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The Incredibles: Rise of the Galeforces - Chapter 5: History Lesson

Metroville, 7:00 AM, Sunday, March 9, 1980
[Vi:] I woke up in a cold sweat. I was in that holding tank again. The mind-control device had just latched onto my back, and I was being brainwashed before GlaDos's eyes. The brainwaves had started to sink in when I woke up.
I sat bolt upright in my bed with a scream of fright, looking wildly around. I was back in my room, and it was morning. Sarah was sleeping on the floor in her own blanket.
"Just a nightmare," I gasped. "Just a nightmare..."
[Sarah:] a ray of sunshine fell onto my face and I wiggled in my sleep. I unlike Vi had had a great nights sleep due to the events of yesterday, which had seen my family reunited thanks to the parrs. I opened my eyes and saw Vi bolt upright in the bed.
"hey vi. had a nice sleep?" I asked as I got on the bed.
[Vi:] "W-wha?" I gasped, still too horrified to speak. "Just a nightmare... Oh, good morning Sarah. :)"
[Sarah:] I moved over to Vi and gave her a cuddle. "Sorry to hear that." I said as I put my bare feet on her lap.
"So, you still wanna know about me and Macroburst?"
[Vi:] "I would," I said, noting the little tease in my lap. "But I would like to, er, try something first." Before Sarah could respond, I managed to put her ankles in a headlock, and started tickling her insteps with my other hand.
[Sarah:] I covered my mouth and started giggling before bursting into a laughing frenzy. "HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT AHAHAHAHAHAHAHARE YOU DOHOHOHOHOHOING!?"
[Vi:] "Oh nothing," I said as I tickled between her toes. "I just wanna have a little fun first thing in the morning."
[Sarah:] "KNOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOOHOHOCK IT OHOHOHOHOHOFF!" I begged as I tried to get my feet from vis playful fingers. Man, she knew how to tickle almost as well as her mom.
[Vi:] I gave her that one. In the meantime I moved down to her arches and heels, making sure my strokes were as slow and torturous as possible.
"Awww, doesn't poor little Stratogale have ticklish feet right there?"
[Sarah:] I was SO going to get her back for this. I scrunched my toes to try and block out the tickling. "WHYHYHYHYHYHYHYHHYHYYY MEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE?!?!?!"
I didn't tell Vi at the time that I love being tickled, as it makes all the bad things in my life go away.
[Vi:] I let that pass buy. A few minutes later I stopped and let her feet go. "There... That was fun, wasn't it?"
[Sarah:] I wiped the hair from my eyes and snuggled up to her. "yeah, it was." then, I had a thought and looked out the window. "i wonder if our new house is ready yet."
[Vi:] "I'm not sure," I said. "I'll bet the others are working on it right now."
"I suppose we'll need to get some work done though... I'm pretty sure Aperture's got quite a few more people under its custody... like Macroburst, for example." [Sarah:] I sighed. "Well, if you really wanna know, I can tell you... Macroburst was about 13 yars old when he began working with Everseer. I was about 2 months younger than he was. Macroburst was put under Everseer's mentoring when the NSA realised how reckless he was." I paused. "His real name is Wendell Zuckerman, also known as Wendell Zucks by the jocks, because he was a science nerd. Anyway, one day I was trying to stop this guy called Atomic Tartan, a Scotsman with an obsession with nuking EVERYTHING!"
"I wasn't having much luck, and he was about to mutate me into a melting ball of flesh, when Everseer and Macroburst showed up. Everseer stoped the guy from killing me by filling his mind with horrifying images and Macroburst blew the nuke into the sea."
[Vi:] "Wow. Must have been a challenge for you two. But I must ask, what can Macroburst do? What powers does his S-factor give him? Could, I mean..."
[Sarah:] "Macroburst's superpower was the ability to control air currents and create high velocity winds. I always think Everseer feared his ward in that sence because of the germs he would blow up to. Anyway... After I met Macroburst it was love at first sight. of course, Everseer saw my bird friends, saw the "germs" and tried to stop us from seeing each other. when we started dateing though, he gave up. however, Everseer had done mental damage to Wendle, who now had his ocd at that point."
"I stuck by him for almost a year before he took up being a hero by himself, but it became impossible. After the frustrations became too much, we broke up." I sniffed sadly. "T-then, on the day I was going to make up with him..." I started to cry. "I DIED!"
