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Hello there.

Skappy skap with some news.

So I was thinking this for a while, since I am running out of points and I want to buy new textures to make more preset bundles for free and make more preset requests, give out for free etc. but I am running low on points and I don't have much, not enough for the bundles I want to buy. I want around 20 points to buy the new texture skin :iconcattails: made, which can be found if you click here and :iconnorthernred: 's pack bundle with alot of textures I wanted a while ago which can be found here.

So I need to collect 170 points to be able to make more bundles with these beautifully made textures. So that means I will make adoptables, take request with a point ammount depending on your request (I will make a journal about more information if you're interested) and try to take requests for textures again with points, in aim to reach my goal and get these points to make free stuff for people again (I am willing to make many different spieces with the bundles I will get so I will work hard on this goal to make you all enjoy feral heart as much as I can give out)

It will last til I get these two things, then I will create free things for everyone again. I am struggling with money at the momment so I sadly can't buy them my own I am sorry :\ I hope you understand. I also want to make a commission to someone to draw my wife and I as anime characters so I don't want tobe completely pointless <s> Pun intended</s> since our anniversary is coming and all I want to give her something she wanted a while ago to show her that I love her so so much and I want to cherish her forever in my heart <3

So I hope you understand that isn't happening because I decided to become greedy or anything but instead, I have a goal.

Thank you so much for your time ^^
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Hey there! I'd love to pay 20 :points: if you would do a preset of this guy in feral form!: Bandit Anthro Ref
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Oh I am not taking requests at the momment and not for points either ^^ sorry but you need to wait a while!