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Thank you all so much for helping me achieve my goal! From now on any donations I get will go to stuff for feral-heart/commissions for my wife and I <3

Thank you so much guys, you're all so amazing!

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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Join us!
Hello friends and gamers who came across this! Feral-heart has been more than my childhood game, I've made friends I enjoy spending time with and it's a game I would love to let new people meet some of the community -- also let new members meet older ones and have fun!

So I've made a community discord to talk to eachother, play with the added bots and have fun! Even advertise your own things! You can join here!-

I also plan on making a community event so you might want to stick around!

Once you join go to announcements and vote for the most recent poll made (it's pinned too), it will effect the trophy prize of the event~ Thank you!

I dunno how good this idea will be, but I'll try my best to make it a good experience for everyone to have fun! 

For people who want to play feral-heart, you're more than welcome to join and we can help you or announce whenever feral-heart registractions are open so you can join our community! 

See you there!
Hello again!
here with a commission shop! If you haven't known, I am opening a commission to collect some points for a good cause.

First I need to commission to a map maker for a roleplay I am in and second I want to do an event! Yes, an event that includes the old maps but to give you more information about this I need to collect some points. I need 1100 points for the event.

Once I make time I will do another bundle for free either wolf, cat or mixed!

I also made an adoptables shop with unique spieces I took permission to make! Check here (click me) if you want to help my process done faster by adopting a piece!

Points are seperated that way!

Simple presets (one sided, simple markings) - 100Points

Two sided simple presets - 150 Points

Two sided simple presets/complicated one sided presets - 200 Points

Two sided simple presets- 250 Points

Two sided complicated presets/ Simple scrolling/metalic/(semi)transparent/glowing - 300 Points

Complicated scrolling, metalic, semi transparent or glowing - 350 Points

Depending on the addons (lazy eye, scar, torn ears, missing limbs) - + 100(or depending)Points 

What I can do
Bullet; Green Missing parts (transparent parts of your body e.g. tail, feet, etc.)
Bullet; Green Metalic
Bullet; Green Semi-transparent/semi-transparent(Semi invisible) with markings (It would work great for Starclan kitties or ghost wolvies)
Bullet; Green Ghost
Bullet; Green Torn ears
Bullet; Green Scars
Bullet; Green Scrolling (Moving)
Bullet; Green Mixed textures (e.g. you want an armored wolf )
Bullet; Green Glowing
Bullet; Green Glowing, Transparent and moving altogether (example here )
Troll presets (example here and I can tell my wifey :iconcryingleaf: Loved that one c:)

Can't do
Bullet; Red Too realistic scars
Bullet; Red Too realistic markings (I can touch a verry good realism on markings but because I am working with a mouse and I am using some custom brushes for gimp I can't touch the perfect realism as I could have done with a tablet)
Bullet; Red More than one coding at once at one part of texture (For example I can't make you have a missing foot and have scrolling/moving markings for example)
Bullet; Red Too complex presets (It's not that I don't want to, but if I try to do triangles and squares altogether, I fear I will fail you with my unsteady hand and I don't want my work to be half good. I want it to be worth what it costs)

My wifey :iconcryingleaf: will help me test the preset and fix the imperfections before sending them away and giving you the points

Please if you want a preset, fill this form and send it to me in a note

Picture of your character:
Spieces(Lion,Wolf,Dog,Liepard etc.):
Fur lenght(Short, medium, long):
[Optional]Specific texture you want(please add a link so I can see if I have it):
Basic color(The color the pelt will be):
Minor Colors(The markings color):
[Optional]Any special features?(Glowing,transparent, semi-transparent,scrolling):
[Optional]Wounds?(Scars,torned ears):
[Optional]Any defects?(blindness,lazy eye):
Realism(You want it realistic, semi-realistc or cartoonish/simple):
Mane added?(Yes or No):
Eye type(custom or any specific you want):

Bullet; Green = Open
Bullet; Red = Place taken
Bullet; Orange  = Haven't started
Bullet; Yellow = In the making
Bullet; Blue = Done(waiting for approval)


Bullet; Green OPEN
Bullet; Green OPEN
Bullet; Green OPEN
Bullet; Green OPEN
Bullet; Green OPEN
Bullet; Green OPEN