[Vi:] "Poor you," I sighed. "Well, today IS a chance to make up for it, I guess."
[Sarah:] "Yeah, I guess so..."

[Dash:] While all this was going on, we had just finshed off setting up the house next door. Apogee's powers had made it all so easy. But right now she was asleep.
I snuck into the room where Katherine was sleeping; her feet were sticking out of the bed. Unable to resist, I headed over and began tickling her toes with a stray feather I'd found in our garage.
[Katherine:] I twitched and giggled, still stuck in my dream. "N-no! I - I won't!" I cried in my dream self, as a mysterious humanoid machine glared down at me from the ceiling.
Somehow, in my dream I was back in the Aperture lab in Metrocity. Nearby, other Supers - Gamma Jack, Macroburst, Cyclops, Daredevil - were held in canisters of their own.
I myself was now being tortured by those evil cables, which started wrapping around my ankles and tickling my feet.
"You will," said GlaDOs as I thrashed and screamed with laughter. "You belong with us now."
With a gasp, my eyes flew open and I instinctively pulled my feet away from Dash's feather. "W-what... Where... Oh. Just a nightmare... Oh, hey Dash. What are you doing with that thing?"
[Dash:] I backed away a little and, chuckling nerviously, I held the feather near her feet. "hehehe, hi ya miss. squall." I said as I just about brushed to tips of her toes with the feather. "L-l-like the wake up call?"
[Kate:] "Hehehehehehehey!" I laughed, pulling my feet away again. "Whoa... What a nightmare. I dreamt I was back at Aperture, didn't I?..."
[Dash:] I got onto the bed. "Seems that way. Are you okay?"
[Kate:] "I think so," I said, clutching my forehead in shock. "Thanks for the wake-up, I was having a nightmare back there."
[Dash:] I sat near Apogee and snuggled into her. I knew how painful it must've been for her. being cloned from the dead, being mind controlled and all. "i'm sorry you've been thru all of this. would you like me to stay?"
[Kate:] "Sure, sure. I just need someone to talk to."
[Dash:] I looked at her and cuddled her. "what do you wanna talk about?"
[Kate:] "Well... I didn't get the chance to thank you earlier. You and Vi saved the whole family from something that none of us could defeat even with our forces combined."
[Dash:] I smiled at her and gave her the ol' Dash grin. "it was nothing citizen." I smirked at her. "anything else?"
[Kate:] "Well... I guess I should also thank you for giving me the chance to... To make up for the trouble that David and I went through."
[Dash:] I looked at her. "trouble? what trouble?"
[Kate:] "David and I first met back in high school," I explained. "He was a supportive young man who loved biology, I preferred physics myself. Nonetheless, we were both misfits - everyone else wanted to be athletes, but we preferred to study.
"We never spoke to each other much. But during the holiday of '45, many of the students at our school vacationed to Mount Tiki Toki. We ran into trouble when the volcano erupted, but David and I worked together to save everyone. Afterwards, we started dating... and soon, we grew up, decided that we loved each other more than anyone else, and had our daughter Sarah."
[Dash:] "Aww, that's great," I said. But right now I was wondering how everything had gone so wrong for the family. "sooooo..what happened?"
[Kate:] "When I began work as an official Super, I was hired by Dynaguy as a member of the Thrilling Three. However, Dynaguy was replaced by Gazerbeam after an accident (you probably know that already), and in his view he wasn't one of 'us.'"
"That left me with Phylange. He had good looks and a great voice, but the most annoying part was that he had a crush on me, and although I didn't want to date him because I was already married to Splashdown, I had to be courteous."
"Needless to say, Splash was upset. He and Phylange had some nasty arguments, some of which they even took to court. In the end, we divorced, and I became single. I knew I'd regretted my choice, of course, because Stratogale died a few months later, and Splashdown not long afterward."
[Dash:] I shook my head. "Dad never really liked Phlylange that much. I guess it's mainly 'cuz of the "yodel" thing but...he sounds like a di..." I corrected myself. "different person."
[Kate:] "You're not alone there. I heard that Sarah didn't like him either."
[Dash:] I huggled apogee tightly. "i'm so sory Apogee. i'm sure things will get better, and we can always leave Phylange in his canister when we save the others."
[Kate:] "I don't know if Dynaguy would take that too well. I think he would have broken him out anyway."
