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The Incredibles: Rise of the Galeforces - Chapter 1: First Flight

Municiberg, 2:30 PM, Friday, March 7, 1980
[Vi:] Hello everyone. I'm Violet Parr, aka Invisigirl, proud member of The Incredibles.
[Dash:] And I'm her annoying little brother, Dash. A.K.A. The Dash, of course.
[Vi:] To those who are listening, we'd like to remind you that this set of personal accounts is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. It is only accessible to Supers and governmental agents associated with them. So, on that note... How are we gonna start this?
[Dash:] What, that one involving one of those glory day Supers resurrected from the dead?
[Vi:] There was this one I remember from the old files...
[Dash:] Stratogale?
[Vi:] Yeah, that was her. Given the fact that many superhero comics exploit human cloning I guess it was bound to happen...
[Dash:] What about Gazerbeam, 'cuz he helped our Dad?
And I also thought of the other guys Dad told me about - you know, like Dynaguy and Splashdown - and the unheard stories they had.
[Vi:] Well, Stratogale sounds like the one I can most relate to... And besides, she's female.
[Dash:] Yeah, I get it. Well, she was the first.
[Vi:] Indeed, she was. You remember that day, Dash?
[Dash:] Of course. Just another boring day as per usual...
[Vi:] Go on.
[Dash:] Well, I was looking at the school clock after lunch. An hour more and I would be free. See, I had just discovered my new lightning powers when I had accidentaly set Mom's lawn on fire. I looked around the class and wondered if ANYTHING was gonna happen.
[Vi:] Meanwhile, back at my own school, I had just headed out of Physics class, feeling a bit dizzy from all that info I just learned. I mean, can you believe how difficult it is to memorize the mathematical formula of a sinusoidal wavelength?
I was just about to go talk to Tony again - he'd paired up with Kari, Jack-Jack's babysitter, to my incredible dismay - when my cell-phone rang. Wondering if it was from Mom, I took out the phone, and realized the number was unknown.
"Aw man, what now?" I asked to myself, and knowing I was going to get into trouble later I answered the call. "Hello? Who is this?"
[Dash:] I was just heading out of my school. Freedom, ahhhhh. Has there ever been a better word...besides Pixar?
Anyway, I was a few feet from school when the sound of "I'm Feelin It" by Blink 182 came from my bag. It was my ringtone.
I thought at 1st it might be Mom. She was always phoning me up after class to see how I was. Or maybe Vi to vent about how her head hurt from her last subject.
As it turned out, it was neither. It was an unknown caller, so I answered. "Hello?"
[Vi:] As soon as I answered the phone, I wished I hadn't... "Hello, Violet," said a voice over the phone. "We know who you are."
"Who are you?" I asked.
"We are Aperture Science," said the unmistakable female voice. I'd played the Portal game on my laptop enough times to recognize GlaDos... but I had no idea she was real.
"What do you want?" I asked.
"You are required to go to the facilities located in your town immediately," said GlaDos. "We require all Supers of age 18 or younger to register for our S-factor Extraction and Replication Center."
[Dash:] Vi's questions were the same ones I asked, and the answers also happened to be the same ones I got back. Since I was free from school, I could find Vi and tell her what I had heard. So, naturally, I zoomed over to her school and waited.
[Vi:] I was just out of the school, frightened that Aperture had the nerve to call me, when I noticed a few of my hairs standing on end. There was a slight charge in the air nearby, and when I looked in the direction it was coming from, I noticed none other than my own little brother waiting for me.
"You know, it's pretty weird, how you pop up at the worst possible time. Annoying too, now that I think of it," I said, heading over to meet him.
[Dash:] I shook my head in exasperation. "Look, never mind that," I said, heading over to see her. "I just got a call from these guys called Aperture Science. they want us to do some kinda...replication thing."
[Vi:] "Huh? Wait... Ohmigosh, you too? I don't know about you, but somehow I don't like where this is going. I recognized the person who called me... That was the voice of GlaDos - you know, from the Portal game? If she's actually daring enough to give us a call, then something serious must be going on."
[Dash:] "We have to go find one of these facilities, pronto," I said. "Anyway, we're two of the last Supers on Earth."
Well, thats what I thought at the time, but something was going to change all of that forever.
"Ready?" I asked, eager to figure out what was going on.
[Vi:] "Well, I think that's a good idea. The problem is, should we tell Mom and Dad first?"
[Dash:] "Nah," I said as I got ready to change. "Dad's at work, and Mom's busy with other stuff. Best thing to do is to do it ourselves." and with that, I changed into my Supersuit and zoomed off.
