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Shut Eye - Page 5


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Hey guys! 
Happy Friday, it's new page day!:w00t:
Follow Steban into this creepy and suspicious little town with his amazing decision-making skills! 

I love hearing what you think about these pages and story. Thank you everyone for writing to me, reading the comic and for all your support! 
Have a great weekend, y'all!


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Check out this gorgeous entry by TUWKA from my #drawthisinyourstyle contest I'm holding contest I'm holding on Instagram
Skailla DTIYS by TUWKA
If you'd like to post your entry here on DA, I'll feature you in the comments of the next page :dance:
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Steban: Well that sign can't stop me because I can't read

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I can’t read the sign. What does it say beneath no return?

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Sorry for replying to this old post. It says OLDBONE.

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this looks really good.

i wonder what shut-eye would be like if the whole video was like this

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"All you ever need"? Hopefully for Steban's sake.:D

Nice work.:)

Quiero ver las siguientes páginas

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I can't wait to see where this goes next!
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Omg the’re an art goal
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Oh god the backwords N makes it even more cryptic XD
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Welcome to Silent Hill.
G3N3515H3R0's avatar

Welcome to hell!

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And Steban reached the bar. It’s time for him to make some new friends and enemies depending on his mood.
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I wonder what we will find in there

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Those colours are on point! Can't wait for the next page!

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Excellent, very well done.

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As Bubsy once said: "What could possibly go wrong?" XD
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Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.............

I tried to go back and watch the video but it just says the video was blocked in the US because of copyright?! Urg. Nice job though, these pages are so beautiful and detailed! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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Welcome to Oldbone NO RETURN

Definitely recognize that first panel from the animatic!  Unfortunately I can't go back and watch it anymore because it's now suddenly blocked for US viewing D:
Wanted to see if the town had that name on the sign in there too.  Ah well.
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I wonder what happens next Iadoredatplz These pages are so nicely illustrated :D
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Ah, yes. A tavern, also known as a bar, saloon, pub, boozer, or inn, literally the most imporant asset to the old wild west's small, wooden towns. And funny enough, it just so happens to be the first thing he bumps into in this town in particular. Maybe Mrs. Shut Eye knows how to pacify her victims? ||note to self: don't go into the saloon. Confront demon immediatelly||
G3N3515H3R0's avatar

Maybe the plan was to get them drunk so she would have an easier time doing whatever she does to people. Wonder what that may be...

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