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This is UNMEI

By Skaijo

The Don't Trip Series:


Don't Trip: [link]
This is UNMEI: [link]
The Love I'm Searching 4: [link]

tRip EX

Uses: Temporarily relives minor aches and pains due to: the common cold, headache, toothache, and futile resistance.

Overdose Warning: Taking less than the recommended dose (overdose) may result in severe punishment.

This animation is a sequel to Don't Trip ( [link] ) and took about four good months of animating to complete. That time was muchly extended with school and free video games. This piece is essentially a faster-paced more action packed version of the original. There are some really great scenes in here that I pulled off pretty well (perhaps be pure chance + Redbull).

LEAVE A COMMENT! I'm desperate for attention, good or bad. xD
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Where'd you fine the music
01Cupcake's avatar
Omg this is so cool!!
that note was bloody amazing
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OH! Now I get it! The females represent the estrogen, which the medication is supposed to neutralize to make the male taker more manly! That's why we had a glance at the "manliness" poster in the beginning and why the medication won't bother with the male green-white guys.

At least...that's how I see it...
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This is awesome, and as Seapuppy said, you could have a series of this, im really interested in what this world is like :D
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Amazingly awesome
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what happened to the girl with the cool sword
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i really like, your animations are grate!
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oops. typo. sorry. :iconicameplz:
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Revisiting all your old animations and I love them so cute. The stories so cute you have a real knack for pacing and there are so many little details i just notice new thing each time i look~
ObtainNoShame's avatar
"because conveniently located bridges are for pussies" I want that poster!
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That was awesome! :o
Sick-little-Wolfboy's avatar
Christ this is fantastically well done! i love this seriously its soooo awesome!
Lavalump's avatar
I love your work Skaijo,
Your animations are so... so... FUCKING AMAZING!

Remember me! I'm the one you were e-mailing on youtube! (I dont mean to sound perverted... ¬_¬) ^.^ "TheLaytonBoy"
nataliehyuga's avatar
Kitsune-mocha-lite's avatar
I love your work so much, its so clean and smooth and the faces are spentabulous!
My friend just joined in the fun last night when I showed her this vid on NG, your cult is growing XD
Keep up the solid work!
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Woot, thanks for checking this out and leaving a comment. My Layton series has gotten far more popular than the projects I really spent time trying to do effort-filled work on, that sometimes I wonder if anyone ever remembers these projects from years ago. Love you very much.
Kitsune-mocha-lite's avatar
Actually, the Love I'm Searching for is my favorite of your work, the Don't Trip series is very good like wise, I just love your art o3o
I am the kind of person that loves to watch everything of a person's or see all their art lol, and your style is so great! I must sound like a nerd right now XD lol but super cereal I am very excited about your new projects. I would love to know where on EARTH you get your idea's though, its like magic unicorn sex there!
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I can tell you, I certainly appreciate you as a viewer of my stuff. View counts are just numbers, and most of the time I feel like only my latest stuff is ever seen... the fact that you saw this animation and others to see me grow and acutally take the time to write that up really means a lot! View counts are just numbers, but replies like this is real love. :3
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I love the music in the Flash -- and how it played well (especially the 'dancing robot' =D)

:plotting: Now if only there was a way to read the super-small scribbles on the wall at the Male Unmei Academy stadium scene, behind the cheerleaders; and I want to know the artist of the song
Pycofrancis's avatar
Amazing animation here, and nice syncing with the music
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Amazing amazing /amazing/ flash. Easily the best one I've ever seen.
This must have taken you an ungodly amount of time. o.o
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