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Don't Trip

By Skaijo

The Don't Trip Series:


Don't Trip: [link]
This is UNMEI: [link]
The Love I'm Searching 4: [link]

TRIP 300mg
For Adults and Children over the age of 1.

Initial Dose: 1 tablet may be taken with water. Should the intial show no change, continue hourly dosages until symptoms and/or freewill subside. Keep children in reach of Trip.

Consult your police if you or any loved ones are resistant to Trip.
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© 2005 - 2021 Skaijo
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NeonHueGoggles's avatar
There's a medical lesson in this somewhere! :D
three years i've been trying to find more of your work and one day i suddenly feel like looking for it on DA...
Skaijo's avatar
Would you mind explaining what that whole llama thing is about? :3 Thanks for the patient lurk, btw.
actually i don't completely understand it myself...
i think that it was made for the people (like me -_-) who either don't have money or aren't willing to spend it to give someone a badge and they decided to make it more interesting by giving it different levels (super, albino, super-albino...)

anyways they're fun
Skaijo's avatar
Nah, I just randomly saw them one day and wondered what it was all about. Don't spend too much time anywhere on the net (blatant lie, I'm just out of the loop) to know what's going on on DA. >:3
yah i'm usually the same i've just been on quite a bit recently.
Krooked-Glasses's avatar
kilian777's avatar
That's hawt. Made me wonder what would happen in Trip Heavy was a supository.
desikun's avatar
thats fuckin awsome
Robo-Craig's avatar
This was the first animation I saw of your's on NG and I loved it from the first time I watched it! I really like the concept and animation style! D: This also got me hooked onto The pillows. Damn you!
Skaijo's avatar
Coolies--This is Unmei will be a sequel to Don't Trip, which I'm working on now. I'm hoping to finish it within the year is up. <3 It'll be based on the same thing but the animation will be hopefully way more technical and faster paced. >_<
DJHarlock's avatar
That like makes me wanna stop smoking.
Skaijo's avatar
Blah. I hate seeing cute guys smoke. It's like seeing a really hot chick who doesn't realize she has one of her own boogers stuck-dried to her shirt.

It's such a waste.
DJHarlock's avatar
Ha ha I'm taking that as a compliment.
Skaijo's avatar
Lol, how could you not? I'm full of love!
wow, that was really something, love the pacing and music :amazed:
Skaijo's avatar
Sequel to come real soon. I'm working on it now. : 3 Thanks for the love.
superMARIAbros's avatar
lol skaijo,

ColdCity's avatar
i love white gummy bears
superMARIAbros's avatar
I love whatever flavour gummy bears there is.

ColdCity's avatar
red/white > yellow/green
superMARIAbros's avatar
it all just tastes the same for me though...

ColdCity's avatar
ahaha! really? tastes the same???? really.
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