[Vi:] "W-wait up!" I called, hurrying after him. I was not entirely eager to find out what GlaDos was really up to. I'd talked with Chell online a while back, and she had told me a lot about this sadistic machine. Considering that there was a sequel to Portal coming soon, I wasn't too eager to see what GlaDos would be up to this time...

Municiberg, 3:30 PM, Friday, March 7, 1980
[Vi:] The headquarters was in the main city, an oddly blank, but futuristic-looking building amidst all of the skyscrapers around it. "This is the address she mentioned, right?" I asked...
[Dash:] "Uh huh." I said as I looked at it. The outside of the Aperture building had never been seen in the games. "Soooo, now what?"
[Vi:] "We go inside and see what's going on," I said. "There's something fishy about this place, and we must get to the bottom of it... before GlaDos gets to the bottom of US."
[Dash:] I understood where Vi was coming from and looked for a way in. thats when I saw an unmarked door labled fire exit. "Hey vi, looks like we found a way in." I opened the door to see what was inside.
[Vi:] "Dash? Uh... Are you sure this is a safe idea?"
[Dash:] I didn't answer. I had stumbled, NOT into a hall, but into what looked like a giant lab. "Wooooah..."
Inside were hundreds of clouded tubes, arranged in numerous rows, all with labels on them. "Everseer", "Splashdown", "Universal Man." Say, hadn't I heard those names somewhere before?
[Vi:] "Dash? Did you find anything interesting?" I asked, not knowing if it was a good idea to let him go in there on his own...
[Dash:] I head Vi's voice, so I sped back to her, grabbed her hand, and took her over to the canisters. "What do you make outta this?"
[Vi:] For a moment, all I could see was canisters. So many canisters, all arranged in row upon row of cold glass, like something out of a sci-fi movie.
"Well, THIS is interesting all right," I said... and then I noticed one of the canisters/holding vats/whatever was broken.
Whatever was inside had apparently vanished. I looked at the label of the broken cell... "Stratogale," I read. "Huh. I've heard that name before myself."
And then I noticed a few other names... "Everseer, Splashdown, Gazerbeam... Robin/Nightwing v. 1.0, Skyman, Starman, Banshee, Daredevil... Good lord, what has Aperture been up to?..."
[Dash:] Braniac 5, Bulletman, Red Tornado. These were some of the BEST super names ever. Then I turned over to the broken canister where Vi was. "Stratogale? wasn't she that teen super who was killed in the 50's?"
[Vi:] "Yeah... Got her cape snagged in a jet turbine. Same fate as Syndrome, no doubt. But why would these names be on these canisters... and why is this one broken?" Just my luck, though... my reverie was rudely interrupted by a loud blaring of a warning siren.
[Dash:] I dashed into a dark corner and hid from view. I had a strange feeling we were about to find out about all this stuff.
[Vi:] I was about to turn invisible when I heard the noise of bullets firing. Something was wrong, and it wasn't us either... "Dash! C'mon, someone else is here!" I cried, grabbing my little brother and rushing over to where the noise was...
[Dash:] As I was dragged along by Violet, I saw something that made my eyes widen. "Vi!"
It was another girl, about high school age, running down a hall in some kind of purple robe. "Follow her!" I cried.
[Vi:] I was just about to do that, when I noticed a red dot on my torso, barely visible against my Supersuit. I barely had time to throw up a forcefield around us when one of the turrets unleashed a spray of bullets at us, which ricocheted and broke the glass on a few of the holding tanks.
"Dash! Don't just stand there - DO SOMETHING!" I screamed, hoping his lightning powers would be useful.
[Dash:] I didn't need to be told twice. I managed to shoot a bolt at the turret and reduced it to scrap. "Well, that was easy. Now, that girl!"
[Vi:] "Come on! Before the rest of the guards notice us!" I said, and we rushed forth after the mysterious figure. Unfortunately, more turrets popped up as we headed out of the lab chamber...
Luckily I managed to grab Dash and toss a force field around us both as they fired, deflecting the bullets just in time.
[Dash:] I sighed in frustration. Soon the girl would be out of our sights. Suddenly, I had a plan. "Keep the force field up!" I said, and with that dragged her along past the turrets towards the girl.
[Vi:] I didn't need to be told twice. "What do you intend to do?" I asked, although I had a fairly speculative guess in my head...
[Dash:] "Find out who she is." I said. "then see if we can save her." I remembered that protection-plus-speed move we'd tried on Nomanisan, so I started running inside the forcefield. It worked, and we caught up with the unknown girl in less than a minute.
