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NOTE: For everyone who's asking, the texture is among the bundle called "Hamster/Bunny/short-haired Cat texture". Since I've noticed from a few notes and questions of people who can't find it, if you can't find it I will seperate it.

AND PLEASE DON'T NOTE ME ABOUT ASKING TO GIVE YOU A PAID TEXTURE FOR FREE! Most of them are not for free and I don't want DeviantArt rules chase after me, alright? Because If the owner of the texture finds out about me giving out their textures for free, they can report me and I can lose everything, from points to Deactivating my account. So please I don't want to risk having this happening.

Thank you


I would like to thank my beloved one and only wife Sinaair for acctually urging me to finish this bundle
And my greatest of friends who supported me, even through simple words and messages or through great help and advice, D-ead7Dog 
and all of my greatest friends through both skype and discord who supported me and told me how to improve my work.
I would love to thank everyone who commissioned to me in the past and helped me buy new textures which referenced to this bundle and it would be half the product it is now.

(If you don't want to bother with my stuff, the download link along with rules and credits, are  at the bottom)

It's acctually 31 presets + texture L0L so 32 in total

It's Dorky/Skat here with some news, the Christmas bundle I wanted to share with you is here now! Want to learn why this was so late? Please continue reading! (If you don't want to bother with my stuff, the download link along with rules and credits, are  at the bottom)

So hello again! If you're someone who supports me through watching, you may have heard that I had a problem with my computer and I was pc-less for quite a while (reference/look at - go to explanation journal by cliking me :D ) and I had lost a few of my previous work that was originally was going to be added into this bundle (I was planning to add more than 30 presets in it and two more textures but for obvious reasons - explained below - I couldn't).

I got my pc a few weeks after Christmas, with my old disk saved up for me to keep up my backup and get to create the rest of the presets I owned to release the bundle. However my disk forgot to keep up my backup because it was apparently too 'full' and I had to recreate all of these presets + the texture you will see in this bundle within these days (it took almost 5 days to finish them all).

Keep in mind I have a relationship, work and house to care for so the game was a minor factor in my life, I will admit, the only reason I sat down and re-did this because of my lovely wife urged me to do the presets. I also don't like keeping this unsettled and leave them hanging so I had an extra more reason to work.

The original bundle was going to have wild dogs, foxes, panda bears, red pandas, raccoons and some featured character from comics.

Unfortunately I lost my old preset stack, hence this bundle contains what said below (I found some nice free presets to 'complete' the bundle which are prettier than mine and will also give an extra support and notice to people who worked hard for those but don't get the attention they deserve):
4 tiger presets
2 deer presets (ft. Bambi and his father)
7 Warrior Cat presets
Keirr, Zilas and Ranach(lacking meteor painting) from Home
An eagle preset
2 bear presets
Datumn the Cyborg wolf 
A Griffin/Gryphon preset
3 Horse presets (Works great with this click me for horse animations)
Crocodile/Lizard/Iguana preset
2 Leopard presets
2 Zebra presets
One Wolf preset
And the Hamster/Bunny/Cat texture (Click me to see a texture preview)

For the leopard presets, I tried to make my own markings but failed because tiredness + working a whole day to finish all of them since they are published later than they were supposed to come out, hence I used TearlessRain 's markings from her textures (see here click me ) so I owe them alot for re-releasing their textures.

With these presets you may  

Bullet; Green Create Ocs, use in RP, use them in any way as you like

Bullet; Green Edit them in any way

Bullet; Green Make Comissions out of the texture

Bullet; Green Have fun

However you must not

Bullet; Red Sell any of the product in this bundle for your own benefit as this is entirely given for free.

Bullet; Red Claim anything in here as your own 

Bullet; Red Repost the whole bundle as your own post on DeviantArt or in any other Social Media since I own everything on here because I worked hard on them. However, posting them around as advertisement of 'Hey look I found free presets' through proboard sites from rps is okay. You don't have to give credits.

Bullet; Red Claim any of the texture used in here are your own creations as I will put  credits below.

The textures along with the markings used in the presets belong to TearlessRain , AquaChocobo , NorthernRed , FanguoftheFlowers , ShyPancreas , Weiss-Schwarz and rookfox along with my texture which was added in the bundle of which I take full claim. DO NOT steal or claim credits of product that is not created by you, I take 0 responsibility if you get in any trouble. Respect the owners who dedicated their time to create these textures and enjoy them to the fullest!

The scars I used for the wolf 2 presets belong to Mossasaurus , full credits to them!

Bunny texture was used for my texture to be created through a friend's bunny fur

Rope texture found on google images to add Zilas's collar, creator of the texture is unkown. 

~**Download link of the bundle **~…

For some alternative free presets that can 'team up' with this bundle and make it double the fun are the ones listed below (not created by me but give these people some love and support--I tried them on my own and it sucks to see these wonderful creations getting unnoticed)

Free Hyena presets by Rikuko -…

Free Fox preset by Rikuko -…

Free Tiger presets(better than mine) by Rikuko -…

Free Drake presets by SirJagger -…

Free Guardian of Light preset by Twilight berry -…

Free BBA wolves by 0Arabai0 -…

Free Wolves Rain presets by 0Arabai0 -…

31 free warrior cat presets by AquaChocobo -…

free dog preset by faloucaribou -…

free Raccoon preset by GhostingHowl -…

free Panda preset by GhostingHowl -…

Free Wild Dog presets by PaperLanturns & 0Abarai0…………

Free Canine preset by FalouCaribou -…

Free WC bundle by Zophrenia -…

Free Zombie dragon preset by Opalblade -…

Some work of my own that might fit well with the bundle

Ginga legends pack preset pack -…

Free WC bundle -…

Wolf Bundle -…

Three free wolf presets -…

Jayfeather & Yellowfang free presets -…

Mapleshade free preset -…

Curly cat texture -…

Thank you so much for your love and support!
I hope to see you around within my next creations! 

See ya and have fun!
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Hey guys! I might make a part two after this! Waddya think? What kinda animals you wanna see? 0v< you better comment below this thing so I will know~
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Idk if you'll be able to see what I posted on your free wolf presets so Ima just post it here as well. xD Since the wolf presets are all preset 1 I renamed them all Preset 2 but I saw that you said you need to recode the material file for it to be Preset 2 so I was wondering how u do that. ;o 
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Don't worry I saw it :D 

I responded too! If you have any problem I'll change the coding for you
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where do you download this?
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I have a link in the description :D
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Have fun using them! :D And if you have any problem with them let me know :o
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I will I love the leopard preset its amazing
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I am more than happy to hear :D
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Thank you so much, for taking the time to create these. :excited::happybounce: 

Their so beautiful, I'll definitely be using one of them, on one of my characters. La la la la :happybounce: 
Thank you again! Keep making gorgeous presets! 
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thank you! I am glad you liked them! 

My wife and I are glad you liked them and I personally am honored you are even going to use some of my creations! Thank you! 
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It's alright, their beautiful and I'm more then proud to be able to use one for free. Keep up the amazing presets~ :3
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Thank you so much ^w^ This comment really encourages me to do more of all of you in the future!
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do you have a link for the texture alone rather than all the presets included?
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unfortunately I put them all in one ^^

The texture is called  - Hamster/Bunny/Cat texture

And the rest are the presets

It went on with the bundle so I added them altogether!
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Awesome, is it ok to change or add few details on these presets?
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of course! Change them anyhow you wish! As long as you donn't sell them it's all cool!
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