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Demoniac Pirate Lord - CHOW75

This is my work for Character of the week of

the theme of the week is a demoniac pirate lord...

"his eternal torment is to sail the seven seas
until he amasses a ransom fit for satan."
-concept Chow moderator

pls C&C is welcome!
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Yo, can i use this for a Character profile in an RP?

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I like how he has a crow instead of the usual parrot, since crows often symbolize death.
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This is spectacular work...

You know, I am desiging a pirate board game for a local homebrew board game contest (in Greece :P ) and I was looking for artwork that I could use. Would you allow me to use this?

This won't be commercial as the board games there will not be for sale... It will be printed in only the prototype of the game that will take part in the contest.

Really great work man.
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oh man, well done
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wow thats great work!! =D
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amazing artwork!!!
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Love this. Very scary! :D
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Dam looks like a story version of how I would imagine Davy Jones to look really nice!
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I'll walk the plank, thanks... YIKES!

Nice work.
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love the fire in the eyes ... nice touch
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Yar matey, this bea fine picture!
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this is gorgeous! i love the textures. and i love the crow. im actually working on a pirate piece right now with a crow in it. lol
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This artwork is featured in a news article here:
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This is top notch stuff, mate.
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Great work. ^^
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I love Pirates, you can see this work in my new article [link] hope u don't mind!
Adro N. Von Crow
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thanks for the article! love it!
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