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MEGA SKARMORY (Sky+Armor+Armory)
- Steel/Dragon
Ability: Magic Guard
Skarmory’s Mega Evolved form is Mega Skarmory and can be accessed using the Skarmorite.
"Upon Mega-Evolving, Skarmory channels draconic energy to boost its attacking power. It flies even faster in this state, able to outpace a fighter jet at top speed."
"Mega Skarmory can slice down entire forests with just one sweep of its bladed feathers. With its shield-like wings protecting its face, it is completely impregnable."

BST: 65/110/150/55/85/100 - 565

NOTE: Skarmory will now be able to learn Dual Chop by TM, and can also be bred with Dragon Claw (Archeops) and Dragon Rush (chain-bred Swablu/Altaria).



Skarmory, you've come a long way... :D

Mega Skarmory is actually a reboot of Skarmadory, an oldie but a goodie from my old dA account. When X and Y was all the rage and Megas were a thing, I decided against a true Skarmory evolution like in the old days, as Skarmory's stats are basically fully evolved, and being a counterpart to Mantine, a two-stage line just felt better. Hence, “Skarmadory” is now Mega Skarmory, and yes, my region will bring back Megas, too. This design went through a few changes to go with the games’ more simplistic aesthetic, the biggest being simplifying the wings. I liked the idea of putting my wings in front of my face like a shield (I got the idea from another fakemon design I made for one of the community regions), so I threw it in (the “hand guards” on the wings are supposed to look like half a shield), and ended up with a nifty “double shield” which goes well with the pumped up defense stat and the Magic Guard ability. (I was going to make up a new ability, which rendered Mega Skarm immune to direct damage at full health, but I think Magic Guard would be a better fit and less OP.)

Mega Evolutions add exactly 100 points to the original stats, so I decided to focus on Skarmory's physical combat aspects. 30 points went into Attack, buffing it up from 80 to a whopping 110, and 10 points to the already solid defense, making it an almighty 150. The Special stats only got 15 points each, and Speed got the remaining 30. Amazingly, the stat total, 565, is 35 points short of Mega Pinsir! So he's actually not that OP! :D

I'm happy with Mega Skarmory's design, and unless Skarmory gets a canon Mega, I'm happy with Mega Skarmory in general. I think I'll continue the trend of giving Megas to 'mons that deserve them, so yeah. Keep an eye out for more Megas to come! :D

Skarmory © Nintendo
Mega Skarmory © Me!

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So what's its size?
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Skarmory is 5'7". I'd say not that bigger, just a foot taller like how most Megas grow. 6'7"?