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Lost and Found

How have you been? 

Here's another concept art for the upcoming comic, No North. 
It's coming this year, folks, I'm pretty excited about this! 
Part two:  Reverie by Skailla

Won't say much about this one, but you've probably seen a smaller and more simplified version of it here: 
On the Road by Skailla

This painting is from my artbook, The Art of No North, which has 145 pages filled with paintings, concept art, sketches, lore, characters, exclusive content and many more things! 

angle bracket r If you'd like a copy, you can purchase the book here:

Thank you all for the incredible support, I hope you enjoy this! :heart:

Have an awesome weekend! 


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Next month there will be a Misleteo under them both.

PowerXnetwork's avatar

Will that ever happin in the comic some were?

XxHollyARTxX's avatar
Omigosh this is amazing I with I was nearly as good a singer you!
jonathancbattle's avatar
Thank you, Skailla, for making this artwork. I love it, especially with Steban without his red bandana. I'd love to see more of that, also with Martin without his neckwear.
Kodimarto's avatar

Looks like Up & Ahead will be an around the world type of thing?
The waterfall makes me wanna cry
Looks Gorgeous, I came across one of your comics and I love them, Keep The Good Work Up!!!😉
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TheOddPack's avatar

I know, right?

Cambion-Hunter's avatar
This is such a wondrous moment, the atmosphere is so effective with your skill. :D
Moongaze14's avatar
It looks like a friendship and romantic moment for Steban. Cannot wait to see this scene in the comic.
Bluefeather329's avatar
That is amazing dude :0
PowerXnetwork's avatar
I love it!!!!😍😻💑💓💕💖💞💘💌💋💗❤💚💜💙💛💔
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Will this be a page? :)
58Fury's avatar
I see you've changed Steban's markings a little bit... Looks really good! It adds a nice flow between colors. =3
Firecustard's avatar
Ur art is stunning ❤️
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
Pocahontas much?



Seriously, impeccable work as always. 
Vally2003's avatar
Did you noticed that Skailla has changed a bit the marks on Steban's hind legs?
Kreature-Kreations's avatar
Your characters, lighting and backgroud are always so amazing La la la la  Super excited for No North!
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