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Skatland has started a donation pool!
590 / 6,969
Thank you so much for helping <3

I am hosting a community event on Feral-Heart and I will need some points to commission for maps, art and more for the winners!
Any amount is enough!

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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Trapped like a fly in a web
Tonight I'm so alone
This sorrow takes a hold
Don't leave me, it's so cold
(Never wanna be so cold)

Your touch used to be so kind

Your touch used to give me life
I've waited all this time
I've wasted so much time

Don't leave me alone

Cause I barely see at all
Don't leave me alone

Falling in the black, slipping through the cracks

Falling to the depths, can I ever go back?
Dreaming of the way it used to be, can you hear me?

Falling in the black, slipping through the cracks

Falling to the depths, can I ever go back?
Falling inside the black
Falling inside, falling inside
The black

You were my source of strength
I've traded everything
That I love for this one thing
(Stranded in the offering)

Don't leave me here like this
Can't hear me scream from the abyss
And now I wish for you, my desire


It took me 3 days to draw because my hand injury and I had to take breaks but I got so depressed for not drawing and YES THIS IS NORMAL. Ignore the fails on anatomy I was never good at it AAANNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDD  my arm is wounded so it was even worse


This is Troutpaw grieving for her mentor's disappearance, Sharktail, and she's uncertain of where she's been. Sharktail disappeared in a period of a plague so it's unknown if she died from sickness or not -- WHO KNOOOWSSS :eyes: revamp

Troutpaw among with her mentor, Sharktail, belong to a Feral-Heart group called The Wild Four, it's really nice, literate, unique plotted with one of a kind mechanics and a really friendly community!

I know you're out there watching.

Can you hear me? If you see this listen to my call and talk to me. Please know this is for you.

If not I understand and I'll move on eventually. But I really miss you.

I may be clingy, I'm sorry, but it ended so suddenly.

I am sorry I'm a bother.

I'll always remember you no matter what. You were my life's best part.

I still want you to be but I can't force things now, can I?

I love you dearly.

Poor Trout is sad give her cuddles



I had an accident and injured myself and now it's really hard to type or draw.(it's not serious don't worry, I just got hurt on a place that makes it hard for me to move my hand sharply or too much). 

I am sorry but I can't make presets right now as I hurt my hand that I draw stuff and I do everything with a mouse so it's really hard for me to move my arm without pain.

I will be delayed on making presets + drawing things or posting stuff unless I've already drawn them before the accident (I have a few things ready) so I may be late to respond and all.

I can only talk through my phone talking app or in voice chats for a little while.

Please forgive me

and thank you.
  • Listening to: Tacky by weird Al yankovic
  • Reading: Cat articles
  • Watching: top ten anime deaths
  • Playing: Omae wa mou shindeiru -- Nani?
  • Eating: chickin!
  • Drinking: I LUV SODAAA -partick star voice-
Waiting 4 you in the mirror (mouse draw practice)
Does it really matter that we're from two different worlds?
I still feel the same.
Do I have to wait forever to be yours and shatter this force this mirror has set between us?
Then I will.
Because there is no way I won't find a crack in this forsaken object to reach you.
No mile is enough to stop me from getting closer to you.
Even if It seems impossible I'll find a way.
The only way to let go, dear....
Is if you tell me to.

Her hands and body are noodles because I drew this whole thing with a mouse in MS paint then did the background and words in gimp and I a mso proud of it so I'm going to upload it online because wynaut? back in the day all I could draw close to anime through computer with just a mouse was a stickman with huge eyes. It's still improvement.

Hello there! Skat here.

I got really inspired and while this was originally going to be Troutpaw as a human, I've decided to turn it into an inspirational drawing.

Patience is the key and sometimes all you have to do is wait and believe in your feelings. Your gut is never wrong, you may get confused by your paranoid thoughts and assumptions but your gut knows. Your instinct is something you should listen to since your whole being wants the best for you.

No matter what, don't give up. You're loved.

Also I will shamelessly advertise a story I got this inspired from, I'm working on it on wattpad called The Mirror (it's on going with only one chapter released for now), It's a Yuri story based on Narnia so it will be drama, a tiny bit comedic and fantasy with two girls from two different worlds meeting through a magic mirror. It's based on real life events that are planned to be written down as a supernatural story.

The character in this drawing is called Alkistis, she's the main protagonist.

Disclaimer - if you end up reading my story on wattpad above, remember my english is nowhere close to perfect nor good and it's my second story so it won't be good. I hope I will improve though since the purpose of this existing was for fun and for me to get better in literature. Thank you!

