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The green death and...

By Skay-39
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...the white protector.

Illustration for one of my favorite scenes from Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality ([link]), sort of climax where collided in a burst of logic several hints about the in-universe laws of magic.

I tried to add color but... well, let's say I still need practice.
Yes, Bahry's artificial hand is on the wrong side. And also is supposed to be made of metal, not wood.
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However, too much hands.
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AAH~ so beautiful. HPMOR for life...even the fanart is incredibly spectacular :)
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Is that Quirrel with a beard?
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That bearded face is amazing, it really captured the harden-criminal look Quirrel was described as having!
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Thank you Fireymoonlight, again, lot of work on this face, glad you enjoyed it. =)
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Thank you HnB ! I tried to color it several times, that's why it took me so much time, but finaly I renounced - I can't add green to the killing curse without it been awfully ugly.

Thank you too dinosaurusgede, I appreciate it, I really like what you do.
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:whisper: Pssst, there is a reply button. Use it!
But yeah, I love this. It's so expressive! You can really feel the emotions of the people and your use of line is fantastic (on the patronus especially).
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Well I was responding to two people, so... ^^

Thank you Choc-Alchemist. =) The face of polyjuiced Quirrell gave me a lot of trouble, and still isn't perfect, but I like the face of the auror.

(See ? I used it :dance: )
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It's just that they won't see the comment unless they come back to the image.

You're welcome. I think both of the faces look great.

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Wow, this is awesome...
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Finally you finished it ! It's amazing, congrats pal !
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