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So... since i am having precious time now, i feel so happy and delighted! Working on commissions and free works really makes me feel happy!

My love has kindly donated me an extention of my premium membership, how sweet is that? 25 months of delightfull Premium membership to fill this account with works in progress and my zoo sketches and stockphoto's ... i feel so blessed... thanks again!

AND, believe it or not... I found even more old works in progress while cleaning out the house, so I am really busy finishing them when possible. Some are so old they are not my style anymore, but I see what I can do. Hate it when they are stuffed around in drawers without being finished. So that is why i trew away quit a lot as well. Brave me.

And of course there is my 'new' cadaver Foxy , who lies happily dead in my garden for my joyfull observation. So stay tuned for some 'fresh' sketchwork. I  still have to upload it though, time is still not my friend. 


New Beginnings. 

In more than one way last few weeks have been all about endings, new beginnings,  life, death and thinking about all the above mentioned.


At the moment i am working on an overload of pieces at the same time in order to renew my portfolio a bit :strong:

-Luckely are most of them nearly done. 

And of course some of these works in progress can be followed during their WIP stadium . Please see the list below & feel free to have a look and let me know what you think!


Visit my facebookpage ^_^ Check it out!!

Well, first things first, back to work now!



:firelite-photo: Skarbog :firelite-photo:



Snape Potions Master -stamp- by Feralhound07 Slytherin Stamp by chibi---kawaii

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