their roles quite well, especially White Mage Fluttershy and Black Mage Rarity.
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This needs to be a real game. Now.
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Equestria Chronicles: Ponies of Summer Flame ?
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KonraxStudent General Artist
Twilight: Paladin

Fluttershy: White mage

Dash: Dragoon

Applejack:Warrior(To be honest skecchiart, I thought you would have gave her an axe but I understand now to give her a sword cause where she is standing, hard to see the full detail of the axe)

Pinkie: Bard

Rarity: Black mage
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What's a dragoon? Is that a final fantasy class?
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KonraxStudent General Artist
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Cool. What do they do and how do they compare to paladins and dark knights besiides the fact that dark knights need hp to kick ass? Also what final fantasies are they in? Also that luna pic is adorable.
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Might have taken a while to finish but the results speak for themselves. Awesome piece.
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has some nice compo to it.
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