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"This variety of TOUCANNON has a beak whose super-hard tip can spin like a drill. It bores tunnels into cliff faces to serve as its nest; if too many drill into a cliff at once, it may eventually collapse."
"By digging up gemstones and digesting them in its stomach, it grows reflective crystals on its body. The rotary launching system in its beak can shoot these gems much faster than Alolan TOUCANNON."

Type: Rock/Flying
Height: 3'05"
Weight: 55 lbs
Ability: Dazzling/Skill Link (Sheer Force)
Evolution: PIPIPEK --> Level 14 --> TRUMBEAK --> Level 28 with a Shiny Stone in Sundo --> SUNDONESE TOUCANNON
Egg Groups: Flying

Basis: A visual pun on emerald toucanets (Aulacorhynchus prasinus); barbets (which are closely related to toucans); power drills; revolvers; woodpeckers and barbets excavating holes in tree trunks.

Moves Learned: Almost the same as regular Toucannon: Supersonic, Pluck, Roost, Fury Attack, Screech, Drill Peck, Bullet Seed, Feather Dance, Hyper Voice, and starting/relearnable moves Drill Run (replacing Beak Blast), Rock Blast, Peck, Growl, Echoed Voice, and Rock Smash.
Notable Other Moves: Notable new TMs are Acrobatics, Stone Edge, and Rock Polish. Beak Blast is now an egg move from Alolan Toucannon.

Base Stats:
HP: 60
Attack: 120
Defense: 65
Sp.Atk: 65
Sp.Def: 65
Speed: 110
TOTAL: 485



Well, it only took you long enough to get official dex info, Sundo Toucannon! To paraphrase a certain memetic anime, JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK HE IS?!  

The rundown of this variant's design was already described before, so I won't repeat myself and will simply point you to the pic where it's explained if you wanna check it out. There wasn't much done to the design except adding shading, and also changing the number of color segments on the beak to match the Alolan Toucannon. I actually prefer this look to what we got in canon, but oh well, such is life. XD

So I guess that leaves me to talk about gameplay stats and such, huh? Now, the BST of canon Toucannon is geared towards a slow but immensely strong blaster capable of dealing a lot of damage but not being fast enough to act as a sweeper. Instead I decided to change things up and make him quick enough for the job, by sacrificing all stats aside from physical attack to buff his speed. Ten points each were taken from both defenses and special attack, which were previously 75, while another 20 were taken from the 80 HP, thus adding a total of 50 points to the 60 Speed of Alolan Toucannon, resulting in a whopping 110 Speed! In the meantime I had to sacrifice Beak Blast, which is an amazing flavor move but requires you to wait until the end of the turn it's used into hurt things, plus its contact burn effect doesn't work against most of the threats to him like Ice, Electric, and non-contact Rock attacks. So Drill Run took its place, in keeping with the Sundo variant's flavor being that his beak is used as a drill; he still shoots rocks from his beak like the normal Toucannon, though, with the heat dispersal function like in a real toucan's bill being used to power the system for firing the ammo rather than directly hurting his opponent. =P

So Sundonese Toucannon is even frailer than the Alolan variety, despite the added gemstone plating, but also much faster to make use of his best attacks. He can't really care less about type weaknesses because he'd probably get maimed by even neutral damage anyway, but a Stone Edge at that speed and power would be no laughing matter. I also substituted his comparatively useless Keen Eye ability for Dazzling (shiny gems!) so priority attacks don't mess with him, though again, it doesn't matter too much because he crumbles like talc powder to even regular enemy attacks anyhow. Still, I suppose an Assault Vest set would be nice for him when combined with Skill Link, with STAB Stone Edge or Rock Blast, STAB Drill Peck (though maybe not Brave Bird due to recoil), Bullet Seed, and Drill Run taking care of every type that threatens him with the exception of Ice, and hitting a ton of other types at least neutrally besides. So while normal Toucannon would probably be better suited as a blasty tank, this one is an all-out attacker and proud of it! Insert something something DRILL THAT PIERCES THE HEAVENS joke here, if you will. ;)  

This is the last variant I have on my backlog, but I may have at least one more plus a couple of megas to post. Then after that we'll be at the endgame for the Sundo Region, and after that it'll be on to newer and potentially even greater things. Stay tuned! :)

Pokémon, Toucannon © Nintendo

...why am I reminded of that Smash/Persona mashup that happened on Tumblr once? Also, dangit Sakurai, don't make me stick my head into yet another awesome franchise I can't find enough time for these days!