Despite everything, you know this message is about you, right?
I understand your feelings better now.
Come back when (and if) you'll be ready.
I'll be waiting, if this is what you want me to do.
I love you.
No obstacle, no
mirror, can hold us apart.
And you know this too, right?

Error404: Normality not found (rant)
Based on a recent drama I happened to see in Feral-Heart groups, especially Warrior Cat based ones, I wanted to talk a little bit about drama and the community in the game.

Disclaimer: Before anyone braindead enough try to come at me with excuses of "you do this for fame" no I don't. It's literally a genuine opinion about how the community has changed and I want to speak my heart out, I have no personal interest or have any gain by unnecessary online attention, I am pretty happy with the friends I have both irl and in game and they are enough, they are not "famous" or "known" but nobody cares I love them eitherways.

Also this doesn't direct anyone, only the people who love creating drama and ruin someone's fun because they have nothing better to do.

Guys seriously why is there so much drama in the game? Why such hate? All you have to do is make a character, decorate them a bit, add them a color, make it a wolf, cat or misc with different addons and mods and go have fun, talk and socialize.

No I'm not going to be nice in this because I've seen the community change to the worst and attack anyone with a different opinion or anyone new like insolent tarts.

Why do you enjoy causing a disaster in every group/place on Feral-heart? Do you lack productivity in life or have no friends or something?

I've been in a WC roleplay and people starting drama, leaving for no reason and continue creating drama within the members by spreading rumors and personally attacking them, making a hate group even and there was that one person who bad-mouthed both the people who left he roleplay and then, after changing usernames, they bad-mouthed the roleplay in other people.

Like seriously, can you stop this? I think there is a fine line between having an opinion and being rude for no absolute reason.

What is it so attractive to you that you really have to comment on everything with rudeness and then attack people while playing the victim? Can you, like, stop?

And aside from WC groups, there are these useless fights over fan-based characters from games or AUs from comics and/or movies.

Haven't your parents taught you that instead of acting like an immature child when you see something that doesn't attract your interest or not appeal to your likings to let it go and move on from it without being rude?

Why do you have to judge the Undertale characters or Harley Quinn characters and be rude, then proceed telling us about how assaulted your life was as if the game is the right place for this? If you have issues go see a therapist, don't take it out on the game just so people can feel bad for you and agree with you.

And then we have the 'famous' usernames. Yes as stupid as it sounds people are suckers for 'known' usernames. Gosh, why is the word 'famous' still has to be connected to something important? How are they famous? For playing alot? For doing presets, textures and stuff? And what personal gain do you have if these people become your friends? You think you will get any fame or people care? What if they are a-holes, would you still be friends with them?

And then, another funny thing, people who see others having talent with presets, maps, textures etc. and getting some decent 'fame' (I still hate that word), they attack them because apparently they are a threat to their precious good reputation.

Like guys. Stop. You won't gain anything from being 'famous' or known. Does it really matter? Can't you just create things for fun, make friends and just play? Are you this desperate for attention you have to stoop so low for it that it even follows you ingame?

Just be yourself. There are people who do mods for the game and people who just enjoy using them and just happen to have sometime to play the game. You don't have to have the whole game know you, why do you need such attention?

Then you see a newbie character asking to play or roleplay. You bash at them, what for? Because you're lazy and sit on the game to get the fame you never had in highschool?

Really, why? The game is meant to be for fun, if you don't want to roleplay with anyone keep silent and mind your business why do you have to look down to the newcommers and be rude to them?

I've happened to see someone saying "Nobody cares" to a newbie who was asking to RP in The-Grounds and then we had these people who were mean to random characters sitting beside them. Like why? Who died and made you boss of the game or that place? Is it your turf? You mean a pixilated map you will forget in 20 years by now is your turf? Do you realize how miserable that sounds?

And then we have the immature 'never satisfied' people. These people are pushy to admins for a new update then dislike it, criticize mods when they forget the staff team has a life and a whole community to handle, people who suckup to mods and then spread negative rumors behind their backs and in the end, no matter how hard everyone tries, they are never, never , satisfied.

Like why? You're the spotlight of the game -- nor world.You need to accept that when you work in a society, the community in game(any game) is a small society, you have to realize every decision taken is meant for the happiness and satisfaction of all or atleast for the average well being of the game, not for your own.

And last but not least we have the hypersexual people who must tell us about the genitals of their boyfriend/girlfriend and how much this satisfies them then proceed on cussing their hearts out as if they lack manners.

