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Woods by skateboarder11 Woods by skateboarder11
I guess that last one wasn't a fluke!

I took a set of pictures just outside my house. There's an interesting spot I might be able to capture for a wallpaper at some point, but at the current time when all the trees are devoid of leaves it really wouldn't be very interesting.

Still, I managed to get some nice shots. These are some woods around a neighbor's house. I didn't really think I was going to use this one, as it was quite blurry, but this turned out to work to the picture's benefit when brought down to four colors! (Kind of reminds me of the artwork for a few black metal albums I've seen.)

I ended up leaving the palette alone after dithering. Usually I really don't like to do this, as it feels lazy, but when it's pretty much what you were thinking of giving it anyway... why mess with what works?

There were some surprisingly decent shots in that set. I might end up making one or two other ones into wallpaper, at some point. Unfortunately, I accidentally took them in 16:9. It doesn't matter quite so much for any of the other shots, but I feel like this one may have suffered the most from it.

Also, meet another one of my devices: the Nokia Lumia 635. I seem to have the best luck with this camera in low light conditions, and with the phone being so cheap I'm not paralyzed at the thought of dropping it.

Also (part II), I threw in a 3DS top-screen resolution image, since I know homebrew is getting big on them. Not sure how well it'd work, but someone with a hacked 3DS might want to play with it. If you're looking for an image for the bottom screen, just grab the thumbnail version - it's 320x240.

ZIP file available for download. Grab the others here:…
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April 3, 2016
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