"Personally, I would have freed him myself. After my husband and daughter died we became closer to each other. When the Supers fell we stayed together, although of course we didn't officially marry."
"And then, of course, Syndrome lured us to our deaths. And the next thing I knew, I woke up in front of you, that blue-skinned mad genius, the chicken and the fish in their respective walkers... and my husband and daughter."
"I guess I owe you big-time. If only I could have seen this coming, though, I would have been better prepared for what was to happen." (Dash)
[Dash:] I put my feet on her lap and smiled at her. "you made a mistake. but then we all do. you had to do thru allot. ridicule at college. gazerbeams selfishness, phylange, ect. but you can make up for all that now." I said as I wiggled my socked feet.
[Kate:] I chuckled as I gave his feet a playful tickle. "WE will, Dash. Together. ;)" (Dash)
[Dash:] I squeaked like a girl as I pulled my feet awy from her. "Hehehey, no tickling! ^^"
[Kate:] I giggled as I watched him squirm, then I took a deep breath and blew a raspberry into his belly.
[Dash:] I was taken totally by suprise, and I had no way of stopping the tickles. "NOOOOOOOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!!!" I cried.
[Kate:] Still giggling I let him go. It was good to have some fun with him for once in my new life.
"Dash... Next time you see your father, tell him I owe him a huge thank-you. I never knew second chances existed when it came to life, and yet here is one... right in front of me and my family." (Dash)
[Dash:] I smiled and huggled her tightly. She was right. everything had been made 100% right by all this. "Will do..."
[Kate:] Seeing him take to me like a second mother made me smile - not just for him, but for everyone else. It almost made me wish I had a son of my own.
But then I remembered something.
In the brief interval when I was still in that holding tank, mere minutes or seconds before the mind-control device took over, I'd seen something horrifying in the canister at the very center of the room I was in.
If only I'd known that whatever was in that canister... was about to become Squall Number Four.

Metroville, 9:00 AM, Sunday, March 9, 1980
[Vi:] As soon as Sarah and I got dressed, we went downstairs to find the rest of the family at breakfast again.
"Morning Mom," I said, the usual gloomy attitude taking over.
[Helen:] "Morning, sweetie," I said, passing some eggs and bacon onto her breakfast plate. "Enjoyed your sleepover?"
[Vi:] "Another nightmare," I said. "I think today we must finish Aperture's operations for good, some way or another."
[Sarah:] I looked around the kitchen. "Miss Parr, where are Mom, Dad, and uncle Edward? Are they in our new house?"
[Helen:] "They're in the new house, dear. Thank heavens Vi and Bob were able to sort things out with Mr. Dicker..."
[Vi:] I playfully poked her in the tummy. "I guess you could say thank you, huh?"
[Sarah:] "Okahahay!" I said, playfully tickling her armpit. "thanks. helen." I said as I ate some toast and drank some milk. "well, I guess i'd better check up on 'em."
[Edward:] I threw my cape in the trash. Wearing it had been the most stupid thing i'd ever done. and i'd done some stupid stuff errr...
[David:] "Feeling better Ed?" I asked, patting him on the shoulder. I had to remember to contact E about making a new super outfit for him.
[Kate:] As for me I was happy with the one I already had. Of course, however, there had to be some kind of matching color scheme for our outfits, so everyone would know us as a team. Mr. and Mrs. Parr, along with their children, worked together as a family, so I guessed it would be smart for us to do the same.
[Edward:] I created a small thunder cloud over the trash can, and watched as a lightning bolt hit the cape and set it on fire. "Duuude!" I chortled. "Awesome!"
[Kate:] "At least I never bothered to try wearing a cape," I laughed.
[Ed:] "Lucky you." I said. "Hey, wheres Sarah?"
[Sarah:] "Coming!" I called. I ran up and hugged mom, dad and uncle ed. "Sooo, how's the new home?"
[Kate:] "It's turning out fantastic, dear," I said. "We managed to get most of the red tape out of the way, so I guess we're good to go."
[Vi:] "...which leaves the matter of Aperture to deal with," I muttered. "Speaking of which, where's Chell today?"
[Dash:] "In bed with a belly ache," I said, coming up to her. "Way too much MSG, her friend says. I think it was way too much Chinese food."
[Vi:] "I don't know about that," I said. "She has been known to make excuses... She must have some serious issues with Aperture these days."
[Helen:] "Do you think we SHOULD go to Aperture today?" I asked.
