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The Incredibles: Rise of the Galeforces - Chapter 3: Suited For the Job

Metroville, 7:00 AM, Saturday, March 8, 1980
[Stratogale:] The first morning light shone through our bedroom window. It was the first morning I'd had for a very long time as I got up with a yawn next to my new friend Violet Parr, who was still asleeep.
My name is Sarah Squall, aka Stratogale. My dad, David Squall aka Splashdown, and I had both been killed by our capes, and were subsequently cloned by a company called Aperture (whatever that was). And we'd been stuck in holding tanks for who knows how long, until the Parrs saved us.
I looked at myself in the mirror. Great! My first official day in a new decade and what do I get? Bed hair!
Once I managed to re-fashion it into my trademark pony tail, I creeped over to Vi, who was still sleeping, before tickling her sides.
[Vi:] It was lucky she'd done this. I was in the middle of a nightmare by this time.
In my dream, I was racing through a burning forest, fleeing from something. I was wearing some kind of cape, which caught fire. The pain ripped through my whole body in mere seconds, and I fell to the ground... then the dream changed.
I was in a holding tank, like the one Sarah had been inside. In front of me, of course, was GlaDos. She'd told me about "a new generation of heroes, poised to take the world by storm." Naturally I refused... and then she lowered a holding tank of her own, revealing Chell inside!
"NO!" I screamed in my dream self. I tried to get out, but naturally I was sealed in. Then dozens of cables came down and attached themselves all over me... each sending some horrible pulse that... tickled!
"You are destined to be part of the new generation, Violet," said GlaDos as the evil sensations intensified. "And there's nothing you can do about it."
That was when I woke up... to find Sarah tickling my ribs. I cringed away from her with a frightened yelp of laughter.
"Oh! It's just you... Damn, what a horrible nightmare!"
[Stratogale:] I giggled at her and cuddled her, then held up something from her bedside.
It was some kind of weird glowy thing, with numbers and dots and the letters A.M. on it. I'd never seen it before.
"What's this thing?" I asked, peering at it curiously.
[Vi:] "That?" I panted. "Oh, that's a digital alarm clock. I'd hate to say this, Sarah, but you're so out of the loop."
[Stratogale:] it didn't take rocket sciance to realise what THAT meant. "Well,'ll have to show me the new stuff thats come out. Has mankind invented flying cars and food pills yet?"
[Vi:] "Sadly, no... The closest thing to the flying car is my dad's updated Incredibile. And as for the food pills... nah, I wouldn't bother about that at all."
[Stratogale:] "Geez. I guess those sci-fi movies and psa's lied to us huh? Home of tommorow my butt." then I looked at her. "But can we look round the house and show me? pleeeeease?" I was real eager to know about this new era.
[Vi:] "Well... I'll get to that, but first things first, I need to call someone. Excuse me..."
[Vi:] Riffling through my speed dial, I found the number I needed and dialed it. The phone rang for three times as I waited, but on the fourth time, I finally got an answer.
[Chell:] I was making breakfast when the phone rang. Making sure my waffles didn't get ccold I rushed back and took it back to the table. "Hello?"
[Vi:] "Chell! About time... How have you been?"
[Chell:] "Vi? Oh, nice to hear from ya." I took a bit of waffle and pondered her motives for calling me as I chewed it up and swallowed it. "I mean, I'm great," I added, feeling a bit nervous.
[Vi:] "Yeah, same here," I said. "I just wanted to ask... Have you heard anything from Aperture Science lately?"
[Chell:] I gulped and my eyes widened. "Umm, no. Why do you ask?" I was dreading the worst, naturally.
[Vi:] "Well... Just yesterday, I got a call from them. Something about the S-factor. When I went to their facilities at Metroville, I found that they were... uh..." I had to whisper into the phone so that no-one else could hear. "...cloning Supers."
[Chell:] I began to lose my appetite more and more, especially when I heard that two of the clones were being hidden in the Parrs' house.
"Vi, are you nuts?! You have no idea what you're getting into... You could get arrested!"
[Vi:] "What do you mean? It's not like we're having trouble. They lifted the ban on Supers last year."
[Chell:] "Yeah, but technically, those two died years ago. As far as everyone INCLUDING the NSA knows, they are still just that."
[Vi:] "Theoretically speaking, the NSA probably has also gotten wind of the Aperture situation as well. I know that because Dad called Mr. Dicker to tell him about it last night."
[Chell:] "well, since you put it that way. I'll see what I can do. Bye."
[Vi:] Not wanting to be deterred, I decided to ask her something else, hoping she wouldn't be pissed at me for it. "W-wait! Chell? If it suits you, would you be willing to help us take on GlaDos today or tomorrow?"
[Chell:] "Sure I would. But maybe you should get those two new costumes first? Bye again."
[Vi:] "Okay. Thanks. See you there."
[Chell:] I put the phone away, hoping sincerely that Vi knew what she was doing...
[Vi:] I finally put the phone away, and led Sarah to the kitchen for breakfast...
[Sarah:] I felt a little out of sorts. I didn't know what anyone would say when they saw us living again.
I saw Helen making toast and eggs, as well as some cereal and bacon. "Hi *yawn* guys," I said sleepily.
[Helen:] "Hey Vi. Hey Sarah. Breakfast is on the table if you guys are hungry."
[David:] "Did you sleep well last night, Sarah?" I asked while reading the paper. As usual, Aperture was making headlines again.
[Sarah:] I sat next to my dad, that oceanogapher/marine biologist/super with an obsession with finding Atlantis. "Yeah sure Dad. thanks. ready to get our new supersuits today?"
[David:] "Yes, I think that's a good idea. I'm sure E must have gotten word of our return by now."
I put the paper down, making sure to dog-ear the page with the Aperture article, and dug into my eggs and toast. "Obviously, capes are out of the question. Just look at what happened to the two of us."
[Bob:] "It wasn't just you," I said as I put down my own newspaper. "Dynaguy, meta man and even Thunderhead all went the same way as you too. You're right davoid, superfriends don't let superfrinds wear capes."
[Sarah:] I noded and looked at the TV; I was shocked to see that it was in color. The 70's were gonna be a wild ride. Then I heard the TV was broadcasting a report...about...US?!
[David:] I noticed the TV. The reporter was talking about Aperture. "Security cameras recorded the appearance of several teenage Supers, presumably cloned by the company. Aperture was widely thought to have experimented primarily with teleportation and other space-time technology, but only recently has any biology-related division been known."
"Well, at least everyone knows we're alive now," I said grimly.
[Sarah:] I was confused. Dad wasn't a teenager, and nether was Uncle Thunderhead or Mom. What was going on here? I bit into some buttered toast to get my mind off it. Dash already in the living room.
[Dash:] I was already full with cerial and stuff so I didn't feel like I could eat much more stuff.
"You guys had better get some food in ya sooon. We're gonna get you resuited before we save your mom & uncle."
[Vi:] I settled for some cereal... I was more concerned about the matters with Chell. What was she up to today?
"I suppose so," I said. "Let's just hope we can rescue them in time. Aperture has plans for them... and I have a bad feeling I know what they are."

