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A dream came true the day I met you,
We hit it off without a thought,
I called you that night despite all my fright,
We kept talking till the morning light,
We did it because it felt right,
I made you mind gave you all my time,
Baby I know that we fight but remember that I always hold you tight,
I don’t want to lose you in a sea of storms,
Where our emotions rage and rail against our true forms,
My night turned to day and day into night again,
With each heart beat I feel more alive,
Feeling your love and warmth.
Everyone says to fight for what is right,
But I fight for the night,
The nights spent with you talking about our life,
The things we want to do together,
How we want to grow together.
You have shown me how to be strong when I thought I was weak,
I want to hold you up and show you what I see,
For in my eyes you are the light,
With each new day you shine twice as bright.
And we will go out together burning hotter than the sun,
I want everyone to know what we have done,
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When I hold you in my arms I feel closer to the stars,
The light shines a little brighter,
My load in life a little lighter,
When I look into your eyes I see the best parts of me reflected,
When I tell you it will all be fine and that you are all mine,
I want you to feel protected,
I want your sorrows to melt away,
Underneath all the pain and sorrow,
I wish for you a brighter tomorrow.
I cannot say what you mean to me,
For the words don’t exist,
I could compare you to a sun set or a work of art,
But none of those can truly show you my heart,
My heart for you burns with passion,
It pours forth in a tidal wave,
All I can do is to try and show it,
It is in the way I hold you,
It’s how I look at you no matter the time of day,
It is the comfort we feel around each other.
What I want to do is make you world a little brighter,
Make your load a little lighter,
And when you look into my eyes I want you to see yourself reflected,
Because the best part of you is all of y
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Standing in the shadows of giants,
Left from the decisions we put behind,
Figured they were best left there.
These things we lose behind us,
Leave a path so broken as to be worthless,
Yet we walked that road.
Maybe one day we'll turn around,
See the path we have wrought,
Only to see there is only one way.
Forward into the darkness,
In hope that there is a dawn,
Never knowing if that is the sun rise, or the set.
We write a book that we don't even know,
Our steps are words, our years are chapters,
Our blood marks the pages we will never forget,
There are songs about our love and regret.
Is this an epic tale of heroism,
Or a sad tale of death and destruction,
Do we ever truely know the end when we can't remember the beginning?
The only people to remember are those who are in it,
Be it briefly or longer,
We left an impression on them,
Is it a stain? Is it a badge of honor?
That is left to them.
The writer doesn't remember every step,
They remember those who walk with them,
There a
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Lies in Disguise
Day dreams are just lies in disguise,
You need to see with more than just your eyes,
Realize that everything you want is right before you.
Do all you can to open your heart,
Use it to pierce through the dark,
Let this guide your body like an art.
Listen to the songs of your mind,
Follow the notes further than thought itself,
Keep going until you are one with the music, entwined.
Touch down in a sea of emotion,
Feeling them almost painfully,
Let it move you to the motion of your true feelings.
Day dreams are just lies in disguise,
Trying to hide what you really want,
But if you listen close enough,
And let your senses guide you,
You might just find,
Something you can't hide.
That thing is your pride!
let it flow from inside,
This should be your guide,
It will take you to the top,
Right before the drop.
If you hold on tight,
Know whats right,
You've already overcome this fright,
Day dreams are just lies in disguise.
Hiding what we truly want,
Showing us a pretty image,
But it isn't that
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Dark path
I won't follow you into the dark,
Cuz I lead you from the light,
We turned our back on what everyone said was right,
Blazed our own trail through the dust and the pain,
Made it through the horrors,
Now were leading those who got lost amongst lifes lonely plains.
We made our own path fought our own battles,
You could say we were up creek without a paddle,
But we trusted in each other,
Not just any other,
We made it through the pain and became brothers.
We lead the sons and daughters of broken dreams,
Beyond where eyes can see into the darkest heart,
Despite the doubt we knew we would persevere from the very start,
You see we left the light because we felt it was right,
Don't put up a fight we won't come back to the light.
This dark path is ours to walk,
We walk it knowing the dangers,
Left and right we see these strangers,
Not knowing if they are real,
Might just be demons we summoned with thought.
You see I won't follow you into the dark,
I left it and now we might be far apart,
But kn
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I sit here wishing on stars,
All of the these are so far,
The words left my lips to fall on deaf ears,
Traveling through the years,
Getting there too late,
The star has met its fate,
These words are said in vain,
Leaving me filled with all this pain.
