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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Skill level: Beginner

Technique: ●●○○○
Colouration: ●●●○○
Creativity: ●●●●○
Submission frequency: ●●●○○

Specialties: character design
Focus: digital Video-Game Fanart (Nintendo-games, mostly Pokemon)

Lover of arts and passionate Gamer

I hesitate to call myself an artist. I'd rather describe myself as someone who enjoys being creative.

In the digital arts, I mainly focus on fanart of my favourite games. I also enjoy creating original characters.

In the traditional arts, I prefer working with watercolours or acrylic. I rarely share my paintings on deviantArt. I'd like to change that in the future, though.

I'm also interested in photography. I'm by no means a professional but I think my shots are quite okay. I use my digital camera (Canon PowerShot) or my Phone (Galaxy S8) to take pictures. I can't afford it at the moment, but I'd like to invest in a proper SLR someday.
I also use Photoshop Elements to modifiy my pictures, which I also use to draw digital drawings.

espresso, gaming, sleep, cooking, animals, nature

crowds, people in general, green peas, filter coffee

-- Feel free to use my Pokémon fanart for your projects, since I'm legally speaking not the owner (GameFreak is, since it's based on their intellectual property). But I would still appreciate to be given proper credit.

-- I usually don't do commissions, trades or whatever else there is. The little free time I have I would like to spend for my personal projects


Real life really kills my vibe. D:
Aaaand as always, the first thing the fans do is complain about how "horrible the new Pokémon designs look".
Geez...this fandom... Apparently, everyone has a major in arts and can do it sooo much better....
Well, it looks better than LetsGo at least... (although that's a very low standard to have)
However, it's still too early to pass a judgement. I'm curious to learn more.
Can't say if I'm worried or excited for tomorrows Pokémon Direct...
Although...Knowing GameFreak, they'll probably fuck this up. Just like they have been doing for the past 5 years...
Speaking of houses:
I can't wait for Fire Emblem: Three Houses!

It looks like a love-child of the HarryPotter-novels (which I'm very fond of) and Fire Emblem! And I love the amount of customisation they provide you with the students. Reclassing has always been my favourite part of Fire Emblem. It provides a lot of replay-value and you can do really stupid shit. ( Healer-Benny ftw!1!)

Also: #blackeagles <3


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Thank you so much for the llama!

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MyrielLachance Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello there, fellow Swiss person! ;D @/Tinuvion brought me here and I really like your Pokémon stuff! *W*
Skallhati Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there, fellow mountain-dweller. ;D
I'm glad you enjoy my content, thanks! I have lots of Pokémon-stuff planned for October so stay tuned! :)

MyrielLachance Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hoi! And no problem - you're welcome!
Aah I'll be looking forward to it! :D
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