Metroville, 8:00 AM, Saturday, March 8, 1980
[Sarah:] Half an hour later, we were driving to E's mansion. It was so exciting, and we expected a warm welcome.
[Helen:] Bob was busy sorting things out with Mr. Dicker, so it was just me, the kids, and David and Sarah.
We didn't talk much, there was no need. Once we arrived at E's place, we were greeted by the typical security grunt.
"Have you set up an appointment, ma'am?"
"Uh, I was just going to see - "
"All Visitors are required to set up a - "
Then E's familiar voice blared through the speaker. "Go on, get out of here! Go check the electric fence or something!... What is it, who are you, what do you want?"
I looked at her on the security prompt screen...
[Edna:] "My god, you've gotten fat... Come in! Come!" I was actually referring to Splashdown... I hoped he was sensible enough to ditch the cape now that he'd returned.
[Dash:] I couldn't help giggling as we made our way thru the gates and up the drive. Soon we were in.
[Sarah:] I sat down trying not to look E in the eye. That's because I was too embarrassed to speak.
[David:] I wondered how E would think about me. I knew my daughter felt bad about getting caught up in that literal fashion disaster... I felt the same way.
Once out of the car in the parking lot, we found E waiting for us. "Uh... Hello," I said.
[Edna:] "Well well, Splashdown, Stratogale," I smirked. "You haven't changed a bit since you last paid me a Visit." (Sarah)
[Sarah:] I was still hiding my face. I couldn't believe now more than evil how stupid I'd been. "Express elevator, sucked into a vortex, sucked into a turbine caught on a mistle, snagged on take off!... Stupid STUPID STUPID!"
I faced away from Edna, knowing that I'd made a horrific mistake.
[Edna:] "As if that wasn't obvious," I muttered. "I assume you two are here to update your uniforms, am I right?"
[David:] "You can say that," I said. "I suppose my daughter's morale would be improved a great deal if you helped us out." (Sarah)
[Sarah:] I have Edna a sharp look. "I don't see what you're on about! YOU gave us the capes, like you did dynaguy, meta man AND Uncle Thunderhead."
[Dash:] I desided to stay out this was getting a LITTLE crazy. "Man, I wish Vi was here."
[Edna:] "It was their own decision," I countered in a matter-of-fact tone. "I didn't see the problem until it was too late. For the case of the Parr family I decided to be proactive and prevent that mistake early."
[Helen:] "And what does this have to do with you?"
[Edna:] "I told you husband that I never look back. It distracts from the now, darling. Whatever the case I'd be happy to refresh your outfits for you. Sans capes, of course, darling."
[Sarah:] I sighed in frustration, but I knew Edna was right. That cape had cost me my life in exchange to a 1 way ticket to a chanister. "Edna... My mom Apogee and my uncle are still in there with the others. We HAVE to plan to break 'em out after our new costumes are made."
[Dash:] I zoomed over to her and hugged her leg. I felt sorry for Sarah. If it had been my mom... "It's ok Sarah. "We'll help you get 'em back... Right mom?"
[Edna:] "Ah yes, that one who snagged his cape on a missile. I'd be happy to make him a new suit as well. At any rate, darling, come with me. I can arrange something to suit you both, so to speak."
[Helen:] "It's okay, Dash," I said as we headed into the lobby. "Dad and Vi are trying to work it out..."