[Kate:] "The sooner, the better," I replied. "We need to bust out as many allies as possible before the plan is carried out."
[Bob:] "I just hope we're not too late." I said as I walked to them. "Something tells me a few of the other Supers are already fully under Aperture's control."
[Sarah:] I shook my head in fear. "N-no, they can't be!"
[Vi:] "You're right, Dad," I said. "We'll need to find everyone we can."
Heading back to the Parr house with Sarah in tow, I entered the garage to find a familiar goggles-wearing chicken tinkering with one of his Buckbots.
"Working on your crazy inventions again, huh?" I asked.
[Pluck:] I squawked in surprise and whirled around, feathers ruffled, ready to bludgeon the intruder with my wrench. But I calmed down as soon as I realized who it was.
"Oh, hey Vi," I said. "Any news on Aperture yet?"
[Sarah:] I was suprised to see Pluck still there. "i didn't know he was living with you guys."
[Vi:] "Until we can return him to Donkey Kong Island some way or another, he's with us. Anyways, we'll need to devote as much time as possible to stopping the company's big plan."
[Pluck:] "I can see that," I said, adjusting the turret gun on my Buckbot. "Since we broke out Apogee and Thunderhead yesterday, they have reverted to Plan B. From the activity I have been monitoring, they're already processing Dynaguy, and I'm sure Stormicide is next on the list..."
[Sarah:] I began to breathe heavily at this news; I had known Dynaguy and Stormicide prior to my death, and they were great friends. I couldn't let Aperture kill them, I just couldn't! "No! we have to save them!"
[Vi:] "I agree. Pluck, I just want to ask you something..."
[Pluck:] "Yes?"
[Vi:] "What would happen to us if somehow, in the middle of our mission, you turned traitor and sided with Aperture?"
[Pluck:] I looked at her like she was crazy. "You're kidding."
[Vi:] "No, I'm being serious. If you screwed us all over somehow, so to speak..."
[Pluck:] "Well, that's the thing. I would if I wanted to."
[Sarah:] "Yeah." I said, walking up to him and glaring him in the face. "For all we know, you're an Aperture spy! Disprove that!"
[Pluck:] "With pleasure," I said, cringing a bit at her stare. I made one last adjustment to the Buckbot... It had the same glowing red eyes as the Turret.
"Before I moved to Donkey Kong Island," I explained, "I was a lab animal at Aperture Science. They experiment with far more than just those portals and guns... One of the many things they did was animal testing.
"I was a result of an experiment concerning the addition of sentience into other creatures aside from humans. One of them, anyway. I was born to just another ordinary chicken, one of the many used in testing."
"But I was one of the few successful attempts. I learned all my engineering skills from Aperture."
[Vi:] "So you ARE a spy for Aperture, aren't you?"
[Pluck:] "I was, and one of the highest officials too. That's why I have the Colonel in my name. But after realizing what Aperture was doing, I decided I had enough and called it quits."
[Vi:] "And you went to Donkey Kong Island?"
[Pluck:] "Not after breaking out the last of my family - my cousin, Drumstick, especially. We managed to escape Aperture's attention, and settled to a life on DK Island, which had just been emptied of Kremlins by a certain banana-addicted gorilla."
"I met that gorilla not long afterward. When the volcano erupted, releasing the Tiki Tak Tribe, they saw in my inventive genius a tool for their empire. They then enslaved me to do their bidding. I was freed by Donkey Kong, but not before destroying my first Stompybot and breaking my neck. I had to spend three months under intensive care, and still have a bit of a grudge towards that ape to this day."
"But that monkey is the least of my problems at the present. Aperture found me shortly after my recovery, and took me hostage again. I was forced to create many of the machines and deathtraps for them. And then, of course, Stratogale and her father arrived, and freed me once again."
"I'm sorry if you doubt me. But I know what Aperture does. If I were a spy for the company I would have killed you already. But I cannot bring myself to, because I value life and living more than any of those lifeless machines ever will."
[Sarah:] I sighed sadly. I felt terrible about accusing Pluck of such a thing. "I'm sorry Colonel. I was just worried a little."
[Pluck:] "It's all right," I said, patting her shoulder. "I feel horrible that I ever worked for Aperture myself. I have no reason to side with the company that cost me my family and my life."
[David:] I burst into the garage, panic streaking through my whole body.
"Sarah! Vi! Pluck! We have to go to Metro City!" I cried. "Something is attacking Metro Tower!"