Already made presets and sent to respectful owners
I deeply thank all of the people who commissioned to me, I wouldn't have made t this far without you guys!
GeekyScout (Commissioned) -

TaizerFH(Commissioned) -|

MiraiSekaii(Commissioned) -

GrimWolfie (Commissioned) -

Indi-Dragon -

Wolfrunner86 -

I would love to thank my wifey :iconcryingleaf: for lending me some points not long ago which of those I was able to buy some extra things to make the preset bundle variety more amazing! I love chu my love <3 I am more than glad that we got married~I told you God blessed us pfff

Thank you ^^ see ya!
First Akiulfr Adoptables (4/6 OPEN) CHEAP

Dorky/Skat here with an adoptable bundle coming in REEEE

As this spieces is made by Johaan-N I had to take permission to do spieces like this proof here (click me)
If you want to do that kind of spieces as adoptables too, make sure to contact the owner of the spieces (Johaan-N) otherwise you might face copyright issues.

I've been thankful to Johaan-N for letting him do his characters as feral-heart presets in the past for you all for free so a big shoutout to him! Thank you Kique!

Now for the adoptables!

Unfortunately these are not free. Each of these presets cost 70 Points due to the need of me commissioning to a map maker for a roleplay I am into + I want to do a feral-heart event and I want the trophy to be a variety of points and a free preset. (so I need around points 1400 for the map and another 1k for the event)

If this adoptable goes well, I will make a part 2!

Don't worry though I'll continue making free presets and bundles, I only do adoptables with points because I'm in a need!

Preset 1
Status: Free
Name:  Unn[Beloved one](optional)
Points: 70Points

Preset 2
Status: Free
Name: Inkeri [Beautiful Godess](optional)
Points: 70Points

Preset 3
Status: Free
Name: Magnhild [Powerful in battle](optional)
Points: 70Points

Preset 4
Status: Taken
Name: Torbjorn [Bear of Thor](optional)
Points: 70Points
Owner: :iconxdoggielea:

Preset 5
Status: Free
Name: Brynjar[Warrior in armor](optional)
Points: 70Points

Preset 6
Status: Taken
Name: Stigr [Route](optional)
Points: 70Points
Owner: :icongalaxyshadows111:

Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Edit it however you want (Modify look, add scars, remove parts)
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Use it in any way you love (either RP, As a new OC/Fursona etc.)
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Even though the spieces are supposed to be Akiulfr, you can use them however you love but if you use the original spieces give credits to Johaan-N because its his spieces and he kindly left me do these adoptables
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Have fun

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Re-sell the preset
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Remake these adoptables or take any claim of their creations or/and the ownership of the spieces. Make sure to take permission of the original spieces owner if you want to make your own because I take no responsibility of you.
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Share the preset with other people for free. I understand you bought it when you adopted it but there is a contract between me and you that, if you agree to buy it, you are the only one who can use it because in that way you might benefit yourself but you weight less 'costumers' for me which means less adoptables since my work won't come in handy, I hope you understand.

That's all! Thank you so much for helping me on my way! See you around!

Texture of fur and eyes (c) Their rightful owners
Spices (c) Kique/Johaan-N
Preset creator (c) Me
iCurly kitty fur

Skat here! I made a merge with some texture I had to create this beauty! His name is Swiftdrift and he's from a Warrior cats roleplay named Southern Warriors. (Note me on here if you're interested to join or PM me on Feral-heart, Dorky is my username -- or Skat but I don't use Skat too much right now).

The fur texture I used -…

I might get this texture merge given out for free but I am unsure for now.

Thank you for liking my work!

Want to commission me for a preset? Check this out -…

Interested in my work? Check out my adoptables! -…

Thank you for supporting my work! I appreciate all of it!

See you around!


Skatland's Profile Picture
Hello :3
I am Skat,maybe known as Skatland :3
I love everything,I am weird,I am a pokemaniac weirdo who loves trolling around the internet.I really enjoy drawing but due to lack of skills on drawing with mouse I am using my Dsi And then taking the pictures and colouring them on my pc :D So they might be small and cruddy

If I'll take any kind of linearts I will give credits (If I will not give the actual name is because I forgot,I am not stealing XD)

I am a weirdo


Art idols

Be aware that I am not shouting out to people because they are important to me/friends/acquaintances, I don't do that and will never do it I am just shouting out people that I belive they deserve more recognision to their art and who I look up to as artists who have helped me improved alot since I have met them because I have learnt alot through their art.