As I feel my heart play on strings,
That I thought were broken,
Playing music to give me wings,
Leaving me with these words unspoken,
But still I force them out,
Straining with all of my might,
I hear these words spoken with such doubt,
Wondering if you will believe them tonight.
The light from these stars is just a lie,
These words go unheard and pass them by,
Their brightness hiding their death,
Leaving these false hopes on my breath,
We wish in vain on something that can't save it's self,
Wanting it to make us into something else,
It never happens these words fall on deaf ears,
They spent too long travelling through the years.
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Lesson? Lesion?
You're a lesson and a lesion,
The cause and the reason,
I want you out of my life,
So I'll cut you out with a knife,
The only thing i learned from this heap,
Is that talk is cheap!
At one point you made my knees weak,
You turned my steps into leaps,
Now I look back and what do I see?
Is that you only wanted something from me.
I gave you all that I could,
I gave you more than I should,
What you deserved though,
Was to be kicked to the curb.
I shoulda had more more respect for myself,
Done the thing that was good for my health.
I should have had the nerve,
To keep myself I needed to preserve,
Keep my head on straight,
Running right away from you,
Busting through this gate,
That you threw in my face.
I learned this lesson from you,
To never trust anyone more than yourself,
They say your worst enemy is in your head,
They didn't know they were right,
It is only worse when you give 'em the keys.
Opening everything they see,
Letting all your demons free,
I took this knife and plunged it deep,
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We say we forgive
We say we forgive,
But do we ever truly forget?
Do we forget those that wronged us,
Those who made us who we are,
Those who no matter what will be there for us when we need them?
No I don't think we ever forget,
And that is what shapes humanity today,
Remembering those before us,
Remembering those people for good and for bad,
Those who influenced us to become who we are,
So no we never truly forget,
But we learn and adapt to what has happened,
And we remember them by the future and not by the past.
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I'm stuck in this cage,
It's been built by my rage,
Fightin' and stressin' lookin for a way out,
Trying to make it through the days .
Gripping each bar tight ,
Never losing sight,
Theres a world outside of this cage,
I wanna be a part of.
I gotta use this key,
It's buried deep inside me,
You see me on the outside .
My eyes keep me locked  out of sight,
Keeping this fight right in front of me,
Finally breaking these bars,
So I can see what you see,
The real me finally breaks free.
These eyes show a story,
Teaches you what makes me ,
Only if you dig deep enough,
Will you see the bars of this broken cage.
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I've got these scars crossing my body,
Showing in detail the hand I've been dealt,
Showing the pain and suffering, ,
Or so they say. . .
The scars that cross my heart are not to be seen,
Causing more pain than all the others,
Leaving me feeling less than worthless.
You can beat my body,
Leave me broken and bloodied,
Yet never tear me apart,
Only the scars you can't see will ever destroy me.
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Tomorrow. . .
If I were to die tomorrow,
Leaving not but heart break and sorrow,
I would kick my feet down into my grave,
Saying "What is there left to save!"
I would wrack my brain to no avail,
There is no wind left in my sail,
All there is to give I gave it.
I fought and clawed my way to where I am today,
But did I throw it away?
I've got nothing left to say,
My time is up my breath is over,
But will you carry it with you?
Will you let it flow and show and wash out from you?
Can you show others what you saw in me?
Help them see what we are all meant to be?
There is strength in all of us,
Big, or small, short, and tall,
This strength is a pillar
An immovable force that we can't control,
If only we knew it was but our soul.
Let it show and flow out from you,
It should fill every room you are in,
Moving others to stand next to you,
Even if only for something they lean to.
I want to know that I did the same for you,
Show me the strength I gave to you!
When they carry me out be by my side,
Stand tall w
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I'm There
As the days go by,
I'm left wondering why,
I'm not by your side.
When you shut your eyes,
Or look to the skies,
I want you to know I'm there,
I am the wind whispering in your ear,
I am the one who catches you when you fall,
I am the shadow on the wall.
And I want you to know,
I love you for not only who you are,
But who I am when I'm with you.
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Wake Me
Wake me when the world stops turning,
wake me when it all starts burning,
when the world is down on its knees,
when its just like me,
when the pain of being human is less than the rest.
when you look me in the eyes and see what ive become,
see whats hidden inside,
what i cannot hide.
when you see that it is just broken inside,
the infection has nothing left to hide,
there is nothing left to survive. . .
its been ripped apart and thrown away,
left everything in dismay,
there is nothing you can say!
why can't it all be right,
why must we fight?
fighting for something that is is just a lie.
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