Metro City, 12:00 Noon, Sunday, March 9, 1980
[Megamind:] As I rode to the crime scene in the invisible car, I didn't know what to expect. But when I looked up at the tower, I soon found out.
[Minion:] I gasped in shock as I looked up. Something with gigantic, leathery wings was flying around the tower!
As I looked closer, I realized that it was some kind of flying dinosaur, with evil red eyes and razor-sharp claws. It landed on the spire and loosed a terrifying screech into the sky.
"What... the heck... is that?" I asked, too stunned to say anything else.
[Roxanne:] "It appears that some kind of prehistoric creature has invaded Metro City," I reported. "It has yet to be revealed whether this is a plot device on Aperture's part, but authorities have advised everyone to remain indoors until the beast is subdued."
As I was reporting however, it dived straight at me! "HEEEELP!" I cried out!
[Megamind:] Jumping out of the car at the sound of Roxanne's voice, I hit the creature with my dehydration gun.
[Minion:] The beam struck the whatever-it-was on one of its wings just as it was about to strike Roxanne. It screeched as it shrunk into one of those small blue cubes, which crashed to the ground.
But we only had a few moments to flee. I managed to rush Roxanne into the car with Megamind and drive off just as the cube fell into the rain gutter and into the sewer system.
"What was that?" I asked, still too stunned to speak.
[Megamind:] "Who knows," I said as we drove off. "Let's just hope we never see it again." But somehow, I knew that Aperture had something to do with it.
[Vi:] By this time, the Incredibile had arrived at Metro City. I wondered what the ruckus was all about, for I couldn't see anything at all.
I dialed Roxanne's number. "Hello? Roxanne, have you got anything interesting?"
[Roxanne:] I was still shaken up by what had happened to me, my hand that was holding the cell phone trembled. "h-hi vi. never mind. Megamind's taken care of it now but, it was like a giant bird monster. "
[Vi:] "Huh. So does that mean we're no longer necessary?"
[Apogee:] "Well, this is embarrassing," I said, but no sooner had the last word come out of my mouth when the manhole in front of us exploded with a loud KABOOM!
[Vi:] I screamed in terror and nearly dropped the phone. Rising into the air in front of us came a huge, purple pterodactyl with a beak full of razor-sharp teeth, a four-foot-long head crest, gigantic blue leathery wings, enormous eagle-like talons, and a long powerful tail with an arrow-shaped vane on the tip. The thing screeched in fury and swooped at the van!
[Sarah:] I was already in my Supersuit at the time so I flew out of the Incredibile (which was a convertible, thankfully, so that meant I could unwind the sunroof without much effort) and flew towards the beast. "Birds are desended from dinosaurs," I said. "Maybe I can talk to this one. That's a power of mine." Violet could only watch as I attempted to talk to the beast.
[Vi:] "Stratogale! Wait - " Too late. The beast screeched again, and slammed her to the wall with its tail!
I saw the device on its back. "Aperture!" I cried as the van parked and Dash and I rushed out. "We have to get rid of that thing on its back first!"
[Dash:] I zoomed around to the monster's back and locked onto the brainwashing device. if I calculated right, the creacher would be free and Stratogale would be able to talk to it. Miscalculate and it would die. So I fired a bolt and hoped for the best.
[Vi:] The bolt struck the beast in the wing, NOT the back. It reeled and crashed to the ground, then rounded on Dash, flashing its fangs.
"NO!!!" I screamed, leaping between it and my brother and throwing up a force field just as it lunged. It smacked against the force field and tumbled to the ground again.
[Dash:] I got up and looked at the trapped monster. "ok. now what do we do?"
[Vi:] "You know the way you made that dust devil back on Nomanisan? Try that again, only with lightning thrown in. I call it the Thunder Vortex, and it would be great to hold off our new foe (ahem) at bay for a little while."
[Dash:] Winking at her, I started to run in circles. Faster and faster and as I ran, a mini tornado about the size of a street lamp formulated. Then I filled it with a few bolts of lightning and fired it at the beast.
[Vi:] Within seconds, the monster was enveloped in a tornado laced with lightning. It screeched and tried to strike but its movements slowed as the air was sucked out of the center.
"Stratogale! Now!" I cried.
[Stratogale:] I flew up behind the beast and tore off the device before whispering in its ear.