:iconcryingleaf: - My babu <3 My little hero, my life savior, my lover, my everything. Not only she draws flawlessly but she has given me motivation to improve <3 she always gives me advice, is amazing and fun to talk to and exremely smart and MINE >:C so back off unless chu wanna be a friend c: Go stalk her because the art she sents to me in private messages are AMAZING <3 And I am not speaking about her just because she is my girlfriend but because her art deservers recognision <3

:iconnukac0la: - THE VERY FIRST IDOL I EVER HAD :OOOO AN AMAZING PERSON AND ARTIST GOD :D I love their way of drawing go stalk them :o

:iconmerginae: - First cat artist idol :0 they are just amazing. Also known as Duckfeatherz on yt :D

:iconcaprlnae: - Awesome friend of mine and epic at drawing pokemon and furries :o They are nice and I belive they deserve more watchers

:iconjinx-nyx: - Amazing anime artist, also from my nation ^^ Nice and very kind and they deserve more views because they are putting effort to what they do

:iconworriorcataj: - Kawaii drawings :o A nice person, I love the way they draw :D

:iconfiiski: - My gay fish friend :D awesome person and skillful artist

:iconmischievousraven: - Really awesome to talk to, human-like, skillful artist :o I love the way she draws wolves :D

:iconrotanpoikanen: - Bald fairy. Amazing artist and a friend of mine. Have been drawing for a while and I can tell you he deserves his watchers

:iconjohan-n: - Very skillful, nice and will respond to you if you have any question ^^ He is drawing A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-L-Y and he is also making an amazing prequel of his original comics, go see them :D

:iconchar-c0al: - I like the way they draw cats and I looked up to them in order to improve my kitten drawings :D

:iconprinceofredroses: - First anime artist idol :0 they are drawing so amazingly and detailed and are afficliated with :iconrinmaru: 's games :D go check them out!

I have some more artist idols but they are on youtube and I am not aware of their deviantarts ;-; sorreh

This is the work I do ^^ Feral-heart stuff and non

:bulletgreen: - Completed
:bulletyellow: - WIP (x% done)
:bulletred: - Not started yet
:bulletblack: - Dropped/Cancelled/Left project
:bulletblue: - Empty
:bulletorange: - Hiatus

:bulletgreen: Dog texture
:bulletgreen: Sheep cat texture
:bulletgreen: Long furred cat texture(fail)
:bulletgreen: Hamster/Bunny/Short furred cat texture
:bulletgreen: - Yorkie Preset (Private/Valentine's gift for my gf)
:bulletgreen: large preset bundle
:iconrequestsopen: | :icontradesclosed2: | :iconcollabsclosed: | :iconcommissionsopen:

:bulletgreen: Free canon wc cats presets
:bulletgreen: free Wolf bundle
:bulletgreen: Free three realistic wolf presets
:bulletgreen: Ginga legends free preset pack

:iconrequestsopen: | :icontradesopen: | :iconcollabsask: | :iconcommissionsopen:

What I do
o Transparent
o Moving presets
o Mixed Textures
o Metalic
o Self-made markings
o Two-sided
o Torn ears, scars, defects(lazy eye, blind eye etc.)
o Half transparent (ghosts / StarClan kittens)
ø kinda glowing markings

I do not do maps at the current period sorry.

:bulletgreen: General drawings
:bulletblack: Comic (cancelled project)
:bulletgreen: Realistic OC portrait
:bulletgreen: Roleplay activity check

:iconrequestsclosed: | :icontradesopen: | :iconcollabsopen: | :iconcommissionsask:

You don't need to know more about me you stalkar
I love RPing and playing video games on pc :D
I am friendly I do not bite much XD

Christian Stamp animated by SailorSolar Christian by NaujTheDragonfly Stamp: Jesus Christ by MafiaVamp Christian Bashing stamp. by Tiemiosho I'm NOT Holier than Thou by OnWingsOfBlue Guess what? by BecomingTia B.I.B.L.E. by azianwolfdoll

I Never Block LoL stamp by Raidho36 Alois Trollface Stamp by DixFirebone Gyros Stamp by Heavy-Inamorato Greek Pride by CrimsonLegacy Greek Blood Stamp by LyinRyan


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