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Fake tattoo sleeve tutorial

I did a thing today where I woke up and decided to make fake tattoo sleeves. And then a friend wanted to know how I did it because she was going to make some today or tomorrow. So I kinda just threw this together. They will be used for a Cecil Baldwin cosplay that I will probably be doing in a few weeks at my local convention.

Please forgive quality, I only have a cell phone and paint to work with.

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How well do you think this trick works if one has hairy arms?
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steal some tights from ya sister and stick your arm in it. if it lays flat, you'll be fine. if its bumpy because of the hair you'll probably have to shave. it just depends on how much hair you have
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Oh my gosh this is perfect, I have to make tattoo sleeves for my Cecil cosplay that I'm putting together for a convention I'm going to next month . I kid you not, I am sitting at my computer in full cosplay after a makeup test. Thank you, you have saved me from hours of searching.
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You're welcome! These were my Cecil sleeves, coincidentally. If you can please show me how they turn out! 
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Oh, I'm cosplaying as Cecil...coincidence?
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Thank you so much! *-*
I'm planning to make Hollywood Undead cosplays in the future and I also want to do their tattoos. This tutorial is really helpful!
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I'm glad it helps! Good luck!
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I was looking at how to make temporary tattoo sleeves for my Cecil cosplay, and you helped me out SO MUCH!
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You're welcome! Glad I could help!
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I think the part with using the rolled up poster is very clever, although I had massive problems to get the tights off the paper again, as it was all sticking to the paper at the parts I was painting on. Maybe I'll try putting some plastic sheet or something in between next time... Still very helpful, thanks! :)
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Oh yeah? Mine didn't stick so maybe it's the difference in paint. That's good to know! Plastic, or maybe wax paper should help!
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I have to add that I didn't use pencils as you did, but acrylic paint :D Kinda logical that it would stick to the paper then...
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Oh yeah. Mine I guess acted more like dye and would be less likely to stick.
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i came here looking for sleeve tutorials
and i saw you in your cosplay
and i made an inhuman noise

because i am cosplaying cecil too and this is what i needed it for

so amazing
you look great!!
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Aw, thanks! <3
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really nice tutorial i will remember to use it when im gonna work on my tatoos ^^
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did you have any issue with the paint/ink rubbing off onto your shirt?
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The sharpie rubbed off on my skin. The fabric paint was fine after it dried. I do not recall my shirt getting dirty. I would not wear it fresh though
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Just curious, but did you colour them while they were on your arms or still on the poster tube? Great tutorial, by the way. Gonna use this for my Newt cosplay's kaiju tattoos :D
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i colored them while on the poster tube. it's a bit difficult, because they slide a little, but I felt it was the best way because I didn't want to be scrubbing marker and fabric paint off my arms for hours.

and woot! newt! send me a pic when you're done!
Amazing job! I saw another example of a temporary tattoo sleeve using stencils and an airbrush on Youtube called Temporary Classic Style Tattoo Sleeve Application. It's from a designer named Gwen Davis. Check it out - it's really cool!
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