[Adam:] *in prehistoric language* "FREEEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!"
I crashed to the ground, transforming back into my human form, my clothes ragged and my messy black hair tangled up. "W-what happened?" I gasped, staggering to my feet. A moment ago, I was in some kind of vat like in those movies... How did I end up out here? Was I dreaming?
[Apogee:] I let out a tiny squeak of horror. This was the monster that I saw in that canister earlier!
[Vi:] Wait... All this time we'd fought some kind of kid? True, a kid who could turn into a giant pterosaur, but what would Aperture want with this guy?
[Sarah:] I helped the kid to his feet. he looked about half a year younger than Dash. "Are you ok kid? Sorry about the beat up."
[Kate:] I got out of the car, amazed that none of the grown-ups (us) were even neccessary when dealing with this problem. "Are you... Are you okay?" I asked.
[Adam:] I didn't know what to think. As I wobbled onto my bare feet, I suddenly found myself staring into the eyes of the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. Her flowing black hair gleamed in the sun, her large blue eyes stared into mine. "W-where am I?" I asked, too confused to make of it all.
[Minion:] We'd arrived at the scene by then. Luckily Roxanne had taped the whole thing, and a whole group of bystanders had gathered to watch as well.
"We're in Metro City," I explained, making the kid jump violently and whirl to face us.
[Megamind:] I looked at the child in shock. it was obvious that he was confused and scared. like me when I first landed on earth. "Are you okay, kid? I guess I should introduce myself... I'm Megamind, protector of Metrocity."
[Adam:] "I'm... I'm Adam. They call me Adam."
[Kate:] I understood what he meant. Aperture would obviously name their first successful human creation after the first human to walk the earth, at least according to the Bible. "Is it okay if you come with us?" I asked. "It looks like we have plenty of explaining to do."
[Helen:] We would have gone home again, but no sooner had Adam opened his mouth to speak when there was a roar nearby. The crowd screamed and fled as something huge and red came lumbering into view.
[Vi:] I screamed as I grabbed Adam and rushed into the van. "DD is back! EVERYONE RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!"
[Bob:] As the giant dino reared up before us, I knew this looked like a job for Mr. Incredible. I jumped out of the car already in my super suit. "Showtime," I said, and as tThe dinosaur charged, but I leaped at the beast and punched at it, HARD.
[Adam:] As I watched, the beast reeled back, crashing into the wall 30 feet away.
"What is that?"
[Vi:] "A Tyrannosaurus rex, I think. Biggest meat-eating dinosaur ever to walk the Earth. This one is named Devil Dinosaur, and is a clone from Aperture."
[Adam:] I blinked in comprehension. I'd forgotten I knew about T-rexes because of my memories from the dinosaur age. "Who is the guy fighting it?"
[Vi:] I gave him a dirty look. "He's my father... and he's not doing very well, thank you."
[Bob:] With the beast down, I tied it up with some girders from a nearby construction site, before throwing it back into the sea.
"Well, looks like that wraps it up there." I said, walking back to the others. That was when I saw Adam. "Who's this?"
[Adam:] "I... uh..."
[Vi:] "The monster we defeated five minutes ago," I explained. "His name is Adam."
I heard another roar, and the creaking of girders being broken. "Dangit, when will he ever give up?!" I cried in indignation.
[Adam:] I saw the huge head burst out of the ocean. "Uh, guys! Something coming up fast!"
[Bob:] I rushed back towards the docks and at DD. "Looks like I'll need some help here."
[Vi:] Sarah, Adam and I all got out of the car and rushed over to Dad's side.
[Apogee:] "Sarah!" I cried. "What about us?"
[Stratogale:] "Get Dad and Uncle Thunderhead!" I called out. "It looks like we'll need them big time!"
[Splashdown:] "Way ahead of you," I said, rushing out of the car along with Thunderhead. "Katie! Take the rest of the Parrs and find the rest of the Supers ASAP!"
[Helen:] "Right," I said. "Let's go!"
As Minion and I drove our respective vehicles out of the area, I heard a terrible booming roar. DD was moving in quickly - I hoped Bob and Vi would be able to hold him back long enough for us to bust out Dynaguy and Stormicide... BEFORE it was too late.
[Pluck:] And don't forget me! I was in the back of the Incredibile with Dash and Jack-Jack. I figured my technological expertise would be useful, although I did feel very worried indeed that if we messed this up, GlaDOs would have us deep-fried in no time flat!