This is a childhood game for me and many other people, I've been playing since 2011? 2012 I think was when I've made my account, and now it's late 2018. Why do you have to ruin this adorable game? Stop.

Eat some snickers and if you feel like you have issues talk to a psychologist, don't bring it out in the game to make others feel bad for you because you had a tantrum over a pixel and you want to force people to agree with you.

So my question is: Can we ALL just chill and play this game for fun without unnecessary conflicts?

I am sorry for the vent, but I really wanted to start this discussion with you. I want to know your opinion and how do you think we can stop this drama problem spreading like a plague among our community?

Thank you for reading,

How to apprentice 101
Roses are red,
Violets are fine.
If you'll be 6
Then I'll be 9


Roses are red
Violets ain't blue,
you're grounded now,
no warriorhood 4 u

- Nightstar (and everyone else rooting in the background)

Hey hey!

I felt like I had to draw something to ease my mind and I drew this. For some reason I feel refreshed but also exhausted. Regardless I am quite proud for the effort I've made and I see improvement.

Now from left to right

Top panel: Sharktail(she-cat), Troutpaw(she-cat)

Bottom panel: Troutpaw (she-cat who is imagining this and the one with sunglasses), Nightstar, Tawnypaw, Larkflower and Violetpaw(all she-cats)

Sharktail, The Riverclan deputy, is teaching Troutpaw how to battle and she's giving her some advice before they begin but Troutpaw is checking out on her mentor and has a funny harem momment in her mind.

(No this was not roleplayed but we had a pick up line OOC momment and I found it quite funny to draw LOL)

All of these characters are OCs made by people who are members of a Feral-Heart Roleplay called The Wild Four, a literate Warrior cats based roleplay with a unique mechanic, interesting plot and family-like community.

Thank you all for watching this, see ya!

Linearts done with - MS paint

Backgrounds and characters donw with - Gimp

all with a mouse yo I feel quite proud nowdays about it LOL

Troutpaw (c) :iconskatland:

Sharktail (c) :icontamboob:

Tawnypaw (c) :iconjazz-2000:

Larkflower & Violetpaw (c) :icontinymousee:

Nightstar (c) Blue_Apples(idk deviantArt ;w;)

(I am sorry in advance if I didn't draw your character correctly, I didn't want to bother anyone by asking a reference all the time so I drew according to memory)
I had an accident and injured myself and now it's really hard to type or draw.(it's not serious don't worry, I just got hurt on a place that makes it hard for me to move my hand sharply or too much). 

I am sorry but I can't make presets right now as I hurt my hand that I draw stuff and I do everything with a mouse so it's really hard for me to move my arm without pain.

I will be delayed on making presets + drawing things or posting stuff unless I've already drawn them before the accident (I have a few things ready) so I may be late to respond and all.

I can only talk through my phone talking app or in voice chats for a little while.

Please forgive me

and thank you.
  • Listening to: Tacky by weird Al yankovic
  • Reading: Cat articles
  • Watching: top ten anime deaths
  • Playing: Omae wa mou shindeiru -- Nani?
  • Eating: chickin!
  • Drinking: I LUV SODAAA -partick star voice-


Skatland's Profile Picture
Hello :3
I am Skat,maybe known as Skatland :3
I love everything,I am weird,I am a pokemaniac weirdo who loves trolling around the internet.I really enjoy drawing but due to lack of skills on drawing with mouse I am using my Dsi And then taking the pictures and colouring them on my pc :D So they might be small and cruddy

If I'll take any kind of linearts I will give credits (If I will not give the actual name is because I forgot,I am not stealing XD)

I am a weirdo


Art idols

Be aware that I am not shouting out to people because they are important to me/friends/acquaintances, I don't do that and will never do it I am just shouting out people that I belive they deserve more recognision to their art and who I look up to as artists who have helped me improved alot since I have met them because I have learnt alot through their art.

