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Break My Stride - ANIMATION!



How have you been? =D

I've finally finished my super tiny animation! 
It was hard to make, but also a lot of fun!

Everyone's welcome to make their own version of it with your own OCs, if you'd like to!
Animation sprites and step-by-step will be available for all Adventurers on my Patreon! 
Consider joining the pack :la:

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MintWolfAnimates's avatar

This is awesome I wish I could animate this well <3

naturenut190's avatar

N-Nothing gonna break my stride, nothing's gonna slow me down, WOAH-HO!

PepperMint64Nyria's avatar


fr tho this is amazing

AskBellaDog's avatar

That good boi! He comin!

G3N3515H3R0's avatar


Absolutely nobody:

Me while lookin for the field drones in Doom:

somokey's avatar
Ahh I love this!! I watched the full animation and it’s amazing :D keep up the amazing work!!!
NeonLegend12's avatar

I love this! I watched full animation.

nikifrel's avatar

I think about this alot.

PFOXGpan's avatar
You know how to do anything!! You can even animate perfectly JUST HOW???
PastaPawz's avatar
my dog walks like this xd
KaylaTheWolfHuman's avatar
I saw this on YouTube. I love the animation. Great work on it. And no I'm not lying I'm actually impressed by this animation.
WolfApocolypse96's avatar
What software was used to animate this?
WolfApocolypse96's avatar
What software did you use to make the animations?
multttti's avatar
amazing animation :0
Zombilein's avatar
That's so my Greyhound during walkies 
Sanowey's avatar
A dog passaging
gorsefeather's avatar
Watching Steban jump around gives me hope for life
isnugz's avatar
o jeez this animation caught my eye i couldn't stop staring at it cough ^^;
100GoodStories's avatar
TeeHee, that's my ALL the time😂

Ohmygoodness, he's soooo cute! Bless his heart!!
UlvenFool's avatar
awe he's so cute! :D
jonathancbattle's avatar
I loved it. Make a movie about Steban and Martin, please.
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