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Hello :3
I am Skat,maybe known as Skatland :3
I love everything,I am weird,I am a pokemaniac weirdo who loves trolling around the internet.I really enjoy drawing but due to lack of skills on drawing with mouse I am using my Dsi And then taking the pictures and colouring them on my pc :D So they might be small and cruddy

If I'll take any kind of linearts I will give credits (If I will not give the actual name is because I forgot,I am not stealing XD)

I am a weirdo


Art idols

Be aware that I am not shouting out to people because they are important to me/friends/acquaintances, I don't do that and will never do it I am just shouting out people that I belive they deserve more recognision to their art and who I look up to as artists who have helped me improved alot since I have met them because I have learnt alot through their art.

:iconcryingleaf: - My babu <3 My little hero, my life savior, my lover, my everything. Not only she draws flawlessly but she has given me motivation to improve <3 she always gives me advice, is amazing and fun to talk to and exremely smart and MINE >:C so back off unless chu wanna be a friend c: Go stalk her because the art she sents to me in private messages are AMAZING <3 And I am not speaking about her just because she is my girlfriend but because her art deservers recognision <3

:iconpatr0nsaint: - THE VERY FIRST IDOL I EVER HAD :OOOO AN AMAZING PERSON AND ARTIST GOD :D I love their way of drawing go stalk them :o

:iconmerginae: - First cat artist idol :0 they are just amazing. Also known as Duckfeatherz on yt :D

:icongina-kyona: - Awesome friend of mine and epic at drawing pokemon and furries :o They are nice and I belive they deserve more watchers

:iconjinx-nyx: - Amazing anime artist, also from my nation ^^ Nice and very kind and they deserve more views because they are putting effort to what they do

:iconworriorcataj: - Kawaii drawings :o A nice person, I love the way they draw :D

:iconfiiski: - My gay fish friend :D awesome person and skillful artist

:iconmischievousraven: - Really awesome to talk to, human-like, skillful artist :o I love the way she draws wolves :D

:iconrotanpoikanen: - Bald fairy. Amazing artist and a friend of mine. Have been drawing for a while and I can tell you he deserves his watchers

:iconjohan-n: - Very skillful, nice and will respond to you if you have any question ^^ He is drawing A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-L-Y and he is also making an amazing prequel of his original comics, go see them :D

:iconchar-c0al: - I like the way they draw cats and I looked up to them in order to improve my kitten drawings :D

:iconprinceofredroses: - First anime artist idol :0 they are drawing so amazingly and detailed and are afficliated with :iconrinmaru: 's games :D go check them out!

I have some more artist idols but they are on youtube and I am not aware of their deviantarts ;-; sorreh

This is the work I do ^^ Feral-heart stuff and non

:bulletgreen: - Completed
:bulletyellow: - WIP (x% done)
:bulletred: - Not started yet
:bulletblack: - Dropped/Cancelled/Left project
:bulletblue: - Empty
:bulletorange: - Hiatus

:bulletgreen: Dog texture
:bulletgreen: Sheep cat texture
:bulletgreen: Long furred cat texture(fail)
:bulletgreen: Hamster/Bunny/Short furred cat texture
:bulletgreen: - Yorkie Preset (Private/Valentine's gift for my gf)
:bulletgreen: large preset bundle
:iconrequestsopen: | :icontradesclosed2: | :iconcollabsclosed: | :iconcommissionsopen:

:bulletgreen: Free canon wc cats presets
:bulletgreen: free Wolf bundle
:bulletgreen: Free three realistic wolf presets
:bulletgreen: Ginga legends free preset pack

:iconrequestsopen: | :icontradesopen: | :iconcollabsask: | :iconcommissionsopen:

What I do
o Transparent
o Moving presets
o Mixed Textures
o Metalic
o Self-made markings
o Two-sided
o Torn ears, scars, defects(lazy eye, blind eye etc.)
o Half transparent (ghosts / StarClan kittens)
ø kinda glowing markings

I do not do maps at the current period sorry.

:bulletgreen: General drawings
:bulletblack: Comic (cancelled project)
:bulletgreen: Realistic OC portrait
:bulletgreen: Roleplay activity check

:iconrequestsclosed: | :icontradesopen: | :iconcollabsopen: | :iconcommissionsask:

You don't need to know more about me you stalkar
I love RPing and playing video games on pc :D
I am friendly I do not bite much XD

Christian Stamp animated by SailorSolar Christian by NaujTheDragonfly Stamp: Jesus Christ by MafiaVamp Christian Bashing stamp. by Tiemiosho I'm NOT Holier than Thou by OnWingsOfBlue Guess what? by BecomingTia B.I.B.L.E. by azianwolfdoll

I Never Block LoL stamp by Raidho36 Alois Trollface Stamp by DixFirebone :thumb146345003: Greek Pride by CrimsonLegacy Greek Blood Stamp by LyinRyan

IM GAY Lesbian Pride Flag :F2U: by avaKados

Lesbian Pride Flag Shooting Star by King-Lulu-Deer Lesbian Stamp by sunbirds Lesbian Stamp by sunbirds Lesbians and Gays Flag Stamp by engineerJR Im Fucking Gay (Lesbian Vers.) by crystalstamps Lesbian Pride Flag Shooting Star by King-Lulu-Deer:thumb685025964: Pride Shooting Star by King-Lulu-Deer Pixel Flag - Lesbian (2010) by SweetlyCanada

If you're a homophobe and you don't realize people are allowed to be happy the way they want and love is love and has no boundaries, then leave lel no1 cares about your opinion since it's one sided and you won't bother to even meet people like me.

You can't love cats, bc real love is between woman and mY ASS

People like you make me straightphobic

Begone thot.

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Every comedy :D
Favourite TV Shows
They are greek :O you might not know them
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Skillet,Simple plan and then they are just some random songs
Favourite Books
Warrior cat books,Narnia, Η Κων/να και οι αραχνες τις.
Favourite Writers
Many many
Favourite Games
Fiesta online,LINEAGE,Feral-heart,Metal gear solid(metal gear rising revengance),CoD,Resident Evil and some more.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
FOOD! and athletism(spelling? XD)


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I'm assuming the soucre code has been out for a while, the question was whether it was allowed for people to do pservers or not.

So question 1:
If members of FH want to host fan pservers of FH but with updated stuff - like with IT servers -, are they allowed to?
commented on 3 RPs 1 Ad by
Ey, we all have lives to work with and life is top priority of everyone. Activity is a thing, yes, but you are not obligated to be on 24/7! Just hop on for a while and a rp a lil when you can, that's all!

Both RPs are in development and going at an expected pace because everyone has reasons to be low on activity, so worry not! You can always give it a try, it's up to you of course.
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