:iconcryingleaf: - My babu <3 My little hero, my life savior, my lover, my everything. Not only she draws flawlessly but she has given me motivation to improve <3 she always gives me advice, is amazing and fun to talk to and exremely smart and MINE >:C so back off unless chu wanna be a friend c: Go stalk her because the art she sents to me in private messages are AMAZING <3 And I am not speaking about her just because she is my girlfriend but because her art deservers recognision <3

:iconnukac0la: - THE VERY FIRST IDOL I EVER HAD :OOOO AN AMAZING PERSON AND ARTIST GOD :D I love their way of drawing go stalk them :o

:iconmerginae: - First cat artist idol :0 they are just amazing. Also known as Duckfeatherz on yt :D

:iconcaprlnae: - Awesome friend of mine and epic at drawing pokemon and furries :o They are nice and I belive they deserve more watchers

:iconjinx-nyx: - Amazing anime artist, also from my nation ^^ Nice and very kind and they deserve more views because they are putting effort to what they do

:iconworriorcataj: - Kawaii drawings :o A nice person, I love the way they draw :D

:iconfiiski: - My gay fish friend :D awesome person and skillful artist

:iconmischievousraven: - Really awesome to talk to, human-like, skillful artist :o I love the way she draws wolves :D

:iconrotanpoikanen: - Bald fairy. Amazing artist and a friend of mine. Have been drawing for a while and I can tell you he deserves his watchers

:iconjohan-n: - Very skillful, nice and will respond to you if you have any question ^^ He is drawing A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-L-Y and he is also making an amazing prequel of his original comics, go see them :D

:iconchar-c0al: - I like the way they draw cats and I looked up to them in order to improve my kitten drawings :D

:iconprinceofredroses: - First anime artist idol :0 they are drawing so amazingly and detailed and are afficliated with :iconrinmaru: 's games :D go check them out!

I have some more artist idols but they are on youtube and I am not aware of their deviantarts ;-; sorreh

This is the work I do ^^ Feral-heart stuff and non

:bulletgreen: - Completed
:bulletyellow: - WIP (x% done)
:bulletred: - Not started yet
:bulletblack: - Dropped/Cancelled/Left project
:bulletblue: - Empty
:bulletorange: - Hiatus

:bulletgreen: Dog texture
:bulletgreen: Sheep cat texture
:bulletgreen: Long furred cat texture(fail)
:bulletgreen: Hamster/Bunny/Short furred cat texture
:bulletgreen: - Yorkie Preset (Private/Valentine's gift for my gf)
:bulletgreen: large preset bundle
:iconrequestsopen: | :icontradesclosed2: | :iconcollabsclosed: | :iconcommissionsopen:

:bulletgreen: Free canon wc cats presets
:bulletgreen: free Wolf bundle
:bulletgreen: Free three realistic wolf presets
:bulletgreen: Ginga legends free preset pack

:iconrequestsopen: | :icontradesopen: | :iconcollabsask: | :iconcommissionsopen:

What I do
o Transparent
o Moving presets
o Mixed Textures
o Metalic
o Self-made markings
o Two-sided
o Torn ears, scars, defects(lazy eye, blind eye etc.)
o Half transparent (ghosts / StarClan kittens)
ø kinda glowing markings

I do not do maps at the current period sorry.

:bulletgreen: General drawings
:bulletblack: Comic (cancelled project)
:bulletgreen: Realistic OC portrait
:bulletgreen: Roleplay activity check

:iconrequestsclosed: | :icontradesopen: | :iconcollabsopen: | :iconcommissionsask:

You don't need to know more about me you stalkar
I love RPing and playing video games on pc :D
I am friendly I do not bite much XD

Christian Stamp animated by SailorSolar Christian by NaujTheDragonfly Stamp: Jesus Christ by MafiaVamp Christian Bashing stamp. by Tiemiosho I'm NOT Holier than Thou by OnWingsOfBlue Guess what? by BecomingTia B.I.B.L.E. by azianwolfdoll

I Never Block LoL stamp by Raidho36 Alois Trollface Stamp by DixFirebone Gyros Stamp by Heavy-Inamorato Greek Pride by CrimsonLegacy Greek Blood Stamp by LyinRyan

IM GAY Lesbian Pride Flag :F2U: by avaKados

Lesbian Pride Flag Shooting Star by King-Lulu-Deer Lesbian Stamp (Alt) by sunbirds lesbian flag flapping by DiegoVainilla Lesbian Stamp by sunbirds Lesbians and Gays Flag Stamp by engineerJR Im Fucking Gay (Lesbian Vers.) by crystalstamps Lesbian Pride Flag Shooting Star by King-Lulu-Deer Yuri by RariJacks Pride Shooting Star by King-Lulu-Deer Pixel Flag - Lesbian by SweetlyCanada

If you're a homophobe and you don't realize people are allowed to be happy the way they want and love is love and has no boundaries, then leave lel no1 cares about your opinion since it's one sided and you won't bother to even meet people like me.

You can't love cats, bc real love is between woman and mY ASS

People like you make me straightphobic

Begone thot.


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