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Moving Forward

After that endless night, a gentle breeze whispers in his ears - it's time to move forward.

Based on this beautiful, beautiful song:…

It's been a while since the last time I painted something for No North. Let's hope I'll change that in 2020. 

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But... where is Martin ?

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AWESOME pic of Steban!!!:D:D:D
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Damnnn the colors are perfect! They're so pleasing to the eye.

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Love the personality of this piece!
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This speaks to my soul... the soft pastel colours, the look on his face. I can almost feel that breeze....
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I LOVE your art! The way you draw your characters to display personality is SUPER impressive! Keep it up!

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This is beautiful Skailla!!!! You’re amazingly talented.

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hey skailla i got a question for you, how did you choose your nickname? does it have a meaning?
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Hey! I know that one. She told me she was looking for inspiration for her account name on DA, and was looking through old bands cds and at the credits of one, she saw "Skaila". Then she decided to add another "L". That's how she did it, I guess. :)

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I got a message from an unfamiliar user saying that I was selected for a random giveaway from this post. Just thought I'd let people know here, because I'm pretty sure it's a scam.

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So did I, it feels sketchy
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didn't notice it at first, but skailla made a post about the spam messages, if you haven't read it yet i'd check it out. there's been a lot of people getting spam.
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Alright, thank you! I didn't click the link and I've already blocked them luckily
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12 years of journeys, stories, new and old allies, all taking place in the currently unnamed planet where all the stories Skailla wrote. Everything that was created from our imaginations (Characters, Worlds, Locations) are in an massive area extremely far into space, know as Xylar, an area I made up containing over 50 trillion different universes. Universes where characters and stories we created all take place in. So each universe Such as the Star Wars universe, the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit universe, the Skailla universe and many more are all connected in Xylar. HNY 2020 :squee:

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Absolutely Beautiful!!!!^^ I LOVE this So much!!^^

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That beautiful soft background!
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Awesome pic, and a happy new year to you as well. :)
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