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NSA Files: Terrordactyl



Name: Adam Terrence Squall
Super Name: Terrordactyl
Age: 18
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 lbs
Eyes: Sky blue
Hair: Jet black; Boy's shag
Powers: Shapeshifting into pterosaur form (primary), aerokinesis, regeneration, communication with archosaurs
Voice Actor: Zac Efron
Relationships: David Squall/Splashdown - Father
Kate Squall/Apogee - Mother
Stratogale/Sarah Squall - Younger sister
Edward Surge/Thunderhead - Non-biological uncle
Parr family/The Incredibles - Family friends
Violet Parr/Invisigirl - Girlfriend
Personality: Lively, witty, happy-go-lucky, caring, sensitive, smart-alecky, egotistic, and somewhat vain
History: Unlike most of the members of the Squall family, Adam has no knowledge the Golden Age of Supers. But he does know a time long before Supers existed... long before even people existed.

Adam's first memories come from the middle Cretaceous period, the peak of the Age of the Dinosaurs, as a flying Pteranodon. He was the swiftest member of the pterosaur fishing fleet, and an important messenger in the war among the dinosaurs raging across the ancient world. His speed in the air attracted the attention of the dangerous Deinonychus forces, which intended to enslave the pterosaurs as war mounts; the alpha male raptor in particular wanted the fastest flying Pteranodon to lead him into battle. But the messenger Pteranodon refused to fight alongside such a corrupted race, and so he was executed by none other than the lead raptor himself.

80 million years later, Aperture Science started raising an army of Supers, enslaving them for their own purposes. One of their earliest projects was an attempted clone of Stratogale, as they wanted to build an air force based off of her. For their first experiment, they wanted to create a weapon that could blend in with the human populace and transform into a monster in a moment's notice. Somehow, they obtained pterodactyl DNA from Isla Sorna, specifically the headquarters of the then active Jurassic Park. Using the DNA of the messenger Pteranodon as a basis, they hoped to create a half-human monstrosity that could change into a human form. It was a male, but it was still successful, and as they prepared to release it upon Metro City, they started work on more.

The second attempt, the current Stratogale, was later broken out of Aperture by Violet and Dash Parr, members of The Incredibles, and the three of them later freed Adam from his slavery to the company. Together, they managed to free many of the remaining Supers and crippled Aperture in the process, and Adam and Vi started a romantic relationship. Adam currently lives with Stratogale/Sarah Squall as her biological older brother, and hopes to one day visit Jurassic Park, where Aperture obtained his wild side.


A series of characters expanded upon by me and ~georgemiser, pertaining to our RP-based Incredibles fanfic, "Rise of the Galeforces."

Happy birthday to me! I couldn't stand to be away from Violet even in her own canon universe, so that meant I had loads of fun playing around with the design of my Incredibles persona.
I was initially going to make my shirt red with a buckeye on it, but after considering that I included Jurassic Park in the story as well, I figured I'd strengthen the connection by plastering the logo on it. Besides, it was the only logical source I could think of for my prehistoric half, since there was literally nowhere else that had any Pteranodon DNA. :D

The Incredibles (c) Pixar, Brad Bird
Jurassic Park (c) Michael Crichton and Universal Pictures
Terrordactyl's design (c) Me!
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