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Bloody Hammer

By skeats
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I've desided to submit this, when really i should owe the credit to [link] Gettyimages. I did this image in 10 minutes because i needed to get a flyer out quick and it simply consist of two images. the first being a hammer on the floor, the second being a dead fish with a bit of blood splatter around it. I removed the fish and then manipulated the blood into the picture.

The hilarious thing about it is that a lot of people have had a go at me because they find it disgusting?!?!?!? now what is disgusting in that image?

The full flyer can be viewed temporarily here [link]
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Killing Aura! :)
Featured here: [link]
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Thanks for sharing out my work ;)
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Could i use this in a poster for a horror movie? I'll give you full credit! Great picture!
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Sorry for the late response. Yeah, no problem, you are welcome to use it ;)
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A lot of impact, certainly catches the eye and screams crime scene :)
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Then my intent was achieved, Thanks. I think it's because how the blood is placed (by accident really, as when i first pasted it on, it pretty much landed in the spot that looked best) suggests that it was brutally used and then just tossed to one side roughly.
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I think its digusting that you have not shown the damage that the hammer did...heee hee, no very cool pic, make a great video nasty DVD cover for........
:fork:(insert sledgehammer slaughter movie title here)
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Thanks mate! I didn't think of it for a video nasty DVD cover, but as soon as i read that in you comment, i instantly thought of "Prom Night" as a title, haha! It would be nice to think of something more English though.
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ace image i like it :)
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Thanks a lot :D
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Bah! A REAL artist would have gone out and hit a fish THEN taken a picture of it. *Shakes Fist* @ PS.
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I don't know whether to agree or disagree, for one i'm a graphic artist who predominantly works digitally, and for another i'm not a fish murderer. Also, i quite like the idea of creating illusions, which this basically is, which makes me an artistic magician! :paranoid:

Am i to assume that you believe murder can be a form of art?? *shakes fist right back*
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Well, I'm quite impatient enough that I wouldn't go fishing and would have bought an already dead fish... And I have some morals thank you very much. I wouldn't hit a fish, dead or alive, with a sledge hammer. One, its just kinda wrong (doubly so if its alive when you smash it with a sledge hammer), two its messy, three the smell of fish guts and blood take fo-fing-ever to get rid off...

But basically, I'm pragmatistic about it. If its already dead, then by all means. Going out and killing one just for this though, is wasteful.
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Yes fish killing by sledge hammer is a little bit overkill... yet kind of :horns: at the same time... perhaps that's just the metaller in me talking though. Well, whatever happened to the fish suffered from which i got the picture of, it was blatantly a messy death, you can tell that by the splat, not nice really. But i just couldn't let such a visual impact go unused.
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ty :D and thanks for the fav!
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No problem! It's nice to see that you're submitting stuff again. :cuddle: Keep up the good work, hon.
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I did that once with a pop can, i smashed it with a sledge hammer, the description of how you made the photo reminded me of that event. It was a fun day =D
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Mindless violent use of sledgehammers make any day a fun day :nod:

And thanks for the fav ;)
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Thats it Does, you're Welcome
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Cool! Perhaps it's the hammer from the cover of "Kill Em All" heheh
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Cheers. I can't remember where i got the hammer from now, but it was just a discarded sledge hammer on the floor.
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