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Husky Adoptable Auction - CLOSED!


Hey guys! 

I've had this adoptable batch ready for a while now! This was suggested by the awesome :iconepicsaveroom: and I loved the idea of making Husky Adoptables! If you guys have any suggestions for the next batch, let me know ;)

• Payment by Paypal only. The currency is in USD. 
• You will receive the full sized drawing of the character you bought in png and with no watermarks.  
• Once you buy an adoptable, you have full rights to the character – Have FUN! 
• If you Autobuy, you automatically win the auction. 
• Please don’t bid if you can’t pay right away.
• If you win an auction or auto buy it, but I don’t hear from you in around three days, the character will be passed on to the next person.

Starting Bid: $10 
Autobuy: $60 
Minimum increment: $2 

#1 Golden - Bid here!…
#2 Black and White - Bid here!…
#3 Copper - Bid here!…
#4 Agouti - Bid here!…
#5 Dark Grey - Bid here!…
#6 Light Sable - Bid here!…
#7 Splash Sable - Bid here!…
 #8 Silver - Bid here!…

Special offer! If you Autobuy, you also get an exclusive Reference Sheet for your character. If you win the auction bellow Autobuy value, the reference sheet will be available for an extra $5! 
Sheet Model 01 by Skailla Sheet Model 02 by Skailla

Auction ends on June 21, 2018 (next Monday), at 9pm (UTC-3 hours)
Bid under the highlighted comment for the adoptable you want! Have fun!

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I have found inspiration

doggokitty's avatar
I think Baltazar might have some Agouti in him. I could be wrong tho.'
Firebax's avatar
I wish I could bid. Um, also, the 21st wasn't a Monday, it was a Thursday.
AnyMoryElse's avatar
CaptainFuz's avatar
these character designs look amazing! 
WolfYT13's avatar
I don’t have more money, I expended all in colaborate with the Up and Ahead Comic Prints...

srry, I want the dark grey but... no money... no bid.
HunterCat1's avatar
Wolfy3904's avatar
I just noticed that #6 has two different colored eyes. 
why do i have no money?
Reptilian-Angel's avatar
Volpe-Foxsly's avatar
I wish I had money!!! Ugh, the opprotunities just slip through my paws!
Zeldienne's avatar
They're very pretty :)
Kodimarto's avatar
These all look pretty beautiful.:)

I like how you made them all in this style.:)
OnelyricspetsTF's avatar
I wish I could bid for 34 and 8 >.<
Welp XD

Grassstrand's avatar
Im dead your designs are to die for
DoppeIganger's avatar
aaaaa I've always wanted a design from you!!

Unfortunately I don't have any money ;.;
TheEnderDireWolf's avatar
I really wish I could buy one of these guys -,w,-
Oh well, I can still appreciate them! XD
Omasaki's avatar
you should try this with foxes :D
AlexisReitcher's avatar
They are all adorable! Can you try to make some Collies for the next?
Baby-BIue's avatar
Heck sorry for doing sb on a lot I wanna make a husky sled team ;w;
J0lt30N-09's avatar
I did not even have time to think about which to choose, but have fun with your Huskies

DoggieDiversity's avatar
Lovely adoptables Skailla! Have fun everyone!
Zaneta123's avatar
oh my god! i would really want to buy one! they look absolulty lovely Skailla! i really wanted to adopt one...but unfortunetly i dont have my own money yet..and my parents would probaly not agree to buy one of the sweet adoptles..but meany somewhere in the future i will be able to buy one adoptle from you! and continute your awasome work..its absolutly amazing how you draw :)
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:la: Bid for #8 Silver Here! :la:

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