[Vi:] Our IncrediBall didn't take long to reach our goal... She was caught up in front of an army of angry turrets. But before they could fire, we had slammed into her, knocking her to the ceiling and ploughing through the entire assembly, smashing all of them to shrapnel and sending bullets ricocheting wildly everywhere. Doubling back for our target, I dropped the FF just enough to grab her, ducked a stray bullet, and led all three of us out to the relative safety of the main lobby.
"Whoa..." I panted. "That was close... Super DUPER close..."
[Sarah:] Okay, I had NO idea what had happened.
The last thing I could clearly remember was getting sucked into a jet turbine, before waking in a strange cell. I broke out but the drones...they chased me. Then these two saved my life.
"W-who are you?" I asked.
[Vi:] "Don't worry, you're safe with us," I said. "I'm Violet, and this is my annoying little brother, Dash. And you must be...?" (turn)
[Sarah:] "I...." I began, but I couldn't remember my name. Or at least... My real one. Yet.
"I can't remember my true can call me...Stratogale."
[Dash:] I stared at her, open mouthed. Stratogale? No way could this be true! Stratogale was dead! ...Wasn't she?
[Vi:] "Strato... H-hang on... Aren't you that one Super who got sucked into a jet turbine like what, fifteen years ago?" I asked, in total shock.
[Sarah:] I rubbed my head. "uh huh. I remmber saving a commercial jet, then being pulled back by my cape, and then I woke up here.""
I was confused. Who were these two? Were they Supers too? (turn)
[Vi:] "Geez, you've got to stop wearing that thing..." I said. "But enough about that - we've gotta get out of here, and FAST!"
[Stratogale:] "No!" I said shaking my head allot. "My friends. th-they're trapped in those canisters too! we have to go back!"
[Dash:] I looked at her in total disbelife. was she really THAT behind the times? "Vi?"
[Vi:] "Yeah?" I asked, feeling more concerned by the minute. Any second now, the guards - and GlaDos - would notice us...
[Dash:] "Couldn't we at least go back for one more?" I asked. "Who knows, maybe the world will be better off if a Super from the old days makes a comeback."
[Vi:] "At the risk of us getting killed by GlaDos?" I asked indignantly, taking note of the security cameras training their lenses on us...
[Stratogale:] My eyes narrowed into slits. "If you won't come back for one, then I will!" I snarled. With that I flew off in the direction of the canisters.
[Vi:] "W-wait!" I gasped, but it was too late. Then again, I was outnumbered two against one... and anyway, the more heroes we could get away from GlaDos, the better. "At least let us help..." I said, following after her with Dash in tow. (turn)
[Stratogale:] I arived back at the canisters and looked at the names. Who to release?
I narrowed it to 4: Gazerbeam, Splashdown, Everseer and Tradewind. "Jeepers, who do I bust out?!" I looked at Violet for help.
[Vi:] More security cameras were now focusing on us... More warning sirens. "INTRUDER ALERT, INTRUDER ALERT," the voices blared.
[Stratogale:] I closed my eyes, and punched randomly. there was a smashing sound followed my me opening my eyes. I had punched a hole right into Splashdown's holding cell.
[Vi:] I had only enough time to shout a warning... "STRATOGALE!"
Next moment, a pair of torpedoes rained down from above, aimed at each of us. I had to throw up a forcefield to protect myself, but another missile was aimed straight at Stratogale...
<georgemiser>[Dash:] seeing that stratogale was in danger I quickly used a lightning bomb to distry the torpedo. then I looked at the damaged holding cell. "Who was in there?" I asked.
[Stratogale:] I smiled and patted his head. "An old friend of mine just made a comeback."
[Splashdown:] "W-what happened?" I gasped. Was I dreaming? I only remembered that vortex breaking my bones... And then I noticed the girl in front of me. "S-Sarah?" I asked, realizing that my daughter had just returned to rescue me from my containment tube.
[Dash:] my jaw dropped to my breast. The fact that a dead Super was now back was shocking enough. Now, another was back, but that wasn't the shocking bit... "Splashdown was your dad!?"
[Stratogale:] I nodded and hugged my dad around his watery neck. "I'm back Dad. we both are."
[Vi:] I didn't know what to think - this was way too much to take in. But before I could start thinking of anything to say, the sirens blared louder than before.
Numerous armed guards - similar to the ones we'd fought on Nomanisan - burst into the lab. "No time for hugs and kisses," I said. "We'd better get moving before GlaDos gets pissed off!"