though I probably will anyway out of boredom lol
SSB: When The Sky Fell Away
Just four more days before the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and ironically Tumblr has basically set itself up for something akin to either that feels-heavy World of Light trailer or Thanos' memetic fingersnap as far as its userbase is concerned. If blogs aren't outright deleted for having explicit content then people will probably leave of their own volition. I might as well put most of my sketch art from Tumblr in my scraps folder here if my blog is axed, but for now, have a thingy I drew a while ago that may very well sum up basically everything I've been feeling all day since I heard of this little debacle. I technically drew it in response to the World of Light trailer but as someone who RPs as Pit on Tumblr, if my RP blog gets nuked because it's a sideblog for a NSFW main I'm pretty sure this will encompass my feelings perfectly.

"Kirby, I don't feel so good..." :'(

I'd have also planned to draw an Ultimate mains roster like some other artists both here on dA and elsewhere have done but sadly, I don't have a Switch. I do know Pit and Kirby will be listed, though, as will Shulk and the Wii Fit Trainer, because I played as these four the most in the Wii U Smash demos! ;)

Characters (c) Nintendo
As the title says, commissions are now open! Feel free to step right up and pay me for art, though remember to read the rules below first!

What I will draw:

  • Fakemon (duh!).
  • Pokémon-related things in general (Pokémon, items, locations, scenes, etc.).
  • Fantasy creatures and creature designs.
  • Animals in general, both living and extinct.
  • Fanart, as long as it's SFW, bonus points for if it's a fandom I'm familiar with.
  • Your OCs and OC concepts. This includes you or your persona, as long as you keep any reference images of yourself confidential so as to avoid accidental leakage of private information.
  • Single-subject pictures, or anything involving at most two subjects.
  • Weapons and items. Keep in mind that these are usually 3D-modeled and may take longer or shorter than usual to produce depending on how complex they are.
  • Logos and emblems.
  • General character artwork, scenes, etc.

What I'll consider drawing:

  • Group pictures. I've done pics with up to ten people before, but that's a very taxing endeavor. I'll generally be most comfortable with five subjects or less, especially for finished pics. Lineart or base color pics carry a little more leeway for me.
  • My OCs. I'm currently in the process of revising more or less all of my characters, and I haven't finalized any of them just yet; I'd rather hold off on doing artwork with them until I've done so. If I post a finalized design I'll also provide an indicator that yes, they can be used with my commission work, provided that you do the research regarding their characterization and acceptable scenarios involving them. Exceptions to this rule include my eligible PPC characters (I'll put up a list of them ASAP for reference) and characters whom I've adopted from other people.
  • Canon characters from continua I'm not familiar with. Please provide as much ref art as you can in such instances, so I can have a better reference pool for work featuring such characters.
  • Comics (four panels or less is fine, but more than that would require further discussion; no multi-page comics, period).
  • SFW anthro. I'm not interested in drawing NSFW anthro stuff, of course, but I've drawn vanilla anthro before and while I don't have as much interest in it as general creature design, I'm open to anthro commissions as long as you keep them family friendly.
  • Pics involving creature violence, up to and including gory battle scenes. Snuff artwork and mutilation of canon characters are exceptions to this possibility and fall under inflammatory artwork, though.

What I WON'T draw:

  • NSFW content in general - this is my (mostly) SFW account for a reason. I do have NSFW commission info but if you want a NSFW commission then you'll have to PM me for it so I can route the info to you. (As noted above, though, monster violence involving gore is a possible exception. It shouldn't be the main subject, though.)
  • Inflammatory subject matter, e.g. hate art. Whether it's directed towards canon characters or other real-life people doesn't matter, it's always off-limits. This also goes for offensive subject matter in general, e.g. anything that slanders religion, race, sexual orientation, politics, etc.
  • Anything to do with current events, e.g. political cartoons. This can potentially fall under inflammatory content as noted above.

