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Mai Darling is Busy

By Skaijo
Mai Darling's Repair Notes:

Stash of assorted women's underwear discovered behind couch in staff lounge. That makes 13th stash found this month.

Getting pissed off.

Don't know if having harder time fixing the Perv*** issue in BABY v.3, or keeping her still and locked up in the repair ward long enough to actually fix problem.

---Side Note: BABY v.3's left arm isn't lost anymore. Dr. Sweetheart found it between couch cushions when it tried to grab her ass. Bitch probably liked it. Needed to discuss arm detachment issue with employees anyway. Also, how much are we paying Jeffrey? Third time I told him--when screws are leftover--YOU DIDN'T ASSEMBLE IT RIGHT. Jackass.

Latest underwear stash discovery raises probability of bot escaping through the older vent system to 89.47282%. Check after fixing Cannib** issue in model BABY v.2.

---Side Note: Have Jeffrey order bigger chains.
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lol. Nice! Very funny! :D
Davidthedemon's avatar
how do you make a robot Pervert proof.
Skaijo's avatar
Push it to climax and wait a few minutes.
DynamoTom's avatar
thats one large back door lawl
Skaijo's avatar
Back door? What do you mean?
DynamoTom's avatar
the maintenance door on babys back which is unfeasibly big... one big back door lol
Skaijo's avatar
They must overlap and lock in. :3
DynamoTom's avatar
height wise since if there that long it looks like she cant bend her back at the waist since its one single piece lol
StarlitRain's avatar
Hahaha awesome ^_^
Love the repair notes, gotta keep those pervs chained! lol
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