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The Incredibles: Rise of the Galeforces - Chapter 2: Home Security

Municiberg, 7:30 PM, Friday, March 7, 1980
[Vi:] "What happened?" Mom asked over the phone. "You didn't get into trouble again, didn't you?"
"I can't say I did," I said. "But I did manage to make a few new friends. We're coming home as soon as we can, assuming GlaDos doesn't get to us first."
"I said it's a long story. I'll explain when you pick us up, okay?"
"Uh... okay. See you in a few, sweetie."
I hung up. "Dash," I asked. "I'm not sure if it's a good idea to say this, but don't we have to battle GlaDos again if we are to rescue everyone?"
[Dash:] "yeah." I said as I stood outside. "but..arn't you and Stratogale tired from that tickle torture?"
I was looking at Stratogale, who looked tired from her ordeal and bootless too.
[Stratogale:] as I managed to relax, I saw the letter I on both violet & Dash's costumes. "Strange symbol to have on your super suits. mean anything?"
[Vi:] "Oh, this? My dad was the one who had it first. Well, technically his fashion designer gave it to the rest of my family..." (turn)
[Dash:] I smirked, and decided to drop a little suprise on our new friend and his daughter. "See, our dad's a small time Super, pretty much unknown, called... MR. INCREDIBLE!!!"
[Splashdown:] "Wait... He's still alive?"
[Vi:] "He still is," I said, handing Stratogale's boots to her. "Always was. Although he did come very close to being killed when Syndrome tried to dispose of him last year..."
[Dash:] We desided not to explain who Syndrome was till later. "He's married to Elastigirl now. But... something happened to us Supers after you died."
[Stratogale:] I put on my boots as Dash talked. It was nice to know know Mr. I & Elastigirl were alive & well. But...what HAD happened after we died?
[Splashdown:] "What happened? Did something go wrong?"
[Vi:] "In a way... The citizens of the world decided that superheroes were doing more harm than good. Lawsuits were filed, and amidst the losses the government had to begin the Superhero Relocation Program. That's why my brother and I are living ordinary lives with the rest of our family."
"The program is no longer necessary, thank heaven for that. Still, I don't think it would be good for people to notice you in your supersuits these days..."
That was when I heard the horn honk of Mom's car.
[Stratogale:] when I heard the car horn, I desided to give Elastigirl a suprise. "Come on Dad." I giggled. "Let's give her a lil' shock." So I hid behind a wall nearby and waited.
[Splashdown:] "Uh... Sarah, what are you up to?" I asked, reluctantly following her...
[Stratogale:] I whispered my plan to dad. we would jump out at the car and yell suprise. Elastigirl would be so suprised and happy to see us.
[Dash:] I watched them as mom drove up. She'd be suprised alright.
[Vi:] "Uh... Mom?" I asked as soon as I got in the car.
[Helen:] "What were you two doing?" I asked. "And why were you in the middle of the city?" Of course Vi had disclosed her location beforehand, but here?
That was when I noticed the Aperture logo nearby. "You went in there? Without my express consent?"
[Vi:] "We had no other choice," I said. "They wanted us for a reason. But at any rate, I made some new friends... Or rather, some old ones..."
[Stratogale:] That was our cue. This was gonna be great! "1...2...3..." Then both me and dad flew out from behind the wall. "Suprise!!!"
[Helen:] "Whoa!" I cried. But then when I realized who it was, my face turned pale. "S-Stratogale? Splashdown? Land sakes, I thought you'd..."
[Splashdown:] I landed back upon the ground in front of the car. "It's a long and horrifying story. But at any rate, we need to alert your husband about this. Aperture has been cloning us, and whatever the reason it can't be good."
[Dash:] "We'll explain when we get home," I said as I got in the car.
[Stratogale:] I followed Dash and Vi inside the car. It was a little cramped but otherwise okay. "Nice to see you again!" I smiled.
[Helen:] "Uh, yeah. Yes it is. Splashdown, I think you should find a home to live in... Preferably one close to ours."
[Splashdown:] "Ah, yes. So we can contact you?"