Metroville, 8:00 AM, Saturday, March 8, 1980
[Vi:] Meanwhile, at Mr. Dicker's office, Dad and I were doing some strategy planning with our legal advisor.
"So your theory," I said, "is that Aperture intends to give all the heroes of the past a different mindset? So that they have loyalty to the company itself?"
[Dicker:] "Assuming that is the case, it is quite possible that Aperture is experimenting with some of the late supervillains as well. Syndrome of course is a prime candidate. If he returns to exact his vengeance with Aperture by his side, he will be far more difficult to defeat this time around."
[Bob:] There was one thing I had to do. I owed it to Sarah and her father. "They also have Katherine Squall and Edward Surge in there too. Imagine what they could do with them. I predict a 99-percent chance of gravity loss worldwide and thunderstorms all over the earth."
[Dicker:] "I was thinking that too. And worse yet, I've also received word that Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, and Charles Xavier are also being held by Aperture, as are Daredevil and several copies of Superman. If Aperture carries out its plan, that can mean one thing and one thing only..."
[Vi:] "The end of human civilization... and the rise of the machines."
I cradled Jack-Jack close to me, frightened at the thought. And considering that they also had Neo from The Matrix trilogy in there, Aperture was meaning SERIOUS BUSINESS.
[Bob:] "What we need is the BIGGEST hero of my city. Meta man back. He could use all kinds of powers. Also in the meantime, the Squalls NEED a home." I looked at Jack-Jack and tickled his tummy a little. I understood Vi and Sarah had hit it off well.
[Vi:] I looked down at the giggling Jack-Jack as well. I didn't want to lose him, of course.
"Other people we absolutely have to recover include Superman, Neo, Xavier, and of course Apogee and Thunderhead. Once we have them on our side, the main priority is to gather as many heroes as physically possible."
[Dicker:] "And not just from Aperture's canisters either. There must be a few heroes willing to help, and some of them know what Aperture can do. I strongly recommend talking to Megamind about this, since he nearly caused a similar catastrophe and was once afilliated with Aperture. He should know a few things about what the company is like."
[Bob:] I nodded in agreement. Metro City wasn't too far away via the Incrediblie.
"We'll get there as fast as we can." I said softly. "Megamind may have been a villain once, but things have changed. Maybe he and Minion could help us." I looked at Vi and my baby lovingly, knowing that we needed to act fast before we lost anyone else.
[Vi:] "I may also need to talk to Colonel Pluck about this, assuming I know where he is," I said. "We're going to need all the help we can get if we are to stop Aperture taking over the world."

