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Contrast by skateboarder11 Contrast by skateboarder11
Wow, three wallpapers in a month? What's gotten into me?

This wallpaper was taken on the Media campus of Delaware County Community College in Pennsylvania - through a window in my advisor's office. I've never seen anything from this angle before, and I barely even knew those plants existed - naturally, I snapped a shot of it.

I was playing with the image, and it made a really nice effect when dithered to 16 colors - the plants stood out! It also appeared weathered with 4 colors, but there was an irritating loss of detail in the ground that basically made me think "meh, 16 it is". This marks my third wallpaper taken here - it's got quite a few decent views, much to my surprise... you never notice this unless you look! There are likely a couple more I could find at some point, but I'm too busy to really go hunting. I'll make the wallpaper from my first attempt at some point, but after that I don't really think I'll have any more decent opportunities, unfortunately.

All resolutions available here: ([link])! I've also added 720x480 and 1280x720 to the mix, for PS3 users who wish to use the wallpaper.
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GreenChronic Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh man, smoking in my school is horrible. It feel like at least a third of the student body are smokers. They did an actually study on how many people were smokers, but i forgot what the results were.

That's why I always recommend going to community college first, instead of going straight to a university. I gives people and idea on what college life is like. Not to mention it''s just flat out cheaper and more lenient.
skateboarder11 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012
I guess it depends on the area, too. It seems like my college is in a pretty decent area. It may just feel like more people smoke than actually do, if the same subset are all always around... but I don't really track every single face I see. Just that there's almost always everyone outside doing it, and occasionally by doors as well! (Again, I want to punch these people.)

Also, oh god it's so much cheaper. (Loans? God, that's basically just asking to get fucked. I'm very, very scared.) The leniency has helped tons with me these past two semesters (depression and general bullshit piling up on me), and ... man, I'm just dreading shifting into a university. I'm kinda being pushed into it a bit, but... urgh, I dunno. I'm struggling to catch up in one class that kinda fell to the side early on due to me having difficulty coping with everything, and pretty much being knocked down every time you get up gets kiiiinda discouraging after a while.

I just dread the future by this point, admittedly. Used to look forward to it, but I think I'm just so burnt out and down and shit by this point that I really find it difficult to care, unfortunately. (Not to mention, pretty much the only thing I'd really find myself able to do for ages is supposedly inundated and very difficult to get a job in!)

...Enough spreading depression, though. Fuck. I always do that lately. ;[
GreenChronic Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome shot! That Community College is clean. The one I go to is pretty nasty, garbage everywhere.
skateboarder11 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2012

Yeah, DCCC is pretty well-maintained. Almost too well, there's been a lot of work done since I started going in early 2009 to now. (Well, the Media campus. I went to the "southeast" campus of it for the Fall 2008 semester for one class, and that building isn't THAT changed.) Hell, I think they're even trying to abolish people smoking in this section. I'm all for it - having to not breathe for about half a minute while you're outside is really aggravating, and I literally want to punch people who camp beside the doors and smoke. (of course, sadly, it's not quite legal to. ah well.)

It's almost a shame this is my last semester. Going out with kind of a whimper, but the past few months have not been kind to me. Not looking forward to moving on to a university... if the past two semesters have been any indication, I'm going to end up folding under the pressure.
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April 19, 2012
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