[Dash:] Vi was right. If we didn't bail soon, we'd be done for. I ran out the way we came in, taking Splashdown & Stratogale with me. "Vi, run! Splashdown save her!"
[Vi:] I wasn't sure what to do, but I didn't think I could keep up. "I'll hold them back!" I cried. "Run for it guys - JUST RUN!" I took off perpendicular to their direction, turning invisible and directing most of the laser guides towards my energy trail. I hoped Dash could run fast enough...
[Stratogale:] I was in a state of panic. The girl who had saved me from who knows what was about to die. Suddenly, I saw a hawk in the tree above me, and a few others wheeling in the sky. Remembering one of my powers was the ability to talk to birds, I convinced them to fly into the lab where they preceded to peck at the gaurds. "Now, Violet!"
[Vi:] I barely had time to throw up a force field and bowl over the security force... but then one of the missiles from earlier struck me down, knocking me out.
I barely rememberd Stratogale rushing forth to catch me, the guards surrounding both of us and Dash and Splashdown's panicked cries... and then everything went black.

Municiberg, 5:30 PM, Friday, March 7, 1980
[Vi:] The next thing I knew, I was in a dark chamber, the only light coming from a few computers off to the side.
I was strapped to some kind of chair, my bare feet propped forward, with Stratogale similarly tied down next to me. "W-what's going on? Where are we?" I asked... (Stratogale)
[Stratogale:] I woke up, and found myself next to Violet I could feel a cool breeze on my feet. "wh-wha?..." (turn)
[Vi:] That was when I heard a voice... a familiar, female, cybertronic voice. "Hello, Violet. Hello, Stratogale."
"GlaDos," I spat angrily. (turn)
[Stratogale:] I heard the voice. I was scared. "w-who is this?" I said shaking a little. (turn)
[Vi:] A light at the other end of the room came on... An ominously familiar robotic THING, like a mechanical human growing out of the ceiling, swung around to peer at us both. "I am GlaDos. Welcome to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center."
"What do you want from us?" I asked angrily.
"We are interested in the S-factor that you harbor in your bloodstream," said GlaDos. "It is in our own interest to extract and utilize it for the good of the human race."
[Stratogale:] I struggled against my bonds angryly.
"We're not gonna tell you jack, you tin freak! And give us our boots back!" I had to admit it was nice to have my feet out after so long, but this was ridiculous!
[Vi:] "If you refuse to give the information we want," GlaDos continued, "then we will have to force it out of you. And we have ways to make you talk..."
Judging from what I'd been through these days, I had a feeling that I knew what she was up to. And somehow, I had an odd feeling that I wasn't going to like it...
"What kinds of ways?" I snapped. "And what does this have to do with our boots?"
"Oh, you mean... these?" The machine's tentacle-like cables moved into the light, revealing two sets of boots tangled in them. One set was black - mine of course - and the other was purple, to match Stratogale's cape...
[Stratogale:] I scowled as my poor feet were exposed to the cold air around the room. "You creep! Give us back my boots! My feet are freezing here!"
[Vi:] "No," said Glados. Several more of the cables, tipped with what looked like mechanical claws, moved forward. "Not until I make you squeal first." As I looked on, two of the claws moved forward... and then stroked all the way down my new friend's helpless arches!
[Stratogale:] My eyes seemed to bulge out of my head. I hadn't felt this feeling for years, but I knew what it was... "N-n-n-o! I...wohon't...l-laugh!" I said as my arches we're playfully tormented.
[Vi:] GlaDos, you ironclad bitch you, I thought... And then I noticed two more cables move forward, these ones directed at me. The moment they touched my arches, the electric spasm that zinged up my legs forced my eyes shut and my teeth together.
"G-GlaDos!" I cried. "W-whahat are you d-dohohoing?!"
[Stratogale:] I closed my mouth, but it wasn't doing much good. Sniggers were coming out of my tightly closed lips, as well as a few giggles. It was torment, and that's saying something because I usually loved tickling. "Whyhyhy are y-y-y-you do-dohoing this!"
[Vi:] "I said we had ways to make you talk," GlaDos replied in her emotionless voice. "And if you do not talk, we will simply torment you further." Several more claws moved forward and started tickling between my toes... I finally lost it. "FFFFWHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NOHOHOHOHHOHOHOHO! STOHOHOHOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP! WHYHYHYHYHYHYHY?!"