[Vi:] "Our neighbors just moved out - the nice lady next door turned out to be one of Mom's old supervillain enemies. The house is perfect for you."
[Helen:] "You could talk to Mr. Dicker," I suggested. "He was the one who helped my husband find a home for us. He could lend you guys some funding."
[Stratogale:] "B-but we don't have any money!" I said. "we're broke..."
[Dash:] "No problem." I said, geting a good feel on Splashdowns arms. "The house is up for grabs. Say, why don't we get you guys new costumes tommorow?"
[Splashdown:] "I guess that can work," I said, also getting in the car as Helen drove us off (it was a pretty big car - had Bob found a stable profession?). "This cape nearly cost me my life. I should talk to Edna about changing this outfit..."
[Vi:] "Yeah, you should," I said. "She was the one Dad spoke to for his own new Supersuit."
[Stratogale:] I was a lot less calm about my cape related death. So as soon as we were on a bridge, I decided to throw the cape off the end. "Good riddance to ban trash!"
[Vi:] "I never wore a cape... And besides, Dad says it never was a good idea to have one in the first place."
I helped unbuckle Stratogale's cape, and watched it fly out the window on its own... straight into the claw of a mysterious machine below the bridge.
Only I could see this thing... Apparently, Aperture had a score to settle with us.
[Dash:] I never saw the claw. but I could feel a strangee aura in the air. "Sooo, now what?"
[Vi:] We'd already arrived home by that time. I got out of the car first. "We find some civilian outfits for you two," I said.
[Stratogale:] I nodded. I couldn't be seen in this. "Can we stay at yours for the night Helen?"
[Helen:] "I'll need to explain to Bob first..." I went over and opened the door, Vi and Dash in my wake. "Bob?" I called...
[Bob:] I was watching TV when my name was called. I went to the dooor and answered. "Helen! Guys! What took you so long?" I said, hugging them all.
[Dash:] "Hi dad." I said as we were hugged. "We have a supri-i-ise..." I added winking at the car.
[Vi:] "Can I call you Sarah?" I asked Stratogale as I helped her out. "I think that's what Splashdown said..."
[Stratogale:] "Sure," I said as I got out the car. "And you can call my dad David."
[Vi:] "That's his name?"
[Dash:] I showed the two to dad as soon as they got out. "Taa daa," I said proudly. (turn)
[Splashdown:] "Mr. Parr," I said, smiling. "Pleasure to meet you again, sir."
[Bob:] I couldn't believe my eyes... I was left UTTERLY speechless. I went back to the sofa to try and comprehend what i'd seen as they all walked in.
[Helen:] "Bob, I'm pleased to say that several of our fellow Supers have returned. It has been fifteen years since they vanished, but thanks to Aperture, they have a second chance."
[Vi:] "If they do break out, that is," I said. "We were forced to go to the facilities. That's how we met Sarah here. I'm not sure if GlaDos took it very well, though..."
[Bob:] I didn't really understand much of this, but I just went with it. "Why? What happened?"
[Stratogale:] "Me an Violet were tickle tortured for ages before we were rescued," I said, curling my toes.
[Vi:] "Aperture is cloning Supers that perished in the old days," I said. "Something to do with the S-factor Sunbright mentioned. I don't know why they would do this, but my best hypothesis is that they may end up brainwashing the Supers and using them for their own purposes..."
[Stratogale:] I shuddered. "That sounds terrible!" I said. "But anyway, that's why we need to save 'em!"
[Dash:] "C'mon dad! you gotta admit it'd be great having all your old friends back."
[Helen:] "Dash is right," I said. "We'll need all the help we can get... Somehow, I have a strange feeling that Aperture is up to no good."
[Vi:] "You're not the only one," I said. "But first things first... Come on, Sarah. Let's get some clothes for the two of us."
[Sarah:] I nodded and dragged Dad along too. "Come on Dad. It'll be great to get out of the spandex."

Municiberg, 8:30 PM, Friday, March 7, 1980
[Vi:] As Sarah and I followed Helen to the closet in my room, I noticed that my new friend was feeling very upset.
"What's wrong?" I asked. "Is there something bothering you?"
