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throws a million filters on to make it decent : P

Bionicle is cool. Though I like them all, I remember thinking Kopaka was the best as a kid. :meow:
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DUDE! You and me both! I freaking love Bionicle! Kopaka was my main! 
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Sweet! That's awesome! :highfive:
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Oh my God... you know him too...

This guy is the first favourite character I can ever remember in my history of fandoms!
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Nice! I probably got my first taste of a fandom from these, but it was my sister who'd actually care enough to play the games! :dummy:
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I never played the game, I'm not much of a gamer. I would usually die quite fast in these things XP

But I liked him ever since the Mask of Light movie in 2003. That's how I got introduced to the Bionicle universe. 

It's back again, but their new concept is a bit iffy in my opinion.
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I loved this iteration of bionicle soooo much! I liked Gali best, but I only had kopaka.

(also nice drawing!)
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Same! It's simple but I like how sharp edged and clear the designs are!

Haha, and I only Gali! (I found her hook hands odd) :XD:
My sister had Pohatu, who came with a cool rock (of which she made him punt out the window :0)
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It's like we had a piece of each other's soul... *ominous wind*

Bionicles came with the coolest accessories. I remember there was a generation of them that came with flying disks, I got all of those ones because I had to go into surgery (teeth fused to skull) and my mom felt bad I guess. They were loads of fun! I threw up all over them though...
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The mystery unravels! 

Well I'm glad the surgery went well then! :)
Nice! I only had the one, but started liking lego when I was 13? *outraged cries in the BG*
Though my friend had all the Bionicle sets, so I remember those! Too bad he had no idea what to do with them, so his neighbour thought it'd be fun to put them in the oven! 0n0
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I guess that explains your heightened interest in older minifigs/parts.

Oh nooooooo! I can sort of understand though, I reached a point were my love of lego no longer included the extensive bionicle collection my brother and I had. We just gave them to a young neighbour though, that over business is a bit silly.
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Probably (plus I like the more geometric style of the older parts)~ ;p

Yeah... His neighbour is prone to always destroy his stuff. My friend's not the kind of person to be sentimental of objects though, so he's never bothered. (Though not being obsessed with material possessions is pretty good in today's age). :nod:
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