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Bad Guys

Hey guys!

Here are Steban and Billy (and their wonderful rivalry) sketch pages! these are also concepts for the comic. Of course, I covered up the spoilers!

Drawing Steban as borderline villainous is too much fun. He never has a full grasp on what he’s getting himself into, though. Last but not least, our bitter little hound, Billy. He has many sides to him I can’t wait to show you in No North. I hope you enjoy it :heart:

PS: Get ready, something is coming... for more, follow me on instagram! 

Please consider joining the pack for way more art! :la:
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is there a version without spoliers ?By the way love this !

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So is there a difference between Up and Ahead and No North? Is No North an AU of U&A? A remake of U&A?

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I kind of imagine Steban sounding a bit like Be.Busta. Is that bad?

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hello, your history looks interesting and i wanna read about this characters, but idk where to start or which comic is the one with this characters :(
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Maybe start with her older comic, OMFA, then you find her newer ones, like Up and Ahead, or Beyond the Woods.

BTW, This is Steban and Billy from No North, The sequel to Up and Ahead.

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These look so good! I love all the different colors and poses, and you always do such a good job of showing your characters' personalities through your art!
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When I joined DA you were the first one I watched. plus I like your artwork

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best was SPOILERS
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This is wonderful! :la:

I can't wait to see more! Ooh can't wait to see what's coming next :plotting: I just love surprises. 
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That is so amazing! 👍
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That is so amazing.

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Bur what's this?

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Your art always inspires me x'3 
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Through are some bad guys.
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Omg so cute AAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I love it. Are they brothers?
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What happened to make Steban the way he is I've wondering that for soo long.
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Guess Steban has a sketchy past. I wonder what kind of misadventures he had and what caused him to turn around. I must say that this is gonna be one emotional rollercoaster.
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OOOOOOOOOOOOO intriguing!! I can’t wait to see what’s going on here more <3 
Very Don Bluthian.
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