[Sarah:] "I dunno..." I sai as I went to the closet.
<georgemiser>"It's just...well, the world has changed so mucch since we've been gone. My time was the 1950's. I'm in a new era with no unfderstanding of it at all," I sighed as I tried on a blue shirt.
Uh, wait... Vi, did you just call your mom by her first name?
[Vi:] Sorry Mom...
[Helen:] Sweetie, please try to show a bit of respect for your mother. *clears throat* At any rate, I managed to find some good-sized jeans from Violet's clothing set. "So, your real name is Sarah Squall, is that correct?" I said as I handed them to her, remembering seeing her name in the newspapers many years before.
[Sarah:] I nodded. "Uh huh. And my dad is David Squall. I'm a high school student and he works as a marine biologist...or at least..we did..."
[David:] I entered the room rather reluctantly, ditching my cape and helmet. "I suppose the cape thing really was a fashion disaster, wasn't it?" I chuckled, taking one of Bob's shirts to try on.
[Vi:] "It wasn't just a fashion disaster," I said. "It was a REAL disaster waiting to happen. Look at what happened to Syndrome!"
Then a thought occured to me, and my face turned pale. "Oh no," I gasped. "What... What if Aperture is cloning Syndrome too?"
[Sarah:] I blinked. "Wait a sec. Who exactly is Syndrome?"
[Helen:] "Fifteen years ago," I explained as I handed one of Bob's sets of pants to David, "before we married, Bob was constantly pestered by a certain young man named Buddy Pine.
"Unfortunately, he did not want Buddy around, and considered him no more than a nuisance. That was a mistake - Buddy lost faith in superheroes, and started using them as test subjects for his Omnidroid.
"Fifteen years later, Buddy had become Syndrome. It was Bob who went to try and stop him from taking over the world."
[Vi:] "We were quick to follow, but his security forces tried to dispose of us several times," I said as I changed into my regular dark blue clothes. "Luckily, when Syndrome finally captured us and released his Omnidroid on the city, I managed to break us out."
[Stratogale:] I listened to all this in shock as I sat at the foot of Violet's bed. Experimenting on Supers? This Syndrome guy sounded terrible, though it WAS a little funny he was doing all this because he couldn't have his way as a kid.
[Vi:] "As soon as we rushed over to Municiberg," I continued, "we had to stop the Omnidroid destroying the city. Luckily, Bob managed to use one of its own claws to destroy the robot itself. That epic battle was why the Supers were allowed a second chance at making the world a better place."
[stratogale:] I clapped my hands eagerly. "This is so great! We've come back at the right time! Are they're other Supers left besides us? What do you mean by "experimenting" on Supers?" Soon enough, however, I would wish I hadn't asked.
[Helen:] "Well, there's Frozone..." I said. "Although from what Vi has told me, Aperture has plans for some of the other Supers who died before our return..."
[Vi:] "Most of those were killed by Syndrome's prototype Omnidroids," I said grimly.
[Stratogale:] The news of this haden't seeped in for a while. I stood there in silence for a minute. "Wait... What?"
[Vi:] "Dad was the only one who could beat that thing because he knew that the only thing that could penetrate it was itself."
[Stratogale:] A horrible thought struck me. My mom, who had operated under the moniker of "Apogee," had lived longer than we had. "Well," I said nervously, "w-what about my mom? What about Apogee?" (helen)
[Helen:] I swallowed, wondering if I should be honest, but I decided not to give her any unpleasant surprises. "I'm sorry," I said. "But Bob told me that she was one of the victims of the Omnidroid testing."
[Vi:] "I did see her in one of the Aperture canisters though..." (Sarah)
[Stratogale:] I never heard what Vi said. all I could feel at that moment was pain. Mom was gone. That bastard Syndrome had killed her.
"NO!" I screamed and ran into Helen's bedroom to cry. The world had ended right there and then.
[Vi:] "S-sarah!" I cried.
[Helen:] "Wait here," I said to Vi. "I'll go talk to her..."
[Stratogale:] I cried and sobed into the pillows. This couldn't be! Mom had been killed, cloned and has gonna be used for evil. I couldn't take it! I never heard Helen come in.
