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Reagnass, Ice Colossus



Name: Reagnass
Planar Theme: Water
Type: Ice Elemental

For centuries tales of the Lord of Navar have been spoken in hushed voices. Travelers sometimes hear his distant roar across the Ice Desert, and pray it's merely thunder. They know the Reagnass is no mere myth. Tall like a mountain, colder than death, with breath able to freeze the hearts of even the bravest warrior, Reagnass is worshipped by some but feared by all.

Those who have seen him and lived, say that he is always crumbling, growing, changing shape and leaving pieces of itself. Where its paws strike the ground, ice crystals thrust upwards like blood from a cleaving wound. Cold is his emissary, and the seat of his power.

Every other generation champions rise and rouse the people of Navar to charter armies and challenge the colossus. No campaign has prevailed - as long as the wind blows cold over the plains, and as long as the skies shiver with freezing rain, the distant roar of the Reagnass will continue to remind every living being who really is the one and only ruler of the Navar.

"The brave withered all but with one of his breaths, and in each of his footsteps new glaciers emerged. We realized the true power of the waters had been called upon us, and all we could do was to stand in silence - as if crystal figurines - and contemplate our fragile existence..."

Jurhan Errbet, historian

Rift: Create a colossus contest, 2011


This is my entry for Rift contest, and i went with Water, well... one kind of it :)

I hope you'll like it!


Wacom Bamboo Tablet, 20+ hours

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Epic work, awesome story ! So bad this is not among the winners.