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Blood Elf

By skardash
LONG overdue piece of art I owe someone. Thank you for being patient. It is her blood elf paladin.

Detail shot: [link]
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furyfire22's avatar
that armor and clothing is so elegant and badass! well done! Also love the sword design!
AdunaiSunfury's avatar
Really elaborate!
O just fell in love with the shirt.
OctoberRaine's avatar
How gorgeous is he!? XD I love this picture. So you take commissions? Or was this just a gift?
skardash's avatar
I do take commissions, but unfortunately not at this time as I'm pretty out straight. I usually update my journal, and most especially my Facebook page when I'm offering commissions. ( ) ^_^
jchampiongallery's avatar
almost looks like my blood elf Aldebaran XD
bloodsuckingqueen's avatar
Belf: ill kick your ass...and look good while doing it ;D *waves hand gayly*
Edral's avatar
Pure elegance!
DancingCorgi's avatar
Awesome! I love his hair, and great outfit. Love blood elves XD
millenia89's avatar
Cool design and costume.
lordtrigonstar's avatar


Trigon: Did Arella told you what happen to your father?

Raven: She told me enough. She told me you kill him.

Trigon: No, I am your father.

Raven: NO!!!
ApplezNBananaz's avatar
THAT is a 'Don't fuck with me' face, hahaa :love:
tomgiest's avatar
This is great! I wish the game models looked like this!
Very well done : 3
Naralune's avatar
That's amazing. You managed to make a blood elf male not look like a total faggot. I applaud you sir.
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Silverhyren's avatar
I think the word "Fabulous" is very apropriate =)
YamiCrystalline's avatar
Love the detail and the color! :D And the armor.
Valgavs's avatar
nice blood elf, i love the shine on his eyes, he is cool =D
willhenry2of10's avatar
OMG he's amazing!! the hair and attitude is perfect. Amazing job here, makes me worship you even more!!
skardash's avatar
Thank you very much! I had quite a fun time rendering the hair. :]
willhenry2of10's avatar
Bet the glowy-ness was a bitch to do.
skardash's avatar
It wasn't too bad actually. :]
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