[Helen:] "Sarah? What's wrong?" Somehow, though, I knew why she was so upset...
[Stratogale:] I couldn't control the flow of tears. So I suddenly wrapped my arms around Helen and hugged her tight. "Oh Elastigirl... She's gone! My mom's dead all because of that damn Syndrome! I HATE HIM I HATE HIM I HATE HIM!!!"
[Helen:] "Shhhhhhh, don't get so upset about it," I said as I tried to comfort her. "Syndrome is dead. I hope that makes you happy..."
[Stratogale:] It didn't. I began to gasp and sob at the same time. "I-i-i'll never be happy again!" I sniffed as I kicked my feet. Maybe it was that that inspired helen to cheer me up.
[Helen:] I had no idea what to think. But I couldn't see her like this... She needed to smile, the way she used to. "Shhh, Sarah, you really do need to smile more often... Hang on. I know just the thing."
[Stratogale:] I was confused. "w-what could you do?" I was about to find out.
[Helen:] With a single, swift, fluid motion, I managed to sweep Sarah off her feet and onto the bed, and wrap my entire left arm like a rope strand around her body, before proceeding to tickle both of her feet at once with both hands. "What did I just tell you?" I smiled.
[Stratogale:] I had no time to say anything as my feet were tickled once again. "AHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, WHAHAHAHAHAT ARE YOHOOHOHOU DOHOHOING?"
[Helen:] "Come ON, Sarah," I teased, drawing circles on her heels and watching her toes wiggle helplessly. "It only takes two muscles! :D"
[Stratogale:] I couldn't control myself. it was torture, but in a nice playful way. I was liking this, of course, but that didn't mean I couldn't fight. "NUUUUUUUUHUHUHUHUUHHUHUHUHUUHU!" I said, wiggling my toes. "C'MOHOHOHOHOHOHON!!!"
[Helen:] "Now we're getting somewhere," I giggled as I started tickling between her toes now. "Coochie coochie coo!" I was surprised it was actually working. I'd never been able to do this to Vi without getting her even more upset...
[Stratogale:] I have to say at this point that Vi's mom is a great tickler! Even better than dad or mom. (Uncle Thunderhead always gave me static cling when he tried that...) But the point was all the bad feelings and sad thoughts and misery were being laughed out.
[Helen:] I was glad Sarah was able to smile again after fifteen years. And I was glad I'd helped.
After five minutes of this, I unwrapped her and set her in a sitting position at the foot of the bed before sitting down next to her. "There. Are you feeling better now?"
[Stratogale:] I rubbed the tingling sensations out of my feet and smiled at her. I did feel better. all that laughing had made me feel great, and all the bad thoughts were gone.
I felt so good about it all. Mom was still in holding, we could bring her back.
And it just felt so nice to be happy again. I hugged Helen...Before grabbing her sides and tickling them playfully! 'Gotcha!"
[Helen:] "Hahahahahehehehehey!" I cried, cringing away from her with a surprised smile. Obviously, Sarah here knew I was ticklish too. I wondered what would happen if she found out that my feet were my worst spot... [Stratogale:] Well, I found out at this point. After fighting her to the bed, I removed her slippers and started playing "this little piggy" with her toes.
"This lil piggy got trapped, this lil piggy saved the day..."
[Helen:] I couldn't help myself. Sarah did have quite some experience here. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHET OHOHOHOHOUT OF THEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHERE!"
[Stratogale:] But I didn't. I didn't wanna stop tickling her rubbery feeties untill I got to tickle them allll over. "And these lil piggies went..." I rappedly tickled all over her feet. "WEEWEEWEEWEEWEEWEEWEEWEEWEE! All the way home!"
[Vi:] Feeling curious as to the laughter coming from Mom's room, I peeked inside and knocked lightly on the door. "Uh... Can I come in? What's going on in there?"
[Stratogale:] As I gently teased Helen's soles I heard Vi call out. "Sure come in," I said. "We have a 'ticklish situation' in here." (turn)
[Vi:] "Let me see if I can help," I said slyly... and then I tied Helen's ankles in a knot and tickled her left foot.