Metroville, 9:00 AM, Saturday, March 8, 1980
[Helen:] Back at Edna's, we were brainstorming ideas for the Squall family's new Supersuits. Of course, Edna knew what we needed, the design was the last thing needed.
[Edna:] "For your suit," I told Stratogale, "I've been able to design a special bulletproof fabric that reduces the effects of high-altitude lack of air pressure, which is crucial considering your flight ability. Your suit is designed for streamlining in the air, which is another reason I left out the cape. Nonetheless, I intend to make the back design purple as an homage to it." (Sarah)
[Sarah:] I liked the idea. It suited me allot. "Thanks Edna. I hope you like this idea I have for dad." and I told Edna about my idea. "The new costume would be tropical blue and sea green. the new symbol would be a puddle with an s on it, and there would be swiming goggles on it too. the new suit would be made out of the same stuff and inflatable life preservers."
only stronger.
[David:] "An interesting idea," I said. "An additional proposition I'd like to have is a camouflage pattern made of the suggested colors. You never know when you need to blend in with your surroundings."
[Helen:] "So you're suggesting that not all Supers have to be conspicuous?" I asked.
[David:] "Sometimes it can get you killed. I remember it nearly happened several times to Kick-Ass." (Dash)
[Dash:] I was enjoying all these ideas a lot... And then, it happened.
Huge robotic tentacles came smashing thru the windows. As I fled I felt myself being grabbed by one of them, and then I felt a prickle and passed out.
[Helen:] "Dash!" I screamed, trying to reach for him. But in a flash, he was gone.
[David:] "What happened?" I cried in horror.
[Helen:] "They've got Dash!" I cried. "We've gotta call Bob and Vi straight away!"

Metroville, 9:15 AM, Saturday, March 8, 1980
[Dash:] The next thing I knew, I was tied to a chair with my bair feet in front of me. "Hey! What gives?"
Naturally, I started trying to escape my chair and ropes. Where was I? what was I doing here, and why were my feet bare?
As I wiggled my toes for no reason, I found out.
[Pluck:] GlaDos had been doing a good job up to this point. With me, Colonel Pluck, under their custody, Aperture was able to make some major repairs and improvements. But I was being held against my will. One day soon, I'd get the opportunity to bust out. When that day came, I'd dig up my Stompybot and return to finish what I should have started from the beginning.
"Welcome, Dashiell Parr," said GlaDos, as I watched the young Super from the safety of the overhead balcony. "Aperture Science is proud to have you here." (Dash)
[Dash:] I struggled against my ropes and scowled at her. "What do you want from me? If it's info you can get bent!"
[Pluck:] "You have something we want, and we will do whatever it takes to get it," said GlaDos, flashing some of her cables. I had a feeling I knew what she was going to do in a few moments.
"You're not the only one, Dash," I said to myself, "being held here against his will. GlaDos will do whatever she can to extract that S-factor from you. Do not give her what she wants."
[Dash:] My eyes widened as I saw the cables, and I did NOT like what was going to happen to me.
I knew full well that kids 5 to ten are ten times more ticklish than teenagers like Vi and Stratogale. "You wouldn't!?"
[Pluck:] "Dash!" I called. "Do not give GlaDos what she wants! Aperture is using that S-factor for something terribly wrong, the same way the Tiki Tak Tribe used me. Stay strong, young Super. Stay strong!"
[Dash:] I didn't have time to find out what was said, when I felt it... Tickly cables on the pads of my toes. I tried to hold it in by biting my lip. at least GlaDos wasn't using tickle talk.
[Pluck:] I would have done something, had it not been for the turret directly behind me.
But I did have my Buckbombs with me. One of them was making its way towards the power grid right now - if only it could just walk faster! (Dash)
[Dash:] I was in a baaaad sitch. Holding in laughter was hard work.
"N-N-N-NOHO! IHIHIH W-W-W-W-WOHOHOHOHOHOHHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHON'T!!!!!!" I finally broke and burst into laughter.
[Pluck:] "I know your weaknesses, Dash," said GlaDos as she started running some of her brush-tipped cables between his wiggling toes. "And I have ways to make you talk."
"Dear god," I said in shock as GlaDos tormented her captive. Where was Donkey Kong when you needed him?
[Pluck:] I could only watch as the poor kid was tormented.
"You say that the cake is a lie," GlaDos stated as she tickled his arches and the sides of his feet. "We do not think so... There is a whole bounty waiting for you at the end of the road. And only we can lead you to the new world just ahead."
But then a new sound cut through Dash's laughter. There was a loud BOOM, and a rattling of bullets. One of my Buckbombs must have blundered into a turret.
[Dash:] I opened my teary eyes. I could swear I could see Splashdown and Stratogale.
[Pluck:] Another explosion, this time directly behind me. The turret behind me was blasted sky-high and crashed to the ground in a heap of scrap metal.
I turned to see a strapping young man, floating in the air, clad in camouflage patterning of blue and green.
[Splashdown:] "Who are you?" I asked, confused.
[Pluck:] I stuck out my wing for him to shake, which he did with slight confusion. "The name is Colonel Pluck. But no time for further introductions - GlaDos has got your friend's son!"
Next moment, there was another BOOM - and the lights went out. GlaDos twitched, momentarily stopping her torment as her cables faltered.
Apparently, my Buckbombs must have done their job.
[Dash:] I gasped for breath and then grabbed my boots as I was picked up by Sarah. "Thanks. I was DYING there."
[Stratogale:] Clad in my new capeless costume, I was more than ready to help out. "Don't worry Dash, we'll be out soon." We flew to the hole in the wall as fast as we could.
[Pluck:] "I'll come with you!" I said. "I have some explaining to do, I think."
[Splashdown:] I didn't need to be told twice, so I scooped up the chicken with goggles and flew out in my daughter's wake.

