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SimpleDesk 1.0

By SkaFiend
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What do you need?
Rainmeter from version 4.4 or better
Use hardware acceleration if possible.

- Current Weather (Temp,Hum etc.) 
- CPU, GPU, RAM, Swap file monitor
- The dock (right click open settings for dock, press Enter to save path, Esc to cancel)
- Time, date
- Disks Activity (left click - open drive, right click - ejecting usb)
- Trash (left click - open , right click - erase)
- NetWork Activity
- U can scale widgets for any size with mouse scroll (except weather, open weather.ini and change SizeWeather as u need)

Edit dock icons:
Install Font Awesome 5 Brands Regular from skin fonts folder, open Character map (Windows utility), edit \Simple_Desk\Icons\Icons.ini. xf268 - equal ChromeIcon, xf269 - Firefox etc ...
You can create own icons with FontForge

Clock locale:, change as u need

Disks -…  
Disks Activity - source code Balala ( 
Music visualizer -… GemiWagner and Marcopixel
Color Picker Plugin - JSMorley (plugin inside the skin)

Wallpaper inside the skin folder (C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Simple_Desk)

Update 09.08.2020
- Some bugs fixed
- Added icons changer
- The dock can be hide "" (gif lagging a little bit). The best option move dock to border of your screen and add "Topmost" position for skin

Update 16.08.2020
- Added new dock icons (Playstation, Discord, F5...)
- Added icons for weather

Update 22.08.2020
- Weather widget - fixed

If something is broken pls tell me.
© 2020 SkaFiend
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alejasuNew Deviant

Hola, una pregunta, como se les cambia el color?

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adriel-uriasNew Deviant

como es el código del color rojo para cambiar de color el reloj

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How the weather changed, I don't live in New York

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Juan130501New Deviant


samuelgonzalez123's avatar

es muy bueno, gracias

samuelgonzalez123's avatar

es bueno

CRack928pekos's avatar
CRack928pekosNew Deviant

como lo descargo

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martrjp85New Deviant

muy buenos

wo1v3rin3's avatar

This is fanatastic. Just started using it. Thank you so much.

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kaelrocha77New Deviant


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Eldany04New Deviant

Buena aportación

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remirem1901New Deviant

no no deja abrir el archivo me pone abrir con y nose con que lo tengo que abrir

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SamwqNew Deviant

me pasa lo mismo

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Thank you for this beautiful skin !

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IsamuDyson20New Deviant

Nice Work Thanks

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davidmesa1210New Deviant

buena aplicacion

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How i can finde this wallpaper ?

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niivuHobbyist Interface Designer

Very nice work! Thanks for sharing. :)


support window 8.1?

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trolazooNew Deviant


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RahimaSalmanNew Deviant

Hello, what package should i use for sound visual (i want to info about singers, buttons like stop/play and etc. )

SkaFiend's avatar i use this plugin, and u can change music player in settings

AIMP: PlayerName=AIMP

foobar2000: PlayerName=CAD

iTunes: PlayerName=iTunes

J. River Media Center and Media Jukebox: PlayerName=CAD

MediaMonkey: PlayerName=MediaMonkey

MusicBee: PlayerName=CAD

Winamp: PlayerName=Winamp

WMP: PlayerName=WMP

Fully supported, except for the Repeat / Shuffle types.

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