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Link Jumping through the Mist

Originally, this was supposed to be a Brave Fencer Musashiden deviation (squaresoft) but in the end, it turned out to be
Windwaker link, going all "rambo" again!!

Actually, this is practice for the :iconmizuthemage: contest ( since it's my first time drawing windwaker style and all)

I hope i'm ready!!

(Toon link is the property of the Big N)
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Looks like hes jumping out of the water but I love it ^^
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I love Toon Link!
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Looks pretty good. You're doing well. ^^
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omg so cute
i miss windwaker ): i never got to finish it my dad sold my gamecube before I ever could lol D| it was an awesome game
Skatoonist's avatar
Thanks! XD Windwaker a fun, cute an a Radical game!!

Condolencses on the sold gamecube btw* hehe

and lastly check this out, Windwaker COMICSS!! (Very similar to Peanuts or Calvin and hobbes):[link]

Be sure to read all of 7 chapters..... It's just DANDY!!!
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oh yeah i've read that!! it's so cute lmao
beedle is so retarded
Skatoonist's avatar
HAHAHA!!, Yeah beedle really is the Shiz!! XD

and btw, VERY VERY IMPRESSIVE, you know everything that i throw at ya! XD

oh yeah try this videos! :





and don't get me started on smash parodies, your cuzin is throwing tons and tons of those at me ;)
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for once i do not know any of these *goes to watch*

LMAO heart of the shopkeeper
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I really like the toon stules in the Zelda games and this is awesome! :O
I love it! :+fav::D
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:bow: thank you very much! :D :D
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OMG cool coloring!!!!!!!! XD nice job
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hehe so you've drawn Toony as well! Its so cute! I used the PH style while it appears you've gone for the vector comic style. ;p I can't wait to see you're entry! (By the way, the deadline has been extended to the 8th, so you have a bit more time left)
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Nice Wind Waker Link you got there. I haven't seen him in a while in your gallery and looks better then your first one of him. Also, what else you are drawing?
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hehe thx! , i have been experimenting with some art styles:thumbsup:

and as for what i would draw in the future, Well, i plan to draw darkstalkers,

street fighter, marvel, DC,

to be more precise..... Comic book characters!

or even cosplays for example.... NESS!! the psychonaught!!
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You keep trying to work on different art styles. It will pay off later.

Oh, Ness and Psychonauts are some great stuff. I also played Psychonauts almost to completion, and Earthbound was a game I beat a long time ago. I hope it comes to VC soon.
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awesome dude, very cool color effects, you did an awesome job =D
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:thumbsup: thanks man, highly appreciate it!
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Wow! nice effects! :D
Skatoonist's avatar
Hehe tnx!!, btw hows the translation for your Ashley flash doing? I can't wait for the english version to come out!! :D
Jonashley's avatar
You welcome!

dont worry I will tell my friend to do a translation XD
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