[Bob:] Meanwhile the dino charged again, but I managed a lucky hit and smashed out two of its teeth; it was begining to get on my nerves. "Looks like SOMEONE needs a dentist plan!"
[Vi:] DD reeled back and side-stepped, shaking his head and loosing one of his broken teeth off. I knew that those fangs would regrow quickly - brute strength wasn't going to help right now. "We have to get the device off its head!" I cried. "Sarah! Can you do that for us?"
[Stratogale:] "You got it, Vi." I called, flying up and tearing off the device. "OK, Devil Dino, let's see what you're REALLY like!"
[Adam:] It wasn't enough. I'd seen what this Aperture had been doing to it - it hadn't eaten for a long while, since they'd had no idea how to feed it.
"Fall back! Everyone fall back! It's still hungry!" I cried, pushing Vi out of the way as DD lunged at her!
[Vi:] I barely had time to cry out when the monster slammed into Adam's torso, sending him crashing to the ground ten feet away, a deep gash torn into his shoulder by his lethal fangs.
[David:] I needed to do something quick! Then I saw a huge fin cutting through the water - a shark!
Without thinking, I dove into the water... and saw dozens of different shark species gathered to watch the battle. I convinced them to help somehow; they rushed forward and started harrassing the dinosaur, nipping relentlessly at his tail and legs and forcing him onto dry land where he'd be an easier target.
[Sarah:] Seeing how dad had called out some sharks to help out, I called out to a flok of passing geese to help ot too. They did so by flying down and pecking at the dino.
[Vi:] DD roared and swiped at the birds with his tail, momentarily forcing them back. Then he roared at the fallen Adam and charged at him. "ADAM!" I screamed, fearing for his life which was about to be lost to the monster's teeth...
[Adam:] I wasn't about to lose. Not yet. The charge raced through my body. My arms unfurled into leathery wings, my teeth lengthened into huge fangs. Within seconds, I was in my pterosaur form. The dinosaur snapped at me but I took off into the sky. It lunged, trying to smack me with its head, but I struck a lucky blow with my beak, plunging it into its nostril. DD let loose a tremendous sneeze, sending me tumbling away in a spray of mucus and blood.
[Stratogale:] "Ewwwwww," I cringed as poor Adam was sneezed away in a tsunami of dino boogers. I decided to help out at this point, so using my bird communication powers, I started talking to him. 'Adam, if he's hungry, you have to find him something to eat. Preferably something that isn't us.'
[Adam:] 'Tell me about it,' I said in the prehistoric dialect I'd always known. 'Wait... You can speak it too?!'
I was interrupted by another roar. I vaguely interpreted it for her. 'I think he's saying 'Feed me' or something. It's a rough translation from a rather primitive variant of the Saurian dialect that evolved into the modern avian language. We need to get him some food and send him off so we can get down to what Aperture is up to!'
[Stratogale:] 'Sure. Dinosaurs evolved into birds soooo..why not? Anyway, know anything we can give for him to eat?'
[David:] "Minion told me something about a butcher's joint somewhere here in Metro City this morning," I said, speaking in English so my daughter could understand. "We can use whatever they have there to lure him away from Aperture's grasp and take him out of the equation."
[Vi:] "Good thinking," I said. "Should we run now?"
[Adam:] 'No need for that,' I screeched in Saurian. 'Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for boarding Pterosaur Air!'
[Vi:] "Wha - HEY! PUT ME DOWN!!!" I cried out as Adam snatched me up in his talons and carried me into the air, DD following close behind us.
[Bob:] I jumped onto Adams back as the others followed. "vi, trust hi. he won't hurt you."
[Thunderhead:] Back with DD, I was trying to taser him with a few bots of ball lightning. "Take that you oversized turtle!"
[Adam:] I buckled under the extra weight, and accidentally tipped him off - luckily Stratogale and David were there to carry him after us. 'Whoa! Careful there - I can only carry one passenger at a time!'
[Vi:] I turned my head. DD roared and swatted Thunderhead aside with his tail, then charged after us.
[Sarah:] "UNCLE Thunderhead!" I yelped as my uncle hit the pavement. Luckily the aformentioned butcher's joint had beenthrowing out alot of animal bits that usualy end up in fast food burgers. "Hey! maybe we could use that."
[Adam:] Since everyone had evacuated the area already, including the shop owner, that left a large pile of meat in the waste basket.
