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Shut Eye - Page 9

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Hey guys! 
How have you been lately?

I have some good news, looks like the animatic is officially back on YouTube!
So you can watch this story in all of its glory here:

A HUGE thank you to my brother, kryatlicious, for modeling and rendering that gorgeous train on Blender!
Go check out his awesome art, please <3


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More gorgeous entries from the #drawthisinyourstyle challenge on my instagram

Steban and Martin by c-h-y-a04 I Wanna Be A Cowboy Baby by Raphaelion Skailla DTIYS contest entry! by ncrll Skailla's Steban and Martin by Apooyo

The challenge is now closed, so I'll post more next week! <3
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Every recently arrived dog is booking it for that train (of salvation).

I'm good, Skailla, thanks for asking!

How about yourself?

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Ever since the change over to Eclipse, I've not been getting any notification's. I've had to go search out thing's.

This page look's great.

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S1LV3RSTORMNew Deviant


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xXBl4ckBl00dXxHobbyist Digital Artist

the train is beautiful

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And the race against time is on.........

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I've saw the amv on YouTube and it was awesome
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I have Shut Eye stuck in my head now

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ArchdemonSainsHobbyist Artist

I’m sad the amv was taken down by YouTube

Panthera-Mesomelas's avatar
Panthera-MesomelasHobbyist Digital Artist

It's so awesome to see this scene in the comic! It turned out beautifully! :la:

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Awesome. We get to see the animation. In comic time as well. The contrast between the video and this page is amazing. I wonder what new background information we’ll get in the comic.

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The few who have not sold their souls to the "devil"?

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G3N3515H3R0Hobbyist Interface Designer

For now...

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Wolfgirl918Hobbyist General Artist
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Hey no offense but I'm wondering why you decided to draw this as a comic? doesn't the animatic tell the whole story? is there going to be a difference between the comic and animatic in terms of story?

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SkaillaProfessional Digital Artist

It's alright! This story is a prequel to the one I'll be telling after (No North), so like G3N3515H3R0 said, it'll contextualize the animatic in the story's timeline. There won't be many differences from the animatic itself, but you'll get to see some new and important dialogue.

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G3N3515H3R0Hobbyist Interface Designer

Sorry to veer off-topic, but the part about "new and important dialogue" is telling me that The Devil actually was hitting on Steban.

G3N3515H3R0's avatar
G3N3515H3R0Hobbyist Interface Designer

It's supposed to contextualize the animatic in a way that explains things to the few in the back that are still in the dark about a few things.

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G3N3515H3R0Hobbyist Interface Designer

A present. From me.

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stale-butterscotchHobbyist Digital Artist

that train looks very good tho

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Alpha-MaiaHobbyist Filmographer

What happened to his leg?

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TheLuckOfTheClawsHobbyist Digital Artist

blue bandanna bitch boy, i remember you from the animatic

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Lovely done :) I love the expressions and how beautiful the lighting is.

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somokeyNew Deviant
Love this! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the animation on YouTube! It’s soooo good!! XD your art is so inspiring!! Keep up the amazing work!! :D
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darkwolfmakerHobbyist Artist
And so it truly begins, wonder if you would update that animatic in this style?
(Just so you know I'm not asking you to do it, I'm just asking if you ever thought of it)
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