[Stratogale:] As Violet laughed herself silly, I felt the claws begin to tickle my insteps and play this little piggy with my toes. I usually liked getting tickled, sort of, but this was pure torture with no mercy. "IHIHIHIHIHIIHIHI'LL NEHEHEHHEHEHEVER TAHAHAHAHAHALK! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA HEHEHEHEEHEHEHELP!"
[Vi:] I'd always thought that GlaDos outright killed her captives after use... But honestly, I'd never known how truly sadistic she was. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE NOHOHOHOHOHO STAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP! PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEAHAHAHAHAHASE!!!"
How long was it going to be before I finally snapped under the pressure?... And where was Dash when you needed him?
[Dash:] Me and splashdown were serching inside the building. Splashdown's water powers had ether rusted or short circuited the droids. That's when we heard 2 women begging from a nearby room. We knew who it was at once. "Violet and Stratogale! they must be being tortured!"
[Splashdown:] "Should we go help them?" I asked, fearing for my daughter's safety. I wondered what was going on in there... And then I heard a noise behind us. More turrets! It was a wonder how Sarah was able to get past them...
"Hello, Splashdown. Hello, Dash. We know who you are," said an ominous female voice. "Your sister and your daughter are under our custody, and we will not relinquish them until we have the information we need."
[Dash:] I scowlled as I heard this. It was plain to see what was happening to Vi And Sarah... They were being tickle tortured for info.
Then, I had this super cool idea! "Say Splashdown. maybe if we use my electric powers and your water powers, the door will explode!"
[Splashdown:] "Good idea," I said. "But first we've got a problem over there..." The crowd of turrets had all trained their guns at us... One mistake and we'd be 250 pounds of Swiss cheese!
[Dash:] I waisted no time. I raced around the turrets, shocking one and prompting it to shoot the others, which quickly exploded in a chain reaction. "Now!" I cried once all were dealt with, and zapped at the door.
[Splashdown:] Launching a ball of water at the door, I combined the Water Pulse with Dash's Thunderbolt, causing the door to explode.
[Vi:] GlaDos whipped around to see Dash and Splashdown emerging from the smoke. The cables retreated, and more of them popped out, this time with razor-sharp blades. "Stratogale!" I cried. "Let's get outta here!"
[Stratogale:] No need to tell me twice! No one tickles my feet without payback! I broke free and tied GlaDos' cables into knots before flying away. "Come on everyone! Lets get outta here!"
[Dash:] Following Stratogale's lead, I raced alongside her. "Splashdown! Vi! Lets move!"
[Vi:] Grabbing my boots and slipping them on, I followed Stratogale and her father out of the room... However, GlaDos was not oblivious, and fired several more rockets at us.
Luckily I threw up a force field to deflect them, and grabbing Stratogale's boots as well, I rushed out the door and into the lobby again.
"Man, GlaDos is gonna be pissed at us for that," I said...
[Stratogale:] I was kinda confused. What did Violet mean by us? I tied the cables up. Anyway, as we left the building, I looked back at the others and sighed. maybe one day we'd come back for them. My mom Apogee, Uncle Thunderhead, everyone.
[Dash:] Seeing the sad look on Stratogale's face as we left, I held her hand as we left through the fire exit.
[Vi:] Which reminded me... I took out my cell phone again and dialed the number I needed. "Mom?" I called. "Hi, it's me. Sorry I'm late."
"What took you so long?!" Helen cried in both indignation and relief. "We were so worried about you and Dash!"
"That's the thing," I replied. "We just made a new discovery... and a few new friends too. I'll explain when you pick us up - it's a heck of a long story, if I do say so myself."
The Incredibles: Rise of the Galeforces - Chapter 1: First Flight

The Incredibles: Rise of the Galeforces is based on a series of RPs I have been doing with ~georgemiser. These RPs were based on the often-practiced notion of dead superheroes, such as the ones that died before the events of the movie, being resurrected in some way or another. This has escalated into a full-blown new storyline with a new protagonist, Sarah Squall aka Stratogale, and her family aiding the Parr family in the defeat of Aperture Science, who intends to use a majority of the late Supers as the spearheads of their own personal army.

I was the one who came up with the idea of Splashdown being Stratogale's father. I think it's because the two of them have similar powers of flight and communication with a specific type of animal. The S-factor was also my idea, taken from the CBS series "Heroes," and it explains both the inheritance of abilities and Aperture's motive behind the cloning of the Supers from the first golden era.

The Incredibles (c) Pixar, Brad Bird
Portal (c) Valve

© 2011 - 2024 SkaeaDaimonion
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