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Shut Eye - Page 27


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It's finale day... Get ready for 4 pages in a row! 

And this one is what I like to call the "poof-and-gone" page. Steban's gonna have a lot to dream about in the next weeks! 

I really hope you enjoy it! 

If you'd like to read the full comic in high resolution, the PDF is out at my online store. 

Click here to get yours!

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Man, i love your art! Each page looks so good!

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4 pages! Neat! Steban looks scared and traumatized by his close encounter.

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wait... there's no town anymore !!!

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that eyes... geez !

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So Steban manages to escape, but who knows what will happen now?

Cambion-Hunter's avatar

Steban made it. He nearly bought it here.

But again, the impression left here is that Steban will see her again.......

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Unlike in the animatic, we see a full close-up of Steban's face a he is taken to freedom.

Well done on it. :clap:

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Its over! You can rest now Steban.

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As Soos from Gravity Falls had said before, "Heh heh, good luck sleeping tonight!"

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Is he going to be ok ?

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Dang. She did make the whole town vanish! I know most of the folks in the town were dead or undead, and only some were still alive and trying to escape, but what happened to them all? Did Devil Wolf make a cessation of existence?

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I'm sure you've heard this a lot (especially from me), but this is magnificent!!!! An awesome comic of your work based upon your equally awesome animatic! I can't wait to see what feats of spectacular art you have next!!! Yeeee!!!!👏👏👏💛
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