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The Love I'm Searching 4

By Skaijo
"I don't think... I'll find the love I want... In this machine..."

This was a project I've been working on for about a year and a half. The goals were to improve my ability to make backgrounds--because if you know me (or have seen any of my past works/excuses) --they aren't my strongest suit. :3

So what I tried to do was make a mellow episode of a series that mostly only had over-the-top action scenes. This would give me grounds to strengthen an ability to make something beautiful to look at, as well as fun to watch.

To put the story simply: Ilu would love to be a conductor when she grows up. Likewise, her friends would love to be great artists, dancers, and even musicians. But the daily mechanical grind of their lives don't really lead to any real chances to find that love their searching for. By the end of the animation, neither Ilu nor any of her friends reach their goals--but based on Ilu's passion, they all get a bit closer somehow. And that was the kind of animation I wanted to make.

What you see here is what I'm honored to share with you.

(I'd love supportive comments just as much as the next guy, but if you have something critical to add, please--PLEASE--do so too. Thought-rich comments appreciated above all else.)


The Don't Trip Series:


Don't Trip: [link]
This is UNMEI: [link]
The Love I'm Searching 4: [link]
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this is outstanding
Skaijo's avatar
I appreciate that!  It's the project I spent the longest on ever.  Nearly a two years.
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Dang, it really paid off, I like how you showed the characters personality through their actions and the music fits so well. Keep up the good work :)
i-s-h-i-m-a-r-u's avatar
I just noticed the picture of Luke on the juice box.
ToxicFoxFail's avatar
hey did anyone see a girl drinking LUKES GRAPE JUICE? XDDDD
Skaijo's avatar
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why do they all look alike and have white hair and stuff?
Skaijo's avatar
Because they're the same characters pulled from an animation I made way back when I wasn't very familiar with colors or character designs in general. Plus, where I'm from most people look alike.
malanaks's avatar
Wow. i knew i you were talented from 'friendship is magic bitch', but THIS.
Faved and shoved into all my friends' faces.
sabooya's avatar
How did i not see this animation on your page for 2 years...
Landofconfusion838's avatar
this anim. was a wonderful piece of art like the other
wakawakawaka111's avatar
what song is this?
The-Cloaked-One's avatar
I very much enjoy this video. I love the music, the backgrounds are spectacular, the motions and actions of the characters are brilliant. My favorite parts would be the alarm clock reading 'Early', Ilu trying to get on the motorcycle, and where Ilu is walking down the street to the caution tape where she sees herself full filling her dream as a conductor, but is unable to get through the caution tape. You've done so much right here. XD There's a few problems that might've been mentioned to you before. the first would be the stylistic white hair, it makes it hard for me to distinguish characters. They all start blending together although they wear different outfits and hairstyles. I guess I watch too much anime, I distinguish by hair color and faces usually and that's not working here. :D Second is the surreal feeling of the video. I'm not one to catch lyrics unless I specifically look them up, but I did not understand what the video was about even after several viewings until I read your description. Knowing that Ilu wants to be a conductor and people are inspired by her helps me see some of the finer detail you crafted in which I otherwise missed entirely. Even with that said, it is an absolutely fabulous video, full applause from me.
TheOneThatSings's avatar
I love the faces they made as they saw each other!
kinda reminds me of the stuff that my friends do.
Liobits's avatar
I noticed that some of the backgrounds were a little pixely. Maybe you could find some larger ones?
creepyboy's avatar
I remember watching this a couple of years ago on Newgrounds. It's pretty awesome, I love your characters design and the photographic backgrounds, and it fits perfectly with The Rentals' song.

Awesome work.
FireKirby7's avatar

it almost looked as if it was Cel Shaded.
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What song is this?
Cuz I love everything about this...
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The Love I'm searching for by the rentals...
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From my experience of knowing nothing about flash at all, I found this piece to be really awesome. What I really liked was that the angle of the backgrounds and the animated bits looked natural, nothing really looked like flat pieces floating across space. The animation was full of character and style and was very sweet. I also enjoyed some of the little things you added like the glows and the reflection in the moped mirrors.

I'm a little late commenting on this aren't I? Don't know how I missed it...
Skaijo's avatar
THANKS FOR THE COMMENT. I will marry you shortly.
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