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I've been out of commission on these walls for a while - I've felt atrocious (much moreso than usual, even), and haven't really been able to get good shots. The few I did manage, I haven't been up to even working on! I partly blame how I've felt, and I partly blame my upgrade to Windows 7. I... really don't care much for it compared to XP, and I've been having weird issues where mouse clicks just defocus windows and don't do anything else. I guess this explains why I've been trying to shift my way over to Linux and Mac OS X! Shame I'm so dependent on Windows tools for some things, however... (Before you ask, I upgraded to 7 mostly because I felt it'd be forced on me eventually, better to go into it semi-willingly than get dragged in...)

There's also a ton to worry about related to college! Because I've been so shaken and unmotivated and crappy lately, I've... kinda fallen behind and there's a huge log of shit I have to get done within the next month and a half. Not to mention I'm turning 21 soon (ugh)... yeah, loads on my plate, and these headaches I've been experiencing have not been helping as of late. I'm hoping I can bounce back enough to really get to my feet and get some of it done!

Anyway, long ranting aside, on to some things about the wallpaper itself!

This one is a less creepy red wall! I figured I'd go for a red shot again, considering the last one I took was ... overly creepy, in a way. Perhaps the events over the past four months for me have tainted the wallpaper in my mind! Ah well, I don't regret making that one! This was actually going to be me experimenting and making something with 16 colors, and it actually looked INCREDIBLE (Nice muted colors without losing TOO much!) ... but I happened to catch actual people in the shot, and due to my paranoia I'm making the wall four colors to make their faces mostly unrecognizable just in case.

Go figure, eh?

This wallpaper was taken on the Media campus of Delaware County Community College in Pennsylvania - through a window in the building with the cafeteria, bookstore, library, etc... not the academic building, I guess, but I don't know the proper term for it. This is actually my second attempt at such a shot. ( You can see the first here ([link]). It wasn't really an attempt at a wallpaper but more a "hey, something odd's happening, snap a shot of it" type thing, but I found it worth attempting to turn into a wallpaper in December. It didn't pan out, sadly - I found it a bit too dark around the top, and ultimately a little too "weird" for what I was aiming for. I may try to make it into a wall in the future, though... it won't be available in resolutions above 1920x1200, though, being taken on my iPod!) I find this one captured what I was aiming for a lot better than the first one... especially considering the second one was taken on a whim!

All resolutions are available here ([link]).

Take note, due to my improved camera, I'm now supporting 2048x1536, 2560x1440, and 2560x1600! I'm also supporting the two iPad resolutions (missing the iPad 1/2 was an oversight, but I really couldn't do the iPad 3 with my old camera... not to mention it didn't even exist!)
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April 7, 2012
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