Metro City, 9:15 AM, Saturday, March 8, 1980
[Vi:] Dad and I, of course, were oblivious to my brother's close shave. At this moment, we were at Metrocity, having just parked our car outside of Megamind's lair.
I was the first to get out of the Incredibile. I looked up at the inconspicuous "fake observatory"...
"This doesn't exactly LOOK like his lair, doesn't it?" I asked, feeling a bit confused. (Bob)
[Bob:] ;"well, he WAS a Villain once." I said. he tured over a new leaf last year. he even has an invisible car he gets round in." I knocked on the door and waited.
[Megamind:] As soon as I heard the knocking at my door, I decided to get off my bootaxe and open it. And when I id, I was face to face with none other than Mr. Incrediebell... Yeah, I think thats how you say it. "W-what are you two doing here?"
[Vi:] "Houston, we've got a problem."
[Minion:] "What kind of problem?" I asked, turning up alongside my BFF in my apron and chef's hat, holding a tray of chocolate chip cookies.
[Vi:] I lowered my voice... "GlaDos."
[Megamind:] My eyes widened in horror at the name of GlaDos. I dragged Violet and her father inside the observatory.
[Bob:] Soon we had explaned the sitchuation to Megamind and were getting ready tom go.
[Minion:] "W-wait! Okay, so Aperture is busily cloning some of the late and most powerful Supers in history, AND some of the old supervillains, and they intend to take over the world using them with altered mindsets?"
[Vi:] "That sums it up," I said, cradling a frightened Jack-Jack.
[Minion:] "So what do you think we're supposed to do? Can't we just close down the company somehow?" (Megamind or Bob)
[Bob:] "It isn't that simple. now everyone knows the companies gone rouge. it's up to us to turn GlaDos into scrap and save the others. then, we can say hello to super golden age 2.0."
That was what I was hoping for anyway. I disnn't know if that would actually happen.
[Minion:] "Yeah, well there's just one slight problem," I said as we headed out the door (I left the cookies in the kitchen for the others to enjoy later). "...How?"
[Vi:] "That, Minion, is a very good question," I said as I hopped back into the Incredibile, with Megamind and Minion entering their own invisible car next to it.
[Megamind:] "answer is simple Minion. We will simply lay waist to Metrovile's apator scance certre, and run off with the holding chambers of Apogee and Thunderhead. then when all is done, we will be ready for step two."
The Incredibles: Rise of the Galeforces - Chapter 3: Suited For the Job

The Incredibles: Rise of the Galeforces is based on a series of RPs I have been doing with ~georgemiser. These RPs were based on the often-practiced notion of dead superheroes, such as the ones that died before the events of the movie, being resurrected in some way or another. This has escalated into a full-blown new storyline with a new protagonist, Sarah Squall aka Stratogale, and her family aiding the Parr family in the defeat of Aperture Science, who intends to use a majority of the late Supers as the spearheads of their own personal army.

With the inclusion of Megamind and friends, the craziness officially begins. Will three franchises be enough to hold in the awesomeness? 8D
...Wait. I forgot I included Colonel Pluck from DKCR as well. :XD:

The Incredibles (c) Pixar, Brad Bird
Megamind (c) Dreamworks
Donkey Kong Country Returns (c) Retro
Portal (c) Valve

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