Commission Directions

  • NOTE ME FIRST. Discussing ideas before putting them on paper is a very important step to getting a commission done. Please let me know what scenario you want, what characters, and whether or not you want lineart, base colors, etc.
  • BE SPECIFIC. Send me as much ref art as possible, and try to describe what you want for your scenario as much as you're able. This way I'll have a better idea of what to draw.
  • I only accept cash commissions at this time. As tempting as point commissions sound, I need the cash money right now and I'd rather be able to use my earnings for things.
  • If you want me to draw artwork featuring another person's characters, ask the other person first. This goes without saying - I don't want to have to draw a character without their owner's consent!
  • Once we get the details taken care of, I'll determine whether or not I'll be able to draw the commission, and send you my e-mail address if I am. Be ready to send the appropriate payment through PayPal as soon as possible; I won't start drawing until the payment is provided in full. Again, I reserve the right to refuse a commission if it doesn't abide by the above rules, but do be aware that I'm a very busy person, and I have to turn down a commission if I simply don't have the time or resources to create it.
  • When the work is finished, I'll let you know ASAP and we can discuss whether to post the pic or not. If you want to post it on your account, I'll send you the completed pic so you can do so, but otherwise I'll put it up on my DeviantArt and Tumblr accounts. If you don't want me to post the work publicly, let me know as soon as possible.
  • Tying to the above, if you want to share the finished work online yourself, DO NOT DISRESPECT MY CREATIVE EFFORTS. This includes failing to credit me or linking back to my dA account, removing my signature from the finished work, or claiming that you created the work and deserve all the credit for it. I've seen the front and back ends of too many kerfuffles over this matter, and my stance is clear on this matter: I, THE CREATOR OF THE WORK, AM ALSO THE LEGAL OWNER OF IT, AND ERASING ME FROM THE WORK OR OTHERWISE NOT CREDITING ME WHEN SHARING IT IS ILLEGAL AS WELL AS POOR CONDUCT. So if you think removing my signature when sharing something YOU PAID ME to create is a good idea, don't commission me at all.
  • Likewise, when it comes to my prices, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET, PERIOD. Do not ask me to lower my prices, do NOT bargain with me regarding prices, and do NOT ask if you can hold off your payment until after I finish the work. Be aware that I'm in a less stellar position than I feel I should be in terms of savings money, so every penny counts towards keeping me being able to afford the things I need and want. I THEREFORE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO REFUSE A COMMISSION IF THE EFFORT REQUIRED DOES NOT MATCH THE SUM YOU'RE OFFERING. That being said, if you're willing to change your offer to a cheaper commission type, e.g. a $15 lineart instead of a $20 color piece, please note me as soon as possible so I can adjust accordingly. I'm willing to take lower payments as long as you understand that this affects the outcome of the commission and as long as you keep the discussion civil.
  • I'm a SLOOOOOW drawer. Work, family, chores, and just plain old procrastination are all to blame for that. If you feel that I've unknowingly neglected a commission you paid for or which we've otherwise settled, please let me know as soon as possible and I'll add or re-add you to the commission to-do list for future reference. Or just remind me in general so I won't forget.


Standard Commissions:

Bullet; Purple Lineart: $15 (1 subject) + $5 per extra subject
Annoying Fenrir (SMITE Joke Skin) by SkarmorySilver
Bullet; Purple Base Color, No Background: $20 (1 subject) + $10 per extra subject; $5 extra for shading
Jai-Ti Contest Entry by SkarmorySilver Nomnomnom by SkarmorySilver Elbion Region: Yolgar and Velocodril by SkarmorySilver
Bullet; Purple Finished Artwork (Fully shaded): $30 (1 subject) + $10 per extra subject; $10 extra for background
Girls' Night Out - Cover Illustration by SkarmorySilver Contest: THAT'S NOT A PIE by SkarmorySilver Jack Frost, the Winter Prince by SkarmorySilver

Special Commissions:

Bullet; Purple Fakemon: $10 per stage (i.e. a 3-stage line would cost $30); shiny colors are $2 extra. This pricing also goes for Mega Evolutions, regional variants, and form changes, which require their own separate artworks and count as separate "stages".
009 - MARAUPEN by SkarmorySilver 018 - PAVONAIR by SkarmorySilver MEGA SKARMORY by SkarmorySilver
Bullet; Purple Character Concept Sheets: $20 (1 subject only). Additional fees for supplementary sketches may apply; feel free to talk to me about such extra material.
Contest Entry: Drachnid by SkarmorySilver Smaug sketchies by SkarmorySilver Doodles - Lillian Norman by SkarmorySilver

Bullet; Purple Logos, Emblems, and Sprite Work (transparent): $5 per subject or logo; $1 extra for sprite shading; alternatively, $20 for a Pokémon-style sprite sheet.
Smogon CAP - Crucibelle Sprites by SkarmorySilverSmogon CAP - Kerfluffle Sprites by SkarmorySilver
Bullet; Purple Literature: $50 (up to 10 pages on GDocs) + $10 per extra 5 pages. I have very little time for writing as it is, so I'll need a very good reason to write something for you! Any number of characters is fine, as long as they abide by the rules above.

That's all, folks! Here's to making a lot of good commissions in the future! :D





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