[Stratogale:] "She's giving her ticklish mom a good laugh," I teased. "Coochie coochie! Say uncle!" I said as I tormented her arches.
[Dash:] I heard laughter coming from mom's room and zoomed over to see. When I did, I couldn't help giggling.
[Helen:] "EEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEP! OKAY OHKAHAHAHAHAHAY! UNCLEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHA!" This bought to mind the old days when Vi and Dash were younger. We'd always had lots of fun together... before the truth came crashing down upon us all.
[Stratogale:] I stopped after Helen hollerd uncle and smiled at her as I cuddled up to her. "Thanks for cheering me up," I said to her.
[Helen:] "You're most welcome," I said. "Now can someone please untie me?!"
<Shadow-Aspect>[Vi:] I managed to fix up my mother's ankles and give her a quick tickle and kiss on her left foot. "Good work, Mom," I said. "Well, now that Sarah is in a good mood, I guess it's us together, right?"
[Dash:] "Ewww, foot kiss!" I muttered to myself, cringing at this. I didn't really understand the concept of people finding feet cute at the time, so... yeah. I sat on the bed alongside the three young women. "Did I miss anything?"
[Vi:] "Well, Mom managed to cheer her up," I said with a smirk. "I guess we've all found some new friends of the family... I guess."
[Helen:] "True," I said, putting my slippers back on. "But there's still the matter of Aperture... I'd better explain to Bob. He'll know something about it."
[Stratogale:] "And tommorow," I added, "we can get new costumes, and figure out a way to free mom & Uncle Thunderhead. Not to mention Macroburst owes me a date!"
[Vi:] "You can sleep in my room, Sarah," I grinned. "It looks like we've got a lot to talk about."
[Stratogale:] I couldn't've agreed more with her. It was gonna be like a sleepover. "By the way, do I still have to go to school?"
[Vi:] "As for that... Well, times have changed, so you might want to refresh your life after so many years in a containment cell. I could convince the principal at my high school to accept you as a transfer student."
[Helen:] "That's a good idea, hun," I said, stroking Violet's hair. "The Squall family does have a second chance to restart their lives, after all."
[Dash:] "Maybe they could become a super family team like we did! That is if we get Apogee and Thunderhead free." I sugested. We could really use the extra help, plus it sounded fun!
[Vi:] "Yeah, good idea," I smiled, giving Dash a fist-bump - a first, considering our sibling rivalry.
[Helen:] "Seconded," I said. "It's getting late, though... You three might want to go get some sleep. Anyways, tomorrow is Saturday... We can solve the problem then."
[Sarah:] I let out a big yawn and nodded sleepily. "Yeah... a *yawn* good sleep sounds like a great idea right about now." I said as I headed to violet's room and Dash headed to his.
[Vi:] "Seconded. Good night mom, and let's hope Aperture gets what's coming to it soon."
[Helen:] "Same to you, sweetie," I said, kissing her forehead.
[Vi:] And with that, I headed off to my room to host a little sleepover party with Sarah. At long last, for the first time in a long while, I'd found myself a new superpowered friend... but also a new enemy.
I made a mental note to call Chell tomorrow morning. Whatever GlaDos was up to, she was going to be a pile of scrap metal at the end of the week... and Stratogale was going to make sure of it.
The Incredibles: Rise of the Galeforces - Chapter 2: Home Security

The Incredibles: Rise of the Galeforces is based on a series of RPs I have been doing with ~georgemiser. These RPs were based on the often-practiced notion of dead superheroes, such as the ones that died before the events of the movie, being resurrected in some way or another. This has escalated into a full-blown new storyline with a new protagonist, Sarah Squall aka Stratogale, and her family aiding the Parr family in the defeat of Aperture Science, who intends to use a majority of the late Supers as the spearheads of their own personal army.

No words can describe how much I LOVED the way this one turned out, particularly the tickle scene with Sarah and Helen/Elastigirl. After all, between me and George, what good is ANY RP without some playful tickling fun? :D
Chapters 1-3 and 1-4 will be coming soon! ;)

The Incredibles (c) Pixar, Brad Bird
Portal (c) Valve

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