I dropped Vi in the supposed safety of a street corner, grabbed the waste basket, and flew into the air, dangling it in his face.
"Hey! You want food? Come and get it while it's fresh!"
[Vi:] DD's nostrils inhaled the smell, then he roared and charged after Adam who flew off with it.
I was glad to be rid of the dinosaur, but I didn't look behind me... Suddenly, dozens of cables erupted from the open manhole behind me and yanked me into the darkness.

Metro City, 3:00 PM, Sunday, March 9, 1980
[Megamind:] We had been driving around the city for a long time, unaware of what was going on with the others. But right now, the radar inside the invisible car bleeped. "Looks like we've found the way in," I said.
It was a perfect place alright. the entrance seemed to be wthin a house of mirrors in an abandoned amusment park. we parked outside and got in.
[Helen:] "Aperture hides their entrances well, I'm sure," I said, looking at all the mirrors scattered around the house. I took notice of one of them, and the way it made my rear end look extra big. I was reminded of the mirrors I ran into on Nomanisan...
But of course, this was no time to worry about my figure. I had business to attend to. "Where's the first place we can look?" I asked.
[Apogee:] "We need to track down the first sign of major electronic activity anywhere," I said. "Halls of mirrors are not well known for their animatronics, or lack thereof."
[Dash:] I had abandoned Pluck, and was now looking at Mr. Handsome and Fast in the mirrors. "One of these mirrors might a secret entrance," I mused.
[Pluck:] "Dash, this is no time to goof off," I said, winding up one of my Buckbots and watching it scan the different mirrors.
"I think I'm picking something up in the center cylinder," I said. "Could be something promising.
[Megamind:] Wasting no time, I headed over to Mr. Cluck and, using my psionic blast, carved a hole in the mirror before peeking in.
[Helen:] I barely had time to warn him. Half a dozen flying turrets popped out of the hole below, and I managed to yank him back just in time.
We all ducked behind the mirrors, which shattered as the turrets blasted them to shards of broken glass.
[Pluck:] Helen scooped me up and out of the way of an incoming projectile. My Buckbot turned to face the threat and then fired bullets of its own, destroying two of the turrets and crippling five more.
[Kate:] "Now!" I cried, hoping Megamind would do something about this situation... (Megamind or Dash)
[Megamind:] I wasn't too sure if the turrets HAD any moisture in them, but it was worth a shhot. I pulled out my dehydration gun, only to find that I would only be able to hit two of them. "well, here goes." I said as I blasted 2.
[Dash:] as Megamind took out two turrets, I took out anouther two with my lightning bolts.
[Apogee:] To finish off the last three of them, I fired my gravity bolts and sent them smashing into each other. They slammed to the mirror column, shattering it and revealing a ladder beneath leading to the underground system where Aperture was hiding.
"This must be the entrance," I said.
"If it's guarded like that then Aperture must be taking things very seriously." (Megamind)
[Megamind:] "well, what are we waiting for?" I asked as I was followed by Dash. "Lets go in."
[Helen:] Upon entering the facility, it was important that we avoid the security cameras and deathtraps as much as possible. I noticed a stack of Companion Cubes nearby. Maybe Aperture was hoping we'd be here?
[Apogee:] "These might look useful," I said as I levitated one of them over to us. "Now, I wonder what sort of stuff Aperture will have for us?..."
[Dash:] We didn't know it at the time, but it was here Vi was being held. And it would be up to us to save her. But that's another story.
The Incredibles: Rise of the Galeforces - Chapter 5: History Lesson

The Incredibles: Rise of the Galeforces is based on a series of RPs I have been doing with ~georgemiser. These RPs were based on the often-practiced notion of dead superheroes, such as the ones that died before the events of the movie, being resurrected in some way or another. This has escalated into a full-blown new storyline with a new protagonist, Sarah Squall aka Stratogale, and her family aiding the Parr family in the defeat of Aperture Science, who intends to use a majority of the late Supers as the spearheads of their own personal army.

As the ruckus continues, a new character is finally introduced to the storyline. Who is this new kid, and what does Aperture have to do with him? And more importantly... Hey! Where's Violet? :noes:

The Incredibles (c) Pixar, Brad Bird
Megamind (c) Dreamworks
Donkey Kong Country Returns (c) Retro
Portal (c) Valve
Everything else (c) their respective owners

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