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Shut Eye - Page 26


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How are you all doing?

Steban is finally riding away, that was an intense chase! Someone still seems fixated, though... 

A HUGE shoutout to my brother, Kryatlicious for rendering the town, the train and the tracks for me. He's awesome!

If you'd like to read the full comic in high resolution, the PDF is out at my online store. 

Click here to get yours!

Thank you all for your amazing comments and love! :heart:
See you next friday!
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Nanartchi's avatar

Are we allowed to do fanart of Shuteye? She looks great, and i would love to draw her if allowed ;v; just for fun

RoragosArts's avatar

Impressive work! love how angry she looks!

~~but why does she look sexy/cute .3. xD~~

Ladydragoncat's avatar

Why do I have this feeling that we haven't seen the last of her?

She may be Mad......

but deep down.....

she is sad..... and wants love

:crying: rvmp

Highyena's avatar

we've not seen the last of her

piperpiper7's avatar

yet another fantastic illustration Skailla!

SaviorFoxOwlis's avatar

Steban: Friendzoned, asshole.

LoonataniaTaushaMay's avatar

Phew I made it.... (Panting) Ran like hell ha... Hell... XD now let's get the hell out of here.

Delta52775's avatar

I have a feeling that you’ll be seeing her again.

Alpha568's avatar

Lady Shut Eyes' reaction:

"So, you have chosen... Death."

PowerXnetwork's avatar

Next week is the last Page right?

Eveeka's avatar

I love every panel on this page

SparkTheArtist1's avatar

Oh my god-

Stop hogging the talent >:000

But seriously though... how do you draw so well? The smoke and everything!

Dragonstar1278's avatar

Hoo boy, she does not take rejection well.

Foskosa's avatar
That daunting stare...

The colors are so satisfying to look at ❤️
YenndoFazbear's avatar
Omg I remember the animatic to this I still watch it for inspiration at times it's beutifuly animated and drawn and the story is easy to read from the get go
SamuelBalto's avatar
The traveler may be save for now, but his encounter with strange things here is only the begining of what he's about to face in the future.

He may escape the Devil's Grip once with ease, but remember, no matter how far he'll go, no matter how prepared he is,
The Devil will find him for the second time.

And when she find him, the escape route won't be so easy, and there will be a sacrifice needed to escape her grip.

》》2 theories from where The Devil came from,《《

1 - Long ago, someone who seems to have an ability to do magic accidentally summoned her from other world.

2 - She was just a normal canine she is with adventurous spirits lies within her, everything looks great everytime she venture out to places no one ever seen. Till one day, she travel to a place where no one shouldn't be, Strange spirits possessed her and consumed her body and mind, she lost control of herself, then became The Devil we all know.

What if,

- what if She didn't scream like she did here, instead she run after him and jump into the train like he did in the same time ?

- what if the red fog that she created is acctually not gonna do any harm to him, instead its just used to intimidate him. And in this case, scared him to make him ran away ? Maybe its her plan after all, and all of this anger was just an acting she did so it looks convincing for him to believe that she would take his soul.

I mean she can do it when she has him back in the salloon right ?, whe she showed him those images of his frienda and canines he recognize. But she didn't.

My thought is, rather than capture one soul, what if she just let him go, then followed him to a place where there are more souls that can be taken away ?.

Alright then, Who is excited to read some No North stuff ?...
Then go check the digital book of "The Art Of No North" ( if i wasn't mistaken, that what the book called ) on her gumroad, you can check it on her linktree on her instagram account bio.
Lumaryth's avatar

Excited to finally see what happens beyond the Shut Eye animation! Oh boy, I feel like this isn't the last we'll see of the devil...

AwesomeFoxgirl02's avatar

I really hope that he will be ok

spyrofuckingcynder's avatar
SparkTheArtist1's avatar
spyrofuckingcynder's avatar

I don't think she'll let this go. Oo.

Whew! He made it! For now?

LadySionis's avatar

Oh damn. O_O She's more terrifying here than before.

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