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UnA Issue #1 - Repage 15


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I told you guys I'd be updating some sneaky repages... So here they are! Steban and Martin actually met right after they came out of the saloon, but for some reason super smart me decided to cut that out. I'm so, so sorry for the inconvenient! :(


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TruthOfTheMt's avatar

Does Steban and Martin have an accent you imagine them having? ^^

aliciabrock17's avatar
Steban is 28 and a wandering this kind of like a dog version of Rouruni Kenshin. It's both a manga and anime.
TheBattyCrow's avatar
Haha, Martin is so salty XDD
For some reason, it reminds me of the interactions between Rocko and Hubie from Pebble and the Penguin XDD
Mytokyokitty's avatar
YAY! They meet! :iconeeeeeplz:
Cozmicpandawolf's avatar
I love Martin's deadpan attitude here. XD And this page does really well at setting up their soon-to-be friend ship. It also makes more sense as to why Steban went out of his way to rescue Martin and the writer (what with Steban saying he's an occasional bounty hunter and all that) and gives him a lot more character depth. 

Also, Steban looks so cute with the hat on in the fourth pannel. X3
DoggieDiversity's avatar
Martin's face in panel 6 ';(
Hehe, love it!
vuk-91's avatar
Heheh, starts to make more sense already :3
Zetikla's avatar
I can imagine Steban being a "succesful" bounty hunter :p
CatberryX's avatar
I love these two 💕 I think the remade page is better because it shows Martin and Steban's relationship before Martin's kidnapping. I think Steban has more reasons to save him now.
I like the way you draw BGs. On the fourth panel buildings and sunlight looks amazing :D
Artich0ker's avatar
So is this a cleverly planned flashback just before the "encounter with the boss"? XD
WooflesArt's avatar
I would have thought that Martin would be a bit more polite to the guy that just saved his tail!
Moongaze14's avatar
That certainly looks like a more suitable first meeting between these two. Funny how Martin is kinda right with Steban being an attraction. He's kinda the main source of humor and adventure in the comic.
Sartorius77's avatar
Are you going to publish this into an actual book? Because that would be neat! I'd buy it!
Zetikla's avatar

Just take my money please, I would love to buy a full on dedicaced comic of UAA ^^ plus OMFA
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
Really good work, Skailla. :)
Fail-Seeker's avatar
Character development time! :)
D-Rock92's avatar
This does help make Steban's desire to rescue Martin make a lot more sense.
HaileyMorrisonBooks's avatar
It's okay! I tend to forget to add scenes in my own stories. XD Great job on the page (love dat environment!! :love:)
KittySundae's avatar
If this becomes an actual book you can buy, I'd buy it 100%! Your art is bae!!!
Warriorcat101fan's avatar
Yes! This repage is a great addition to the book!
EternalUniverse1's avatar
So, now we're back-scaling?
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