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...Six months. Took me long enough.

Was awake to catch the sun rising. Decided to photograph it out of boredom. First try came out horribly, but playing with the white balance (I remembered that's a thing!) helped immensely.

Also tried making this 4 colors out of boredom. Yikes. Ugliest thing I've done that with. Fortunately, 16 works great!

But yep. Gonna try to start back up on these. I miss making them. It doesn't help that most of my decent subjects are already used!

No mobile wallpapers this time. Sadly, I think that was a one-off thing. Don't see many other wallpapers fitting that form factor very well. However, Android users can use some of these walls if their launcher supports wallpaper scrolling! (a 1280x800 wall could work handsomely on a 480x800 device, for example, even if that's becoming a less common res these days...)

ZIP file available via DA's download system, individual resolutions here: ([link])
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