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Halloween Pumpkin Reaper


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Finally finished first twitch livestream! 3 hours of hell, but it was worth it !:)…

Finally finished. Halloween's Pumpkin Reaper video with commentary is up!…
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Very interesting work. I very rarely rate Originality more than 3.5 stars, however this piece truly amazed me, hence 4.5/5.0 all the way!
I have never seen a Halloween art work similar to this. Normally what people draw: black cats, simple pumpkins and witches, however this work took Halloween art to a whole different level.
I love the idea of the ripper being a pumpkin head, it gives a very nice feel to the celebration. The pumpkin head ripper is holding another pumpkin head as a 'trophy' of what he just did looks very impressive. It's like a pumpkin head people world and he is the one doing the judging. The background is not very detailed, however it does not ruin the impressive, in fact, the mist gives a special kind of atmosphere and mystery.