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This one was really a challenge for me..

The hardest part was actually finding the perfect photos of elements needed for the scene..and most i time was just searchin for them..
Some parts are drawn as well..

Anyway, Bazaar is German hip-hop group, and they wanted
the scene where they are like, transported into some undefined past like slaves, at some slave market or smth like that..

The widescreen version came after actually, original piece was square format around the "stage"..but i wanted like some movie "touch" to be in it..

Also, the pic will be (probably) animated (birds, fire..etc) for the myspace page, by other artist..

More about Bazaar and their music you can find here [link]

From left to right:
Sunny Bizness, Tariq, Nea, Mate, Bagdad

Thank you for your comments!

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Love the depth of this Image!!! So creative love it!!! Its been a long time Skam still a follower and supporter! I've recently been around TATS CRU the legendary graffiti group with Photographer videographer TCKPRO. We went to france this year for a huge event called Hip Hop in Paris....perhaps we can all link up and exchange creativity. Hope all is well take care and God Bless.  
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Thank you very much :) Glad to see you come around, thats nice!
Hope everything is good, and glad you had fun in France! I bet it was good.
Anyway for any creative exchange, you know where to find me! Take care!
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Beautiful art and coloring, parabens loved the work.
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Good work!!! Fav
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Pretty incredible!

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Pejako! Ostavio sam ti komentar na slici onog vodenog zmaja tek sad skontao da si iz hrvatske :D buraz posjedujes velik talenat. Ja sam se PS-om poceo baviti prije nekih 2 mjeseca. Al nikad nisam probao bas neki photomanipulation. Fkt je predobro ispalo toliko detalja, odlicna realizacija! Mozda koji tut ili savjet u vezi onog zmaja?
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hvala, drago mi je da ti se svida :)..
sto se tice tutoriala, sumnjam da cu radit tutorial za zmaja, posto mi nejdu tutoriali, a i taj rad je bio dugo raden pa ne znam kako bi ga skratio :)
al nadam se da cu za neki buduci rad nesto mozda slozit ;)

jedini savjet koji ti mogu dat je naravno da samo radis i isprobavas razne kombinacije efekata, isto kao i blending mode u fotomanipulacije je vrlo bitno imat kvalitetne fotke s kojima ces radit, visoke reze itd..sve ostalo je na tome kako ces i kojim nacinom dobit ono sta zelis..

nadam se da je bar malo pomoglo :D
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Looks like a scene from the movie. You say you're not good at photomanipulating I don't think so! You are very good!
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this needs more views!
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Very hot, love it !
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dobro si ih privezo.
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Da, na kraju je to čist fajn ispalo...
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svaka cas, ovo je pregenijalno.
meni se jako dopada ovaj wide format. super, super.
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