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Sea Castle

By Skaya3000
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such a great work :)
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I made a Lego version based on your picture. It's not perfect, but a decent resemblance, I think.
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Dude, this looks both beautiful and awesome! 
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Now THIS is cool! Looks like some kind of port for large ships to stop at! I like the strong angular design, and all the little houses and shops built into the walls. Looks like a small town or city, built as a go-between for ships.
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Great Castle and best inspiration for minecraft. We made it: [link] :) :) :)
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Wow great work! That is very faithful to the design. :D
Not familiar with minecraft though. Do you get to play and roam in it?
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At this captured moment there is only the "seen"-side of your picture designed :D but yesterday we continued designing the back- and inside of your castle with big halls, small ways and several stairs and rooms to reach all the buildings along the castle. When this is done, we plan to create some nice "redstone"-gimmicks, like hidden doors and some mistory-things. Maybe we can plan some special events inside this castle in Minecraft. The options are endless :)
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That's great! Happy gaming to you guys! :D
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Found this pic in a search for castles... INSTA-WATCH!
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Hi! Are you taking reservations for that sea resort? ;)

Great work :D
This was exactly the kind of castle I was looking for!
It's a great inspiration for my current Minecraft server :D
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Interesting concept ^^
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great drawing atmospheric. Not a lot of Moorish style buildings look very favorably)
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Cool looking place!
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I enjoy the lighting, shadowing and colorfulness of this painting. Very good architecture, composition and appropriate combination of details and overview structure.
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Wow... I want to live in a place like this... :o
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i wish i could live there
ChasersFlyersRunners's avatar
homg this is so amazing! Feels like I am there!
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I'm sorry if you are offended by my comment, but I am reminded of the little mermaid when I look at this :)
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Very, very impressive!
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