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Last update !!!

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I left and I came back. It has been such a long time. WOW, time does go fast! I have also moved to this new place !vouer ( for a new start. If you guys still want to keep in touch with me, leave me a comment on my new DA *hugs* Wish everyone good luck and best health for New Year 2009 :D LOVE YOU ALL even if you don't remember who I am
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Are you cosplay too ?
phai ban sk2 ko vay, nice to meet you here :D
Thanks for the :+fav:!!! <3 <3 <3
Happy Christmas!!!

come to see what i've done for all my dev watchers!
see you!
Again i am on another mission to say hi to you :ninja: s (the avie family) i want to just say hi to everyone and again the underlying purpose is to try and get more pageviews :headbang: i am not on my :couch: anymore but i feel like eating :sushi: do u ever feel like that i feel like that it is actually a very bad felling because it makes your stomatch hurt.... it makes you feel like :sprint: a wierd question but do you guys ever :stereo: or just want :milk: and chocolate chip cookies.... i am at my :pc: so i am going blind see what you guys are doing to me... no just joking :lmao: have all of you guys seen my :gallery: it is :jawdrop: .... it is really kawaii you could like you know :+fav: my stuff it will be good! but :relax: for now dont do it just yet. You have to have a :pepsi: first or a :donut: or a :gummybear: or :sunnysideup: or :coffeecup: any of them and all of the other foods out there will be good to eat before viewing my gallery. I have to get back to my point i just want to say hi again ooooohhh... this :spam: is great i am watching :teevee: right now and it is making me laugh a lot but anywaysssssssss i just wanted to say hi for the millionth time and you know if you have time come visit my page or visit my :gallery: because all of those things will be good well anyways
:bye: :spyed: s
:glomp: all of the d.a. people you meet in real life... haha i met and glomped her and scratched her knee :lmao: